Chelsea Clinton Demands Facebook Ban Tucker Carlson – Carlson Responds

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‘Dr. Chelsea Clinton is mad that we asked super obvious questions that everyone in the country should be asking’

By Steve Watson | 16 April 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — After Tucker Carlson asked why Americans are still being forced to live under restrictions after the rollout of COVID vaccines, renewed calls from leftists for the host to be censored and banned surged. One such voice was Chelsea Clinton. Carlson responded Thursday by tripling down on his questions.

Clinton begged for Facebook to ban Carlson after video of his comments went viral, suggesting that it is “Especially troubling given Republican men are currently most likely to say they’re not interested in being vaccinated.”

Clinton also accused Carlson of ‘racist hate’:

Carlson responded Thursday night, noting that “Internationally renowned humanitarian and intellectual Chelsea Clinton has had about enough of this show, so she called today for Facebook to shut us down.” […]

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  1. Twitter/Breaking911The Vatican has invited Chelsea Clinton, Dr. Fauci, New Age figure Deepak Chopra, and the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer to speak at a May conference focusing on “health” and the “soul” — CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Gupta and model Cindy Crawford will be speaking as well

  2. Short comment for you Chelsea – go get your vaccine and Shut the F. U. And don’t forget to ask for your second shot.

  3. In a Spring 1990 University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Classroom, Chelsea Clinton’s Babysitter sat to my right side in the next row. The babysitter was a really nice and decent person, and needed that job in Arkansas’ then near lowest annual per capita income in our Nation. That babysitter told me that her Dad’s (a federal agent) SUV had unknowingly been set to explode with a device, once he entered it. But Thank God, he detected it, and the device was defused. The same BATF Team who likely defused it, did the same for me by 1.15.1994 during my own U/C work in Hot Springs Arkansas. That fellow Student’s father was DEA, one of our American Heroes, a Good and Decent man, on the front line against the Cartels.

    That in that same Classroom to my left sat Little Rock Police Officer David Barnett. Barnett encouraged me to apply with LRPD, but my gut told me the politics in Arkansas were far too dangerous to do so. A year after I told my new friend David Barnett what the female student to my right had told me, then President George H.W. Bush urgently summoned our Criminal Justice Professor right out of our UALR Classroom one evening to depart and to restore Police Order in the Statehood of Panama, Operation Just Cause.

    Then, on 2.13.1991, my friend David Barnett was murdered by some street thugs in Little Rock. I flew back to Arkansas from California for his service. And then, after 3 prior US Presidential Administrations’ aggressive but unsuccessful searches for Medellin Cartel Kingpin Pablo Escobar during The War on Drugs, like magic, he was quickly located and killed on 12.2.1993, under Clintons’ first term as POTUS. What say you Chelsea – Ban this Chelsea. You cannot Ban The Truth, or Justice.

    We will never forget – US Army CWOIII Donovan Briley (10.3.1993), 1993 White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster (7.20.1993), BATF Robert Williams (2.28.1993), and so many others. Some things (Truth & Justice) eat a man more than dying.

    You and your retired Spook Potts can call-in favors to Fairview at a Glance and C-Beyond for my phones and computers all you want, but you will never, ever grab my Soul – that belongs to Jesus Christ, always has and always will.

    • A few minor corrections – 1) That, as Barnett and our Spring 1990 CJ Classroom continued, our Professor was urgently summoned right out of that Classroom to Restore Police Order in the Statehood of Panama, Operation Just Cause. 2) It was a year later when David Barnett was murdered. My apologies for my editorial mishap above.

    • There’s so much more that happened back there in the 1980s-1990s, but Thank God for the Arkansas GOP, Tom Cotton, Sarah Sanders, and so many more – who turned it all around after the Clintons left the State. There are still many good and decent people there, Believers.

      • >Thank God for the Arkansas GOP

        Here’s an example of the Arkansas GOP today (at least the governor): Arkansas governor defends veto of transgender billArkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Sunday defended his veto of a bill that would prohibit gender reassignment surgery and treatment — that the state legislature later overrode. “I said, that’s too much, and this interferes with patient care. It interferes with parental decisions on an area that science is continuing to learn more about,” the Republican governor said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

        Too many in the GOP use some version of ‘limited government’ blah blah to take the easy way out and do nothing about even the most degenerate practices, e.g. here hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery (which is not done on kids; it’s not done until a person is an adult/physically mature) for minors.

        • Some clarity: I said the Arkansas GOP and should have specified that I don’t mean Asa Hutchinson – at all. I don’t trust Asa Hutchinson anymore than one could throw him. It has been reported that he shut down, possibly 3-times, the August 23, 1987 Double-Murder Cold-Case of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. That, Hutchinson also, in 2017, when I was assisting on that very Cold Case, Appointed one of the main persons of interests in that case to the position of Arkansas’ Drug Czar, who now works in coop with DEA. As a concerned private citizen, I have warned good and decent trusted DEA Agents to watch their 6s with that Arkansas Drug Czar.

