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‘Super Straight’: The Next Great Civil Rights Cause?

In 2021, it’s revolutionary — and cancel-worthy — to say you only date people who are biological members of the opposite sex.

By Scott McKay | 11 March 2021

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR — Those of you familiar with the “Super Straight” designation might object to the headline of this piece, owing to the fact that the whole thing began more or less as a joke.

And you’re correct, of course. It is a joke. But it’s a joke afloat on a sea of jokes, and one with the special benefit of actually being funny.

For those of you who don’t know what “Super Straight” means, it’s a stroke of brilliance presented by a young man named Kyle Royce who recorded a TikTok video last month announcing a new sexual orientation. Royce proclaimed himself Super Straight — meaning that he’s a straight man interested solely in romantic relationships with biological women.

True, this is not a particularly avant-garde notion. But in the almost comically idiotic cultural reality in which Americans are now forced to reside, it’s nonetheless revolutionary. […]

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