Is Bronfman Too Big to Jail?

Clare Bronfman, left, and Sara Bronfman, right, during an appearance by the Dalai Lama at the Palace Theatre in Albany, N.Y., Wed., May 6, 2009. PHOTO: Philip Kamrass/Times Union

Will Seagram’s heiress’ millions protect her from role in sex-slaver cult?

24 April 2018

FRANK REPORT — With sex-slaver Keith Raniere and his number two, Allison Mack, behind bars and facing federal charges of sex-trafficking and forced labor conspiracy, the sex-cult that brands women and promises “executive success” at exorbitant fees is still active, and being led now by Clare Bronfman, one of the Seagram’s liquor heiresses.

Bronfman’s track record indicates that if you have enough money, you can commit just about any crime and never have to concern yourself with the criminal code, a/k/a the law of the commoners.

Money buys law enforcement turning the other cheek.

It’s worked at the local level in Albany County and Saratoga County, at the State level, and with other federal districts for years, so why wouldn’t Bronfman feel confident she can buy her way out of her current situation? To be sure, Bronfman, the chief financial backer of the Raniere-led sex-cult and the orchestrator of threatening victims and carrying out criminal complaints and lawsuits against them, might escape prosecution for her massive role in running and funding the sex-cult due to her massive fortune and connections. Indeed, as has previously been reported upon, law enforcement has fielded complaints about NXIVM, Raniere and Bronfman for years[…]

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  1. “The agencies that have fielded complaints but declined to pursue deep
    investigations of NXIVM also include the U.S. attorney’s office in
    Albany, the New York State Police, the U.S. Immigrations and Customs
    Enforcement Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI, according
    to interviews with law enforcement sources and people who said they
    provided information to those agencies.”

    Gee I wonder why those agencies are so tight lipped and hand tied….

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