Clever Forensic Investigation Offers Compelling Evidence Covid-19 is a Scamdemic

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Winter Watch welcomes special guest writer Giuseppe Vafanculo. He’s a former professional journalist with more than 500 byline articles in major-market newspapers and magazines in the 1980s. His midlife career change led him to graduate summa cum laude from a top-five U.S. College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors of Science in Eastern/Western Nutrition. Vafanculo is nationally board certified and licensed in Wisconsin and Virginia. He has owned and operated an Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture/Holistic Health practice for 15 years. The outrages of the COVID-19 scamdemic brought Vafanculo back to the new mass Internet media in 2020.

By Giuseppe Vafanculo

Remember the 1987 hit movie “The Untouchables” starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery?

Al Capone was literally getting away with murder and mayhem. He was winning every case against him by intimidating and eliminating witnesses.

Then a clever forensic accountant found a mundane yet effective way to bring down Capone — numbers. The numbers of his tax returns did not match his actual books.

Much the way an unassuming accountant (Oscar Wallace played by Charles Martin Smith) took down the powerful Chicago Mob Boss Al Capone for tax evasion, so too did Dr. Colleen Huber and her crack forensic investigative team use little-examined numbers — annual sales figures by Wall Street-traded companies and actual obituary listings — to prove once again Covid-19 is 100% scamdemic.

Dr. Huber recently released a new white paper, “Data That Disprove the Covid-19 Pandemic.” It promptly got her banned from Twitter for 30 days.

“We looked at evidence for or against a genuine pandemic of a respiratory virus. If we actually had a pandemic of a Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), wouldn’t you expect that there would be more medical oxygen used?” Dr. Huber observed.

“We found something very interesting. Wall Street does not like bogus stories. Wall Street does not like hoaxes. The earning statements for medical oxygen providers must be on target,” Dr. Huber noted. “We looked at the suppliers and distributors of the three biggest Medical Oxygen companies listed on Wall Street.”

Dr. Huber’s investigative team found that annual sales actually declined from 2019 to 2020. The three largest medical oxygen providers (Air Products APD; Air Liquide AIQUY; and Linde LIN) combined sales in 2019 were $64 billion dollars. The combined total for 2020 dropped to $61 billion.

“How can you have a global pandemic of an acute respiratory viral syndrome and there is less oxygen used that year? I say impossible!” Dr. Huber emphasized.

Dr. Huber’s forensic investigation team also realized that if hospitals were being overwhelmed with Covid-19 pandemic patients, the hospitals would need to purchase significantly more equipment and supplies, such as I.V. bags and poles, as well as syringes. They checked the Wall Street number for the five largest companies that provide medical supplies.

“The five largest medical supply companies in the US are: McKesson, Amerisource Bergen, Henry Schein, Cardinal Health and Medline Industries,” Dr. Huber explained. “Although these five companies’ sales increased slightly in 2020 over 2019, the growth rate for the past year has slowed compared to the five-year aggregate overall growth rate for these companies.”

This makes no sense, if a crippling pandemic is pushing hospitals to their limits!

Dr. Huber’s team has come to distrust any claims of massive deaths caused by the Covid-19 so-called pandemic. The team was particularly intrigued by the Johns Hopkins study released by Genevieve Brand that proves there was no increase in annual deaths caused by Covid-19. Because the facts do not fit the specious Covid-19 narrative, the report has now been suppressed and removed from the Johns Hopkins website.

“As we did more research, we came to realize we cannot trust anything the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says regarding deaths by Covid-19,” Dr. Huber noted.

Dr. Huber’s team updated the Brand analysis to include all deaths for 2020.

“Since we came to realize we could not trust the CDC’s 2020 death claims, we thought to search the most verifiable source of deaths: obituaries,” Dr. Huber said. “Remarkably, obituaries of real, identifiable, deceased individuals declined by almost 18% from 2019 to 2020.”

The white paper admits that not every obituary source would share their data with the investigators, but Dr. Huber explained that some of the largest sources did share their data.

“If these obituaries are representative of deaths in the U.S. as a whole, then it is impossible for there to be a pandemic in the United States in 2020,” Dr. Huber said. “These deaths are at least verifiable, unlike the unaudited, unverified numbers that the CDC presents. It is also interesting that the month with the largest number of Covid-19 deaths, according to the CDC, April 2020, ranks sixth out of the 12 months of 2020 regarding total obituaries.”

The clever forensic investigation came to one compelling conclusion:

“We investigated diverse data — CDC mortality tables, obituaries, Wall Street earnings reports and company annual performance reports,” Dr. Huber said. “We believe there are enough indicators to prove that a pandemic involving a SARS virus could not have taken place … at least not in the United States in 2020.”