          Some things eat at a man more than dying from shining truth and light on the dark corners of public corruption.

          As always, Tucker Carlson was again recently spot-on in Questioning Hutchinson hard. Hutchinson looked a lot like JOETUS in that interview – really weird, like he’s under the same remote control as JOETUS. Thank you eah for pointing out Hutchinson, as well, and reminder in encouraging me to step-up on this critically important topic.

    Brian Lamb:
    Leslie Cockburn, what was the most interesting part of writing this book?

    Leslie Cockburn
    There are a number of things. For example, one particular part which I found most interesting was we talk about Israeli operations in Colombia and some of the Israeli commandos who trained the hit squads of the Medellin cartel. It turns out that they had trained us in Israel as well when they were between trips to Colombia. These were the same people who also trained most of the top commanders in the Guatemalan military and also trained the Contras. They had a firm that was under license to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and then they’d turn up in the jungles of Puerto Boyac in Colombia. So, we had a lot of adventures, I must say.

    Chelsea Clinton & the Jewish Connection

    • Just about the time I thought I know so much, there is so much I don’t yet know. Thank you Pip, awsome Comment.

    • Yes, a very good point and comment Pip.

      What we may wish to add regarding that period of time is it just so happened that mortal enemies, the Israelis and the Iranians even learned to put their differences aside to make a little money, while brokering arms deals on behalf of the United States of America…warms the cockles and makes one wonder why these parties are so mad at one another today. Heck, if they can throw aside all convictions to tinker with an American armed Iraq and overthrow a small South American nation, then we could assume that they could all just get along fine right now. (SARCASM).

      Then we might add in the idea that Wikipedia, a pillar of deep research and truth (SARCASM), has even developed a little page on the specific aspect of Israeli involvement in that whole Iran-Contra thing (a Nixon joke related to Hunt and the Bay of Pigs, if someone is unclear of what I am referring to). The Wiki folks give us this bit of information:

      “Iran–Contra period (1985–1986)

      Israel facilitated from 1985–1986 arms shipments from the United States to Iran as part of the Iran–Contra Affair.

      The Iran–Contra Affair began in late 1984 when representatives of Israel and Iran met to discuss ways of opening an arms channel with the United States for sophisticated American-made weapons. The discussion was held in Israel between Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and Israeli representatives: Yaakov Nimrodi, an arms dealer who was a former Israeli defense attache in Iran; Al Schwimmer, a founder of Israel’s aircraft industry who was close to then Prime Minister Shimon Peres; and David Kimche, the general director of the Israeli foreign ministry. Ghorbanifar said there were Iranian officials who sought a more pro-Western orientation and sales of sophisticated American-made weapons would help gain sway for them with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

      In 1986, five men with ties to Israel were also arrested attempting to sell $2.6 billion worth of arms to Iran in Bermuda. Others were arrested in New York on the same charges. At the center of the trial was retired Israeli general Avraham Bar-Am. The case came to be known as the Brokers of Death arms case. The Israeli government denied involvement.”

      Sounds pretty darn cozy.

      The big picture has Israel involved with both Nicaragua and Columbia during the period.

      As for Web’s kid, I am surprised she is going after Mr. Carlson. To my knowledge they used to run into one another in NWDC, and I never heard of a fist fight breaking out in the past. Good theater is one thing, bad acting (as with Hubbell’s kid) is just plain unwatchable. They should cast a stronger lead to work with Mr. Carlson; he at least deserves that respect for all his years in the troupe.

      • Outstanding Comment Simple Citizen. I met Web Hubble in 1985, when I worked at a Little Rock Bank for several months, a sister institution of then Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan. I also met the McDougals there, where I was ordered to daily hand post – in pencil – their MMDA Corporate Accounts and others associated with some folks doing business in The Big Easy.

        I was then a naive young aspiring athlete who needed to work to support my dream, but had never worked in a bank before, and really wasn’t even qualified to do so. Someone was changing my hand-posted numbers over-nights, and it wasn’t me. In 1993, I told U.S. Congressman/U.S. House Banking Committee Chairman Jim Leach, “no wonder they hired me.”. At the same time in 1993, I was working U/C and protected the Clintons from what appeared to be the makings of an assassination plot. Now looking back, I am growingly concerned it may have been – then unknowingly to me and the federal agents I was reporting to – a staged False Flag Op by Clinton Henchmen quietly recruited from the Intel Community.

