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‘WILD’ Protests, ‘Stop the Steal’ Rallies Planned for Tuesday, Wednesday from Coast to Coast

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Trump Supporters Stage Last Stand Demonstrations

The next 48 hours will be pivotal for U.S. politics. On Tuesday, voters in the state of Georgia will decide the fate of U.S. policy for the next two years. Wednesday, the U.S. Senate will convene in Washington, D.C. for the final certification of the 2020 presidential election. At least a dozen Republican senators — possibly more — are vowing reject Electors’ certifications, despite the ire of the GOP establishment.

The National Park Service began issuing permits Monday for Stop the Steal rallies, which are expected to begin Tuesday afternoon and continue through Wednesday, WaPo reports.

Women for America First received a permit from the National Park Service to host about 5,000 people on the southern half of the Ellipse outside the White House on Wednesday morning. The group held a pro-Trump march in November and another on Dec. 12 that “ended in a night of chaos on D.C. streets,” according to WaPo.

The Eighty Percent Coalition received a permit for a Tuesday rally from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EST at Freedom Plaza. An estimated crowd of 5,000 people will attend.

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Yours truly might attend Wednesday in Sacramento. Would love to wear my vintage 2012 Occupy Wall Street T-shirt, but it appears that the anti-plutocrat group — like most good groups/causes — was captured and co-opted by “them”: Marxists, climate change radicals, social justice warriors and geriatric Democrat elites looking to rebrand themselves as grass-roots hipster candidates. But I digress.

Wednesday, Sacramento. To be clear, to me, it’s NOT about Trump. It’s about being pro-populist, anti-election fraud, anti-Newsom, anti-globalist and anti-lockdowns. I also sense that even if there is a large turnout, it won’t be reported in the news, or it will be misreported.

National Guard for Thee, But Not for Me

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) announced Monday her activation of 340 National Guard troops and said “every city police officer” will be on duty Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of “right wing protests” and “people looking to instigate violence,” Washington Post reports.

Pro-Trump protests in November and December, which included some of the same groups, ended violently, with multiple people stabbed and several churches vandalized, including two historically Black houses of worship. This time, members of right-wing groups have taken to social media sites such as Parler and Telegram to discuss how to bring guns into the District despite laws banning open carry throughout the city and prohibiting guns on federal lands such as the Mall and Freedom Plaza or anywhere within 1,000 feet of a protest. …

Bowser said that the National Guard members, who will not carry guns, will help enforce street closures and otherwise assist with crowd management so that D.C.’s police department can focus on law enforcement, including arresting anyone who is unlawfully armed.

Defense officials said the Pentagon approved the activation of more than 300 members of the District of Columbia National Guard, but limited the size and scope of the mission after a deployment during racial justice protests in June raised questions about whether the Trump administration was trying to use the military as a political club.

Of course, it was Mayor Bowser last June who, in the middle of the night, kicked out D.C. hotels 1,200 members of the National Guard who had traveled to the District from out of state in response violent and destructive Black Lives Matter protests and riots. That same month, she authorized the creation of Black Lives Matter Plaza near Lafayette Square.

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was arrested Monday, weeks after allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter banner during a Washington D.C. protest in December, “Rolling Stone” magazine reports. D.C. Police Department said in a statement that Tarrio, 36, has been charged with destruction of property. If he had only chosen an American flag to burn instead of a BLM banner, he’d be within his rights. What a crazy f’ing world.

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  1. If not snipers on the roof in DC, how about the release of a real pathogen (anthrax perhaps) which would be rebranded as a new more virulent form of Covid19; and “conservatives”, “white supremacists”, etc., could be blamed as “super spreaders.”

    • They won’t release anything that they can’t control. I would expect chemical weapons and toxins, under the guise of a virus — or just fake it with fear-mongering propaganda, like they did with covid-1984. Of course, the real weapons are the vaccine.