Dr. Huber’s full white paper analysis “Data That Disprove the Covid-19 Pandemic” is available online here:

Giuseppe Vafanculo is the creator and host of Revolution Radio’s ( “The Perfect Triangle” Fridays 6-8 p.m. ET live on Studio A. Vafanculo is co-host of “The Wisdom Circle” Wednesdays 12-2 p.m. ET live on Studio A; and “Operation Scorpio” Saturdays 1-4 p.m. ET live on Studio A.  He is also the producer and regular commentator on “Need to Know: The Fetzer Report” weekday evenings live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Archived at Jim Fetzer Bitchute. Russ Winter plans on participating every other week on these earlier shows.

49 Comments on Clever Forensic Investigation Offers Compelling Evidence Covid-19 is a Scamdemic

  1. Yet the pajama people are double masking and looking forward to their second dose from the poisoned needle. Unreal.

    • Good morning sir!

      Did you see the joke up here a few days ago about the government also recommending people wear a mask on the back of their head so that Covid does not sneak up on them?

      It seemed like a good one.

    • A growing number of immediate & extended family members- most over 60 years old- have taken the shot, reporting & showing no ill effects & carrying on with their happy, peppy lives. Several will take the 2nd shot late February or early March. My personal choice is not to take the vaccine having never had the flu nor a flu shot in my adult life. However familial as well as ‘mandated’ pressure will probably force me to eventually give in- against my will. Delaying ‘the inevitable’ is my only recourse to see how the vaccinated in my midst react, if at all, in the long run. And yes- this world wide ‘mission impossible’ caliber of mind & population control is strictly a total political & financial power play. Friendship with God is my defense & offense within these circumstances.

      • You don’t mention which vaccine they took — also I cannot see how peer/family pressure could ever force you to get the vaccine; I can more easily imagine that indirect mandates would, e.g. not being able to board an airplane without proof of vaccination.

        Your story is anecdotal — the ‘National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act’ signed by Reagan in 1986 was an *explicit admission* that vaccines will harm a significant fraction of those who receive them; some of these people will be seriously harmed — hence without the legal immunity conferred by this legislation, the liability claims against vaccine manufacturers could potentially be gigantic, in total.

        And because COVID is essentially ‘flu-like’, there will be a new vaccine every year — you’ve no doubt already seen reports of variants — more than anything, this represents a huge, almost guaranteed future revenue stream for COVID vaccine makers (and this after their development expenses were largely covered by taxpayers).

        When the Establishment says COVID vaccines have been tested and proven safe and effective, *they are lying to you*: there simply has not been enough time, or a large enough number and variety (age etc) of test subjects, to make that claim — you may want to think about why they would lie to people in this way.

        Compare to the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine for Dengue fever (‘Dengvaxia’): it was under development for > 10 years, and was also tested for years — but since its rollout in the Philippines, over 600 people, mostly children, have died there after getting it — since the vaccine seemed to be at least a contributing factor in these deaths, use of ‘Dengvaxia’ was stopped.

        • Yup, they make you sick with their “meds” so they can sell you even deadlier “meds” to make you well. What a scam, and highly profitable one at that.

      • You either submit to tyranny on your knees or fight for your right to choose on your feet. I choose the latter. Doesn’t God tell us our body is a temple, and therefore must be kept pure and clean? Just a thought.

        • Yes JWR. YES ! Thank you. We MUST fight the jew tyranny. Think of it
          as both a spiritual and worldly duty. Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who said ‘Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God …’ Yes, something like that.

  2. Mr. Vafanculo,

    This was a fascinating approach to analyzing recent events. Thank you.

    One thing I had discussed with my wife early on (or rather we both questioned) was why no one in government was making it easier to get an oxygen concentrator (just an example):

    Many of these devices are not dangerous, can be healthy, could be used as a mask (the portable ones), would make fun Darth Vader sounds, and can simply raise oxygen in the blood (a good thing in a pandemic that is allegedly targeting the lungs). Yet, these devices often require a prescription and can be costly, because of how difficult they are to purchase (one might opine that if we could easily purchase them, the price might drop).

    I am fine with liquid oxygen regulation for the most part (although it is much easier to get in many other nations of the world), but the concentrator regulation seems silly to me. Perhaps I am missing something here.

    Anyhow, thanks for the very interesting thread.


    • Wait? What? What Covid? So incontrovertible evidence shows that men who pass fake azz covid tests have lower sperm count? Maybe it’s that wimpy azz men who take covid tests just naturally have lower everything. That zerohedge article doesn’t pass my sniff test.

