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OP. HMG TROJAN HORSE: Massive Secret UK Propaganda Campaign in Former Soviet Republics Seeds Contempt

From the Skripal affair to Navalny’s rise to the Russian Olympic doping scandal, these damning revelations should be enough to dispel any notions of truth in what the UK and allies tell their citizens through mainstream media outlets and the social media landscape they control.

By Raul Diego | 9 March 2021

MINT PRESS NEWS — Standing against the scorching blue backdrop at the EU podium in late 2017, then British Prime Minister Theresa May mendaciously promised to “counter [Russian] disinformation” in all the former Soviet republics of Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Baltics by pledging €110 Million ($130 Million) over five years to fight the Kremlin’s influence in the region.

A massive data leak published by the Anonymous hacktivist group this past February has revealed how some of that money was used to create and disseminate disinformation, alternate narratives and effectuate the outright manipulation of media by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through a number of partnerships with stalwart disinformation outfits like Bellingcat, established information warfare specialist firms like the Zinc Network among dozens more that were working in secret with the governmental entity responsible for promoting British interests around the world.

Several different operations dedicated to a specific region or country have been discovered so far, as reporters sift through the trove of documents. Highly sophisticated and disturbingly insidious propaganda campaigns to influence society, mold perceptions about Russia, and affect political outcomes were carried out by teams of Western media organizations, consultants, paid assets, and operatives from the Baltics to the shores of the Mediterranean. […]

1 Comment on OP. HMG TROJAN HORSE: Massive Secret UK Propaganda Campaign in Former Soviet Republics Seeds Contempt

  1. Remember Soviet Naval Blockades at Izmir Bay (Cigly AFB Turkey) by early 1970? Russia has always been Communist-China’s clandestine Military Advance-Team Force to clear a path for something sinister to come.

    They did it again in Nicaragua and the Panama Canal Zone during the Clinton-Obama Admins and no one did a damn thing about it. The Deep-State knows that, in quietly doing nothing, they can falsely declare, “It never happened.” And we, who were in those arenas, saw it happen, and speak publicly about it (in genuine concern for US National Security), they respond only in calling US liars.

    The Clinton-Obama-Biden “Deep-State” Trojan-Horse continues to starve US All of our Freedoms.

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