  2. Interesting .gif up top, had to track down where it was from –

    2017 film ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, dialogue between Jewish Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, and part-Maori, part-European-heritage actress Rachel House as Topaz

    Apparently that’s actual quotation from the film … cabal in-joke about the pleb-serfs of the world

    Wednesday 6 January 2020 is likely to be profound, whatever occurs

    Reckoning by some is that it is the day on which the USA truly will have died

  3. I despise the Left but Trump has to go. He’s a proven pile of shit. Hopefully the Georgia vote goes Republican so we can have gridlock. I expect the true color revolution will occur in March/April if/when the cops are found not guilty in the Floyd case. Floyd died of fentanyl overdose. A not guilty verdict will cause millions to go ape shit.

  4. Internecine America, Act 1.

    At the end of the day the aggresor or victor knows businesses and special interests will have to survive at the end of the day or there will be nothing to rule over.

  5. Happy doB Russ during an important week!

    I wouldn’t recommend being in downtown Sacto this week Torchy – I feel everything is media construct events and it is too easy to be misrepresented, pigeonholed, in the wrong place at the wrong time…

    The bigger picture: Trump was intended as the populist pied piper, leading the huge numbers of angry, disaffected Repo party voters to a narrow loss to the deep state center. Sanders role was to do the same thing for the populist left which he has achieved to brilliant effect – twice!!

    Trump was a disastrous miscalculation by our media driven overlords and he was elected. He looked stunned on election night and had no speech. His Zionist backers quickly seized the moment to drive massive change for Israel and their oligarchs, probably with a blackmail cudgel hovering nearby.

    Today we have a massively disaffected electorate, highly distrustful of the shady electoral processes on the right and whipped up to insanity with an identity politics and a fantasy utopian socialist system carrot dangled just out of their reach.

    I recall marching against the Iraq invasion in San Francisco in the early 2000’s – the biggest global demonstrations in history. The local TV station chose to show a close cropped image of a toothless vagrant wearing a propellor hat, strumming an out of tune banjo and walking against the flow of the march with a half wit grin on his face as their main imagery of the event on a loop.

    These ‘giant moments’ are almost invariably staged for the cameras with the appropriate bogy man as the attraction. In this case it is the ‘far right’ aka anyone who doesn’t approve of the corporate DNC/RNC’s puppets. All sorts of constructs are excitedly discussed – ‘the proud boys’ etc – as deranged and dangerous zealots while moderate arguments and logic are ignored.

    Right now we may well have some damage and injury to make this weeks events more combustible and to keep people glued to their boob tube ‘news’, which will be back after this commercial break. It is highly likely the anarchists/rentamob groups will attack people to feed this news cycle…

    Having said this it will be an interesting year because none of these disaffected peons are going anywhere – literally – and there is real dissent growing outside the electoral college vaudeville.

    I wrote in Gabbard for president because she makes sense and appears to appeal across the two parties despite the smears, lies and denegration, but my (massive) cynical side wonders if some politicians like Gabbard are kept on the bench for unexpected societal tide changes to be inserted and championed in order to keep the elites in power….

    • Today we have a massively disaffected electorate, highly distrustful of the shady electoral processes on the right and whipped up to insanity with an identity politics and a fantasy utopian socialist system carrot dangled just out of their reach * on the left*

      • yes – Gabbard is a hard call; but she has had an amazing last 3 months – sponsoring the bill – before the election – to prohibit vote harvesting – the call/bill to ban male transsexuals from fed funded female sports – for a Democrat?! – call it positioning at a minimum –

        I found Tulsi 2020 bumper stickers in 2017 – I expect to see them soon again.

        • Tulsi Gabbard represents Hawaii in Congress. Being from there I naturally did some truth sleuthing on her years ago, as did my closest truther friends. We just roll our eyes now when people start smoking her hopium. She says what you want to hear and believe, but she’s no Cynthia Mckinney, not a truther at all.
          I have actually had some personal correspondence with her politician father in regards to a local anti-military matter I was involved in; he was friendly but I sensed was only looking for controlled opposition. I was invited by Tulsi to ask her a question at one of her staged town halls but they previewed the questions and she shitcanned mine about Hawaii’s contaminated military bases and put up a fake question from one of the tools demanding ‘Immigration reform’ even though that is not even a Hawaii issue (it’s a zionist issue). Tulsi is a hardcore mercenary cultist who invaded Iraq, a point of pride with her. She doesn’t get drafted into that cult with any moral reservations, she enlists wholeheartedly and never mind all the war crimes. Do you wonder why? Tulsi’s DC and local staff is predominantly from the Khrishna cult she emerged from. You remember Khrishna counceled Arjuna to kill his neighbors without a single doubt in his mind. Tulsi=mind control is the basic identification of her sect. The fact that smart skeptics still fall for her schtick is proof she is good at what she does. But take it from a local. And check out her backstory-

          • @unclekimo You posted this while I was writing my most recent comment. The specific negatives I read were mostly on your local civil beat site.