  3. Great stuff Russ! You should get some new Trad Catholic traffic – I forwarded Giuseppe’s article to and he posted it. Brother Alexis is a prolific truthteller and is constantly on-target regarding the true sources of the ordo ab chao magick

  4. “What I have referred to as the ‘casedemic’ since September will be magically solved just in time for Joe Biden to look like a hero. For doing absolutely nothing. Do not tell me there is not a politicized deep state in our health agencies … Every business owner who has been ruined because of lockdowns due to a high number of ‘cases’ should be livid. Any parent whose child has lost a year of school should be furious. None of this was for your health.”

    (Stacey Lennox)

  5. No. I had a hard day and apologized for it.

    Not sure where you are, but I am in DC and it has been pretty darn hard around here. Perhaps that was part of the issue; I do not know. Either way, if you look at other threads, you will see that I accepted responsibility and wrote an apology.

    Call me what you like; I have ZERO problem with you, and wish you well. Good luck and may God bless you, as well as yours.

  6. Loosely relevant to the topic:

    One wonders if the Isle of Man reopening could be a Trojan Horse? Mr. Dave Cullen has a good report on the matter:

    I think YouTube sunk his channel for asking too many questions. Therefore (as much as I make fun of Bitchute), Bitchute was the link someone sent me.

    • Not relevant at all to the current topic:
      [Rep. Dean Phillips is tearfully apologizing to AOC for previously failing to recognize his privilege. This is the business of the House of Representatives right now]

      Phillips is a Democrat from MN — he’s a Jew.

      Remember Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey prostrating himself and crying like a girl at George Floyd’s funeral? — he’s also a Jew.

      [The Race to Dismantle Trump’s Immigration Policies — Trump transformed immigration through hundreds of quiet measures. Before they can be reversed, they have to be uncovered]

      Jewish law professor obsessively tracks all Trump administration changes to immigration law/policy (no matter how minor); he’s now using this data to push the new Biden administration to undo them — why? — because Jews want the demographic destruction of America as a majority white, (nominally) Christian nation to proceed apace.

      [Crisis at the Border? An Update on Immigration Policy with Stanford’s Lucas Guttentag]
      “If the credible fear standard is made more difficult, bona fide refugees will be returned to persecution without any reasonable chance to make their case. The asylum standards and protections were adopted by the international community after the Holocaust because of the failure of the West—including the United States—to accept and protect Jews and others fleeing Nazi Germany. Those who today suggest that the credible fear standard should be raised ignore that past and would repeat it.”

      It’s always right at the tip of their tongues: “the Holocaust” — if left up to this Jew, every mestizo peasant who shows up at the southern border would be given asylum.

  7. A few days ago Judy Mikovitz and Andrew Kaufman were invited by to do a group discussion on ‘This is Canada’ by Doug Force on the current situation of the CV-19 vaccines that are being forced upon us. Once the discussion began, Judy came in a little late, but once she did, Kaufman took the opportunity to ask and challenge her about the central and valid question about whether Sars-Cov-2 specifically and ‘viruses’ in general have ever been isolated, not cultured.

    There have been many people who have attacked Kaufman for being a Jew, being unqualified, or being just another disinfo agent, however I have so far found Kaufman to be nothing but legitimate and sincere in his questioning about this overall global scam that is being imposed upon us.

    Now, Kaufman does not get into the much broader social or geopolitical implications of this scamdemic, but he does do a superb job of clearing away all of the weeds and scientific jargon that is being weaponized against the general public to simplify the overall issue at the microbiological level.

    Eventually, he corners and frustrates Dr. Mikovitz to the point where she starts resorting to her generally obscure and hazy occupational and scientific jargon in order to disarm and mollify Kaufman. He would have none of it! Eventually, Doug Force showed what a beta-male he was by cutting-off Kaufman, pampering and coddling Mikovitz, then apologizing to the audience as if the questions Kaufman asked were unneeded and superfluous. Weak!

    Anyhow, here is the roundtable! The second link is a more abbreviated version!

    • Both are amazing, add to that Dr Tom Cowan and you got that trio which helped me alot last year and throw away my conditioned view on western medicine with germ theory. We all got programmed, like the children in school here have every year their 33-45 to manifest the lies; same with medicine.

      • Sorry Kati, but I disagree. Clearly Kaufman has the better mind, in my view
        anyway, and certainly is more trustworthy, also in my view of course. Judy
        may indeed be a good person, a good soul, but we have no way to know
        for sure. That’s a matter for conjecture. But what we do know is that she
        worked in a govt. lab (Fort Dietrich) with a very well known reputation.
        An indictment all by itself – of course not, but worth bearing in mind.
        To my ears, she is “over-science” leaning and believing, which is of’
        course to say reductionist, fractional-ization, isolation etc. I think at
        this point we should conclude God and ‘nature’ don’t wok like that.
        I believe Cowan and Kaufman (jews or not) are much closer.

