Man Who Jet-Skied 4.5 Hours Across Irish Sea to Visit Girlfriend Jailed for Violating Covid Rules

PHOTO: News18

By Phil Boucher | 18 December 2020

PEOPLE — Scotsman Dale McLaughlan found himself in hot water after illegally crossing a frigid sea.

The construction worker is currently in jail on the Isle of Man, having risked his life by jet skiing across the wild Irish Sea to meet his girlfriend for a romantic date.

The journey, which McLaughlan originally thought would last just 40 minutes, took around 4.5 hours from the shores of Scotland and sparked a major search and rescue alert along the west coast of Great Britain.

More importantly, it also landed McLaughlan with a four-week jail sentence for breaking the Isle of Man’s strict COVID-19 restrictions regarding visitors to the island nation located between Ireland and the U.K.

“The Isle of Man is in a very different situation to the United Kingdom and many other counties in relation to coronavirus,” Isle of Man chief minister Howard Quayle says in a statement.

“Our community has worked together to contain and eliminate the virus to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19. So I was astonished to learn that someone had traveled from the United Kingdom to the Isle of Man by jet ski at the weekend, breaching our border restrictions.” […]

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