            A cursory Google/#bigTech search will bring up a cornucopia of Assad toady/russian asset/gay hater etc etc slurs. The DNC clearly hate Gabbard and disowned her.The media hate her – when Ms Vanderbilt interviewed her on CNN he looked as though there was a strong smell of shit in the room. I get the concerns but for a big league politician Gabbard is pretty clean cut despite what you say…
            I’m always ready to be disappointed though…

            • Jesus Christ just because the news hates her doesn’t mean she’s our guy any more then Trump is

              How are we still so confused about controlled opposition and it’s meaning

              Fuck man
              You people never learn

              • Yes, and the next step after understanding CONTROLLED OPPOSITION of the parties is to LEARN that it’s the Zionist Rothschild Central Bank money changers that need our spiritual, mental and physical attention as they had, since the birth of the Federal Reserve in 1913, true control of this now ruined nation (to now be subsumed in their globalist govt. agenda):


                “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

                GET THE MONEY:

              • My original point:

                ‘….my (massive) cynical side wonders if some politicians like Gabbard are kept on the bench for unexpected societal tide changes to be inserted and championed in order to keep the elites in power….’

            • “The specific negatives I read were mostly on your local civil beat site.”
              Are you kidding me, Tusli; the gun grabber; the CFR member; the keynote speaker at a CUFI event? Those are just for starts.
              Yes sir, just what we need, another Zionist shill..

          • Very interesting comments on Rep Gabbard — thank you; I am not a mindless Gabbard-tard … but two things: her solitary (congressional) opposition to the US war in Syria – during 2nd Obama admin – and yes, I admit it, I saw photos of her surfing; those two items form the basis of my tentative “approach” to Tulsi; but the contrarian views here are compelling, particularly the local view.

          • Like my dear old grandpa used to say, “I trust politicians about as far as I could throw them”. That goes for all of them.
            Good points, all of them @Mrs. One

            • I frequently use that term as ‘I trust any politician as far as I can throw my (3500 cummins dually) truck’.

              There’s a stark choice here – do you strongly support politicians who are saying what you agree with and want to hear, and immediately criticize and drop them when they change their tune?

              Or do you just assume all politicians are scum and dissent at every opportunity? Gabbard is no longer a politician, she didn’t attempt to be reelected and left the house this month.

              What she said in the most recent video about the deep state I linked above on a libertarian channel was informative, horrifying, and she is one of the few actual politicians saying these things. What else is there?

      • Rule 1, 2 & 3 *never* trust a politician.

        Having said that, for my views and political perspective Gabbard was pitch perfect during the entire election cycle, a perfect match.

        I attended her campaign event at the Hibernian Bank in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, and I thought she had tremendous charisma to go with her common sense. The line to get in was long and snaked past homeless shelters and various nodding derelicts, the smell of urine was overwhelming. I talked to people in line, a mixture of Democrats doing ‘due diligence’, Republicans who basically love her, including men lusting after her, and various other interested parties including a lot of gay people interestingly as a powerful smear has been her involvement in her father’s anti gay marriage stance as a Hawaiian teenager.

        Negatives: she does have quite a spooky cultish background having grown up following Chris Butler, aka ‘Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa’, who leads an offshoot of the Hare Krishna movement in Hawaii. I could care less about this given her apparent spiritual purity except that it is extremely hard to get anywhere near her and her husband, also a devotee and amazing videographer, according to campaign workers I’ve talked to. Also the term CfR membership which she had left before her presidential campaign but still a concern for me.

        Overall though her amazing bills and clear eyed anti war stance makes me fully behind her. I really hope she perseveres now she has left congress.