  8. The authos last name is a very vulgar phrase in Italian. Check it out on Google translate.

    Further, you should google the doctor that the author quotes. Revealing.

  9. Here in Utah, the State Legislature is already trying to ram a bill through which would make these vaccines mandatory ‘by other means,’ to use the legalese in the bill HB 117. By simply placing these 3 words in a strategic and hidden place within the bill, business will be given carte blanche to see to it that all of their customers and employees are vaccinated. No vaccine, no service or employment! By doing this, businesses will then become financially persuaded and rewarded by the state and thus become the de facto enforcement arm of this medical tyranny.

    This is more than likely taking place in every state legislature in the U.S. so that the federal and state governments cannot be accused of making the vaccines mandatory. Just like the illegal mask and ‘physical distancing’ mandates, you have the ‘private businesses’ be the enforcement arm the so that the governments are in the clear.

    • Key issue for sure: “vaccine mandate”. There was a piece last week at Kennedy’s CHD site:

      Writer claims federal law is clear: neither states, nor private entities can mandate inoculation with either of the two potions on the market; simply because FDA granted both only EAU – Emergency Use Authorization – which is explicitly referenced in both law and regulatory policy and which prohibits mandated use. All that changes when FDA “approves” the vaccines … that is expected; no one seems to have an opinion as to when.

    • Funny, I know an Ed in Salt Lake…
      Anyhow, thanks for that. A week or two ago I saw and read an article and vid from Utah about this. It also said it tricked a lot of people.
      I wish, and have taught my kids, (as far as I can tell), to pay attention to…WORDS. As I’ve always said: Words Mean Things.
      It’s so obvious these days; yet it escapes so many. And “definitions” change as we speak.
      For decades, I have always thought – and said – that, imo, the most profound thing in 1984 was Newspeak. I still think that.
      So, thanks for your observance and you putting it out here. I don’t comment much anywhere, and I have no clue how to tell if you respond, but know you’re thoughts are appreciated.
      Words. DO. Mean. Things.

  10. From the beginning I had a hunch this was the big one.

    It’s helpful that doctors are willing to dissent and buck the yoke. But, it’s not necessary to have credentials in order to critique the monolithic fraud occurring. This is no longer a matter of science, it’s purely dogmatic. People can seamlessly jump from “trust the science” to “you’re just quoting psuedo-science.”

    Yet, most people have never once even made an effort to locate an article in Nature or PubMed. It’s not like you have to throw on an Urim and Thummim in order to approach a textbook. If you can read and comprehend the written word, you just did scientific research, pat yourself on the back, you’re a fucking scientist!

    Corona is the crowning achievement of Common Core education, it has resoundingly succeeded in hollowing out people’s critical thinking ability. Their common sense has been handed over to experts.

  11. A caveat: I did not read the original study.

    But the analysis as outlined here focuses on *revenue*, which does not *necessarily* mean lower product volume — for any product: gross revenue = (unit sales) x (unit price) — manufacturers often experience declining revenue due to a lower unit price; if unit price falls enough, revenue can decline even with greater unit volume — I experienced the latter more than a few times, including declining revenue on double digit percentage increases in unit volumes (that’s market competition heavy price/margin pressure for you).

    Anyway, while this is obviously interesting, and it may be significant, I personally don’t need any (more) evidence to believe COVID is being dramatically over-hyped for largely political reasons.

    • > dramatically over-hyped largely for political reasons < is certainly an understatement
      of notable proportions though I'm sure we all know what you meant. How about "for
      the complete upheaval and disintegration / destruction of our entire business and
      social order …" For starters that is !! I'm sure plenty here agree, but any ya'll can
      take a run at me if you like 🙂

  12. Table 3 indicates a 5% growth, but that is in the value of sales which is not necessarily related to quantity. It’s highly likely that they raised their prices more than 5% during the plandemic which would mean a reduction in quantity.

  13. Anecdotal reports of reaction to Pfizer vax among elderly people in my sphere:

    CASE 1 — An 85-yo man in fair health who had both 1st and 2nd doses. He said the first shot was “no problem.” He had a little soreness in his arm, a little stiffness and achiness the next day but was otherwise fine. The second dose, he said, “almost killed me.”