        But before such time, back in 1985, when I noticed my hand-posted MMDA Corp Accounts at that bank linked to Madison Guarantee and New Orleans were being erased and changed over-nights, a trusted associate and I reported it all to then Arkansas AG Steve Clark. We know the rest of that ole’ story ended up – the Clintons set up Steve Clark and threw him under their bus for buying us a few drinks and dinner over those private meetings at a Little Rock Night Club. We were just doing the right thing.

        Based – in part – by your above Comment, it now appears I was not only chosen to do a job in 1985 at a bank I had no experience for, but that those MMDA Corp Accounts may very well have been linked to clandestine funding for Iran-Contra Ops, and more. If so, I was right in the middle of it and didn’t even know it, pattern for my also Fall-Winter 1993 U/C. If this is all correct, I owe FBI-Little Rock a serious apology for not seeing it all unfolding right in front of me – then blinded by my selfish aspirations to some day make the Olympics (the only positive in life up to that point).

        To date, my 31-year career as a private investigator and former government contractor for law enforcement was my genuine apology to the US Air Force for my 1983 failure to fully complete my service – PTSD is real, and old memories of the Middle-East die hard.

        Sorry fellas; didn’t mean to turn all this into a public counseling session, but it is what it is. The dots that nearly killed me in 2015 for getting too close to the Uranium-One and Iran Nuclear Deals are now finally connecting.

        Thank you Simple Citizen, Pip, and Winter Watch for being a huge part in connecting it all. God Bless you All.

        • Mr. Garner,

          Thank you for the very detailed response. All of it is quite fascinating.

          Although I am sure it would be very interesting to discuss the response point – by – point, I think it would be best if I remain succinct due to time. So I will keep it to sort of a humorous question, but one I would actually like to know about. Please excuse me if it sounds rather like a softball response, but I have always wondered about this detail.

          Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton (the Honorable or Former Secretary or former First Lady — I am just moving fast and picking a generic title here, without disrespect and / or humor intended) once stated in her biography that she was infatuated with a former football player who was (paraphrasing) quite athletic and fit when she worked at the Rose Law Firm. Now every picture I have ever come across of Mr. Hubbell seems to indicate a man who is more portly, and therefore less athletic, This point has confused me.

          So when you met him (and because you were a former athlete and probably a very good judge of fitness), would you have described him as more “fit” or “fat” (if you can recollect)?

          My curiosity is based on the idea that perhaps Ms. Clinton created an amalgamated individual (similar to Mr. Obama in the description of his former girlfriends within his own biography or as some might opine autobiography), which takes the traits of another firm employee and merges it with aspects of Mr. Hubbell who only seemed to fit part of her description.

          Many thanks for considering the question. I will completely understand if you do not recall or find the question rather trite and choose not to respond; there will be no hard feelings between us.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

          • Back then, he was running miles and was fairly fit. The extra baggage came after 1990 from our (many Arkansans then) mistakenly common, overly optimistic, and naive trust in the Clintons. At the beginning of my my career in 1990, I didn’t know much about them. Just remembered Web was quiet, and a seemingly nice guy. Now looking back, I think he and Vince just unintentionally got caught in the middle of the Deep State, and both took the acquired and carried the baggage that weighed them down for the fall – for all on the Dark Side.

            So sad that no federal agency or anyone in the intel community has done a serious comparison and analysis study chart regarding how many folks died on say, the pasts 8 US Presidents’ road(s) to the White House.

            Its’ just odd that our federal government grants millions of U.S. Tax Dollars to Grants and Studies for everything from how many times a cow farts a day to God only knows what else. But, there’s no Grants for Studies on Political Collateral Damage concerning Human Loss.

            Prayer for Truth and God’s Justice is all I have left after my June 2015 near death. As ole KC once said, “Some things eat at a man more than dying.”

            • Mr. Garner,

              Thank you very much for the reply.

              My guess is that both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama used composites in their written works; although, I still believe that she did have a child with Mr. Hubbell (unfortunately as “payback” toward her husband — what a mess of an idea and very unfortunate).

              Yet, I do not doubt that he was fit (As you stated), and that he could have been that former football player, which would say the composite idea may not have been in her work to much of a degree. As I do not recall seeing Mr. Hubbell until the 1990s, I would not have known his fitter days (although when I last saw him on television, he was looking well and this was just a couple of years ago).

              As for the two men being dragged in (Mr. Hubbell and Mr. Foster), I do not know (since I never met either man), cannot judge (not if I follow the Lord’s guidance) and will just need to trust you (which is fine by me). Either way, I do believe what occurred to each of them was truly tragic.

              Gotta run now, but I will keep a good thought and prayer for you. Many thanks for the kind and thoughtful response.

              Simple Citizen

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