    • Great analysis — but when are we ALL going to learn that the American political system is shot–ever since they shot Kennedy (no pun intended)–and that the Central Rothschild bank is the controlling system in the world–BEHIND all governments and major institutions as it includes, parties and politicians. Learning from the experience of the American Colonists, it is EASY to get where we ALL WANT TO GO–without them.

      All we need do is all coalesce around the idea of the “Miraculous Rebirth” (vs the otherwise inevitable “Great Reset”) and follow its simple steps:

      It is also a great refresher of American history and learning experience. Thinking, resourceful and deep Truth people (like Russ) need to come together to manifest / initiate it on the wider platform where the next steps can creatively be taken.

      The other learning experience is that NO ONE STAYS IN CONGRESS (or holds the Presidency) unless they sign a Pledge to Israel:

      Trump supporters need to wake up to the fact that Trump is a full blown Zionist under the same Central banker control and playing The Great Pretender as America’s hero.

      Forget the political system totally. It’s NONSENSE and gives perpetual FALSE CHOICE AND FALSE HOPE.

      We, THE PEOPLE, need to get the MONEY CHANGERS AND THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION THAT GOES WITH IT—AS IT INCLUDES WALL STREET CLEAN OUT of our world and lives. The “Miraculous Rebirth” will do it. It hacks at the root, not the branches.

    • Well that was odd. Thank you for the post. Hard to tell who the questioner supports in this case (lots of black and an interesting choice of facial hair). Yet, it was truly an odd interaction.

      Hopefully all is well on your end. The District is a little “nutty” at the current time.


        • Probably not a bad outcome for the day. Glad you are well.

          Most of my day was also very busy, but then at lunchtime I began to look at news and as the District became more unruly, I payed attention just in case anything came our way.

          During the summer, some our our friend’s local businesses (all immigrant owned I might add, and one of them mentioned by Mr. Tucker Carlson on his show) suffered damage and threats of violence. So I thought it might be wise to keep an ear to the ground for the afternoon, evening and night.

          Unlike the summer, it would seem that the 6:00 PM curfew was honored by anyone who came to march and all became very quiet by 7:00 PM or so.


    • Hahahha, great find!

      I love the “cat that ate the canary” grin that field reporter had. As the old saying goes – you can call them liars, thieves, usurers, but nothing stings as much as being called a Jew.

  6. Communist News Network told my liberal boomer mom that a “violent mob” stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. And Gloria Vanderbilts’ homosexual son was asking “would BLM be allowed to get away with this?” Yes Anderson, but the optics would look bad for them. Central Intelligence Agency casting needed much different actors.

    Seriously, The Pentagon must not have learned their lesson from 9/11. I mean, what are the odds that they couldn’t scramble interceptors during Operation Northern Shield or deploy some JSOC meat-eaters to protect the Capitol? It’s almost as if they deliberately let them in to claim that Trump supporters are the greatest threat to “U.S. Democracy Inc. a Vatican Subsidiary.”

    The Sabbateans are making the big move.

  7. First Torchy, JWR, ned, Lycurgus, and all…hello!

    Torchy, I do hope you stayed safe, while following your heart, on what was best for your own expression. Prayers and good thoughts sent your way!

    So now we are in the thick of it. It is a full psyop and (in essence) we are now under the leadership of President Pence for the next fourteen days. What a ride!

    President Donald J. Trump has now been isolated, and although there is a rule in which the king shall not be killed in the modern age (we could go into some ideas: Hitler in South America, Saddam in Russia, Qaddafi the Bedouin, and the like), the leader can be isolated, as well as muted.

    So this experiment is over and now the real fun begins. After four CIA sponsored Presidents, Langley created a game, let a few military intelligence folks think that they could participate in that game (specifically DIA folks), and have now shut the door with a whole lot of new intelligence garnered. Fait Accompli!

    Mr. Winter was quite accurate with regard to the Trojan Horse of this Presidency, and the riots we are now witnessing in the District of Columbia. Were the snipers needed to provide the end result? No, not today; however, we may still see them yet. The reality is his basic premise and my own (President Pence) has come to fruition. Please pray for the entire nation and the world at large; this is just the opener.