    He experienced difficulty breathing. He said it was like the normally automatic bodily function of simply breathing in and out was something he had to consciously force himself to do. If he fell asleep, he would die. It took several days for this symptom to subside, and the stress took a toll on his overall health. He says he feels very weak now, not quite himself.

    CASE 2 — A 98-yo doctor in a weakened condition. General decline in heart efficiency but otherwise fair health for his age and no underlying conditions. Had 1st shot on a Thursday afternoon. By Friday evening, he was struggling to breathe, gasping for air. Oxygen saturation had dropped to 82%. His daughter watched him all night and thought he was going to die.

    Saturday morning, a nurse who lives next door provided him with an oxygen tank and mask. Saturday afternoon, his doctor visited his home and gave him a strong medication to clear fluid in the lungs, which he believes is associated with heart failure.

    He’s OK now, somewhat. He has notable mental fogginess now. He, too, reports that he had to literally and consciously struggle to breathe in an out. He said he will not be taking the second shot.

    CONCLUSION: I don’t know what this is all about. Coincidence perhaps? Whatever the case, I think it’s something of which readers should be aware.

  14. My 46 yr old friend died of Covid 2 weeks ago. Articles about scamdemic make sense until you watch somebody die of Covid. It’s fucking real folks.

    • You isolated the virus yourself, or you just got told it was covid? All sympathies for losing a friend, but your belief in someone’s utterance does not create reality outside your own mind. Besides, 46 is outside the “suscepible demographic”, so, did he die “of” covid, “with” covid, or just (diabetes) with complications?
      Or was he, and I say this in all seriousness, one of the many, many covid victims that succumbed to gunshot wounds/ car crashes/ heart attacks?

    • James’s comment is a combination of Correlation/Causation Fallacy and Anecdotal Evidence Fallacy. And before I get accused of using The Fallacy Fallacy, I will say I do believe that there is an infectious agent out there- but it’s most likely a marketing/rebranding type strategy for the flu. The medical authorities are really overusing the Correlation/Causation Fallacy with this virus. That’s why a myriad of diseases tallied less deaths in 2020 when compared with previous years- cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, and the now virtually nonexistent flu. I’m sorry if James’s friend died. His unlucky friend was one or two deaths in 10,000 though, with 998-999 others living, infected in that age range. His friend was 2-3 times more likely to die of unintentional/accidental injuries this year. Is this thing real? Sure. So is falling down staircases. The difference is the alarmism surrounding the disease situation, and the destructive measures forced upon everyone by the alarmists.

      • BT Sparrow, I always admire your comments. But you need to get onboard the terrain theory – viruses are neither isolated, nor proven pathogenic. They are not alive either. Check Stefan Lanka and book Virus Mania or work of Andrew Kaufman. The known liars lie about everything. This is Rockefeller “medicine” we are talking about. Stop believing, start knowing.

    • We haven’t eliminated death by disease from the human experience, we’ve only just decided to use of a pcr test to “prove” it was a “virus” that caused it.

  15. “This just in!” (as they used to say) – Excellent site still available:

    The Italian media has reported on several deaths among young hospital healthcare workers, just shortly after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections. Mauro Valeriano D’Auria, a gastroenterologist at Umberto I Hospital in Nocera Inferiore, reportedly dropped dead from a heart attack while playing tennis, on January 24, 2021. He was said to be “in the prime of life, and in perfect health.” He had boasted on his FaceBook page that he had taken the “vaccine” for Covid-19 and that it was perfectly safe.

    • Good riddance – got what was coming to him in my opinion. SORRY, but at this
      point in this war, and IT IS A WAR make no mistake, anybody who pimps the
      enemy’s weapon shall receive no tears. If you’re inclined to have empathy for
      him, OR ANYONE LIKE HIM who would certainly encourage you to take the
      “medicine”, then get the shot yourself and tell us how it goes !!

  16. The “Vaccines” for the Coronavirus are NOT vaccines, they are synthetic pathogens, poisonous chemicals that are specifically designed to injury/kill the recipient. We must understand the end results are to cull the global population.

  17. I am skeptical about the claim that medical oxygen use is down. A large percentage of the population believes that the covid virus is real and that it causes oxygen deprivation. Covid test false positives are causing many people with the flu to panic and go to the hospital. Doctors feel obligated to put these people on oxygen. Although I doubt that there actually is a “covid” virus, I would be surprised if medical oxygen use actually were down.

    • you must also consider that there is less cases of normal cold and flu due to the lockdown, and less procedures in general being performed. therefore without a genuine pandemic youre left with less visits in general thus less resources required

  18. The writers name is Giuseppe Vafanculo, but “Vafanculo” in Italian means “f*ck off”! No one in Italy would have such a name.

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