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‘Youtube’ Removes Video Tribute to Yaser Murtaja and Other Gaza Victims as ‘Sensational’ Incitement

Mortally wounded Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja, 31, was evacuated after being shot by an Israeli army sniper at the Israel-Gaza border, in the southern Gaza Strip on April 6, 2018. PHOTO: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

By Philip Weiss | 23 April 2018

MONDOWEISS — Check out this stirring anthem to freedom in Gaza. It begins with a Palestinian child saying “We shall overcome” and an image of Martin Luther King Jr. and then in many still pictures of the “Great March of Return” conveys the strength of the unarmed resistance to the blockade – including the killing of Yaser Murtaja, the Palestinian journalist who was one of six Palestinian journalists shot by Israeli snipers on April 6.

The imagery is by Sana Kassem, and the video was posted by Norman Finkelstein yesterday on Youtube. The song is “Wings to Fly,” by Susan Boyle. The copy accompanying the video was simply: “A video dedicated to the people of Gaza as they struggle to break out of Israel’s infernal prison.”

Then Youtube took it down today, Finkelstein says, and he and Kassem have posted it now on Vimeo. […]

2 Comments on ‘Youtube’ Removes Video Tribute to Yaser Murtaja and Other Gaza Victims as ‘Sensational’ Incitement

  1. The great irony is MLK was a paid shill of Zionists. He totally supported the Zionist destruction and erasure of Palestine. He never voiced the slightest concern for Palestinians who were colonized and replaced by Jewish imperialists.

  2. Update on the ongoing Israeli massacre of Gazans, from Arab journalist Dr Ramzy Baroud:

    Nearly 45 dead and over 5,500 wounded

    Baroud tells how the new propaganda meme is that the Palestinian children and women being killed and maimed, are ‘human shields for military acts and terrorism’

    And that the ICC International Criminal Court is supporting this lie

    Ramzy Baroud recalls how people have long asked, ‘Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?’

    But now that Gazan Gandhis are being maimed & killed by thousands –

    Deafening [global] silence continues … Those who long chastised Palestinians for using armed resistance against the Israeli occupation are nowhere to be found, while children, journalists, women and men are all targeted by hundreds of Israeli snipers who dot the Gaza border

    The Israeli mindset is emboldened by the outright international silence to the atrocities taking place at the border

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been quite useless … Its Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda distorted facts … to the delight of Israeli media. [Bensouda suggested that Palestinian unarmed protestors were] the use of civilian presence for the purpose of shielding military activities

    Encouraged by Bensouda, an Israeli law group, Shurat Hadin, is seeking to indict Hamas leaders at the ICC, accusing Hamas of using children as human shields at the border protests

    Why are the Palestinians still being largely ignored?

    Why isn’t Obama tweeting in solidarity with Gazans? Why isn’t Hillary Clinton taking the podium to address the unremitting Israeli violence?

    Singer Bono of the band U2 dedicated a song to Israeli President Shimon Peres, accused of numerous war crimes, but his voice seems to have grown hoarse as Gaza boy Mohammed Ibrahim Ayoub,15, was shot by an Israeli sniper

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