1000s infected after vaccination at Dutch festival

PHOTO: North County Daily Star

14 July 2021

DUTCH NEWS — Around 1,000 visitors to a festival in Utrecht held over the first weekend in July are now known to have picked up coronavirus there.

In total, 20,000 people attended the Verknipt outdoor festival and the infections were spread over both days, according to local health board figures. The festival was a ‘test for entry’ event, meaning visitors were admitted if they could show a QR code which showed they had either been vaccinated, had a negative coronavirus test or had recently had the disease.

It is the first time so many infections have been traced back to a single event and more cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, a health board spokesman said.

Utrecht’s mayor Sharon Dijksma, who attended the event herself, had described the presence of so many people without masks and social distancing as ‘special and a little tense’ on social media. […]

4 Comments on 1000s infected after vaccination at Dutch festival

  1. this entire thing , ALL OF IT , is based on LIES,! there is no test for ANYTHING , so no one is infected with SHIT!

    • ..called lie-stacking. Tell a big lie; stack lots of other lies on top of it, and each other. When the basic lie is revealed, it leaves such a mess of dependent disinfo and misinfo, that attitudes, beliefs, actions are impossible to reverse, as they are based on implicit clouds of faulty reasoning rather than the ‘facts’ themselves.

      In this situation, it is the network of plausibility which has to be disentangled, and you eventually arrive at the point where you have to cut the Gordian knot instead. No-one so far has done this.

      Since cutting the knot is essentially a behavioral solution rather than a cognitive one, the best way is to force people to act as if it were all lies by making it impossible for them to comply with them. After a period of time, they will find they are still alive, still largely healthy, and no longer need to believe any of what they have been told.

      Of course, this is vulnerable to kinesis – deliberate introduction of toxins, infections, shortages and other real crises. I believe this is what is happening now, to prevent escape from the embroidery of lies.

  2. How would anyone know who was sick and with what? The tests are fake, the virus is fake SO it’s all bullshit. I don’t understand people like ziowhore Alex Jones said his daughter was sick so they gave her a COVID test WHAT? Even if these people rail all day about it being fake and just a plot for world domination they still take a worthless test..even Dale Bigtree took a COVID test when he had a medical issue. Do these people not believe what they preach all day? Are they stupid? I had a cold so I did what I always do and now I am fine ..what kind of a 2 faced braindead nit wit would I be if I ran out and took a worthless test WTH

  3. The PLANDEMIC could never have gone anywhere….without “THE STUPID” ….having already been firmly entrenched. Perfect example here. Get rid of “THE STUPID”….the whole thing will just GO AWAY.

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