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Secretary of Ethnic Studies?


President Biden’s choice to lead the Education Department has a thin record—except in one trailblazing area.

By Max Eden | 2 February 2021

CITY JOURNAL — President Biden’s nomination of Miguel Cardona to be Secretary of Education was greeted with a sigh of relief from some education reformers—more for who he isn’t than for who he is. He isn’t a teachers’ union leader. He’s not a tenured radical. He isn’t a vocal charter school opponent.

Cardona doesn’t, in fact, have much of a paper trail. After working as an elementary school teacher and principal, he became an assistant superintendent for Connecticut’s Meriden School District (which serves about 8,000 students) in 2015. He was appointed Connecticut’s education commissioner in August 2019, where he served for a little over a year before being tapped for the presidential Cabinet.

But during his tenure as commissioner, Cardona was a trailblazer in one respect that merits strict scrutiny during his confirmation hearing this week: he oversaw the creation of America’s first state-mandated ethnic-studies course. […]

2 Comments on Secretary of Ethnic Studies?

  1. This program will end up being an easy-A study hall for minority kids with failing grades. They’ll probably come away from it angry and entitled rather than empowered and motivated.

    Such a program will also provide a career path for all of those unemployable social justice graduates that the universities have been churning out during this last decade.

    These students and teachers collectively could become a deployable, multi-generational, Democrat resource (aka flying monkey cultural Marxists).

  2. Black and colored people should be afraid to accept anything from any government. Its all a lie and a trojan horse as those who control those governments are extreme psychopath racists and hate black people with a passion. Destroying white people will only strengthen the chains.

    At the end of the day if you are a smart person of color you will not be treated as a person of color but as a “white” person. Its already happening to the smart Chinese and Asians in general.

    When they say white they really mean people who work hard and yearn to be free. They don’t mean necessarily white skin. Lets face it, governments are full to the brim with corrupt and lazy white people. They are called freemasons.

    They only want the corrupt and lazy to fill their ranks and they want to do it in a way where the most lazy and corrupt people of color get the jobs but not you Mr. Hard work, faith and principles. This is a dead end and you can be sure of only one thing when dealing with the devil.

    You will be betrayed.

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