U.S. diplomat openly calls for Christian nation-states, rails against Jews

Fritz Berggren’s hundreds of blog posts, videos and podcasts date back several years.

By Nahal Toosi | 26 February 2021

POLITICO — A State Department official for several years has been publicly calling for the establishment of Christian nation-states, warning that white people face “elimination” and railing against Jews as well as Black Lives Matter and other social movements.

Fritz Berggren, a mid-ranking Foreign Service officer, openly uses his name and image as he espouses these and other controversial views, according to a review of his online postings. Current and former State Department officials noted the connection to POLITICO in recent days.

“Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews — the founders of the original Anti-Christ religion, they who are the seed of the Serpent, that brood of vipers,” states an Oct. 4 blog post signed “Fritz Berggren, PhD” and titled “Jews are Not God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christian is Anti-Christ.”

“They murdered Jesus Christ,” the 5,300-word post continues, “How then can they be God’s chosen?” […]

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  1. This may be an establishment plant made to look like a kook in order to divide Christianity. Pilate questioned Jesus Christ about the claim that he was the king of the Jews to which he answered the classic bumper sticker truth “my kingdom is not of this world” John 18:33-37. The truth of the matter is that Christians are to be the salt of the earth which is parabolic language. Those that are true believers season the culture fighting for a spiritual kingdom as Christ’s agents.
    This was never a Christian nation, nor will it ever be. There was a large percentage of solid Christians here during the founding of the country. If there was a solid core of Christians today that understood the Bible narrative and were filled with the spirit we would have had massive protests last summer, fall, and winter to the lockdowns etc. .
    The dominant view of the church today is Dispensationalist which is loaded with false doctrines and conjectures that rob the believer of a pure dose of the spirit of God. If one compares it to a more classic narrative like Calvins covenant theology, vast differences in interpretation will arise. All of the promises made to Abraham were fulfilled by Jesus Christ according to Paul in the 3rd chapter of Galatians. No Christian Zionist can ever overcome that hurdle.

    • For s short time I was Christian Zionist (and before that Christian Identity…seriously, but not overly racist with it however)….then 9-11 happened, and then the truth-seeking came a runnin’, starting seriously in 2006 when I learned Israel murdered 34 of our sailors from eye witnesses of the USS Liberty event, and the fact that “blessed” Israel couldn’t even beat Hezbollah, and still can’t beat rock-throwing Palestinians. So I did in fact overcome that hurdle. But that’s mostly because I am a truth-seeker, and true believer in Christ, not religion.

  2. Is there anyone in the State Dept that isn’t a Jew? Doubtful, years ago a video by a woman who worked in the State Dept said most were jews and there were jewish star of remphan flags everywhere

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