    With all the BS Q-anon stuff, the false leads of arrests regarding certain officials (Podesta, the Clintons, et al.), the sacrificial lamb (Epstein, who is not [likely] dead), the riots / the participants of these events, President Trump’s 5D chess, fake trials, wasting of time, wasting of money, Conjob-19, lockdowns (a prison term), and the emotional roller coaster that the United States citizenry has been put through, it is a wonder that we made it this far in the complete story. This whole project was “designed to elicit an emotional response”.

    Then there were the delays. AG Barr (et al.) comes to mind, the President’s legal council is also relevant (not really trying to prove anything) and even “truther” media outlets (pick any you wish, Mr. Jones comes to mind as a key delayer). Heck, even SCOTUS is simply delaying a case that will eventually come to fruition, after the administration has changed over, and nothing tangible may be done to correct this pitiful system of government.

    Ms. Fitts may be right that there are an awful lot of firearms in America, but without any leadership, they are completely useless. This has been proven, time-and-time again in history. There is ZERO solidifying aims or leadership, and the thought that one person our group could emerge in America at this point seems unlikely.

    Retired General Flynn may not be the man he is shaping up to portray. Further, I would suggest caution in following any crusade that he and / or Mr. Pieczenik (never mind that blond freak [Stone] insider from the Nixon age who got pardoned) suggest we all sign up for. This will be a divide and conquer plan in a quick fashion.

    To date, neither the progressive left (BLM / ANTIFA) or the whatever the current right is (what do I call them now?) has hit a single target of consequence in any protest. So if the general progression keeps along this tangent, there is not much to fear in terms of a resistance, of any kind, from either direction. So long as they leave the institutions of control, intact, and without any semblance of threat, then there will not be much change at all.

    The corruption will continue, unabated.

    To be continued…


    • It has been funny reading shocked/gasped/pearl clutching reactions on my wife’s facebook list of friends who are simply outraged ans shocked at the minor disturbance at the capitol. Of all the things that go on in this country, they wet their pants over this small event?

  8. Part 2:

    With regard to Ms. Gabbard and Ms. Haley (adding on to the discussion of Ms. Gabbard), or rather the Purple Ticket, it should be headed our way in 2028. Yet, all timelines seem distorted right now. Perhaps a 2024 reveal will occur. Yet this ticket would seem to be in the making regardless of the execution date.

    Now I would like to apologize to Torchy, in advance, of what I am about to say (all due respect to a lady).

    What I call this combination is the “Stripper Ticket” or the “Niki / Tulsi Review”. Trust me, if I had no issue with either of these individuals (notice I did not say women, but individuals), I would simply respect these candidates and never use such language to describe a political attempt for election. Yet, I can find so many holes in the Purple People Eaters, that I cannot possibly suggest this outcome is a reasonable choice for any of us


    • Whatever the case, I envision Ilhan Omar re-enacting the Captain Phillips scene with Nancy Pelosi.

      “Look at me, look at me, I’m the Speaker now.”

      • That made me laugh and smile! Thank you! Especially after waking up to the news today, a little humor was just what the doctor ordered.

        Please be well.


  9. Part 3:

    Toilet Paper! Ugh!!!!!!!

    So what do we recall about 2020?

    Yes, it was ugly all around, but what got the most desolate individual engaged in the puppet show that is our government (whether they liked it or not); toilet paper!

    You could live on a mountain in some part of America, with no internet or television, and then go to visit the nearby town for provisions. Suddenly, the retarded and inept nation that has been producing paper products since the 19th century and has multi-international conglomerates for paper production, has run out of basic toilet paper. Now you need to pay attention!

    The whole scam was an initial move to focus the public on Conjob-19. First scare America on something that they may not be able to live without, and then drive the major narrative to them regarding the invisible enemy.

    To be continued…


  10. CNN keeps referring to the protest at Capitol Hill today as a “riot.” The network spent all summer referring to riots as “mostly peaceful protests,” so I was wondering just WTF they consider a riot. Now I know. Right-wing = Riots/Mobs. Left-wing = Protests/Demonstrators. Got it. Carry on.

    • Now Torchy, my misses and our little lady would tell you that I am normally a gentleman who seldomly curses, does not get into a lot of foul humor / jokes, is rarely mad, and is not violent by nature; however, I have to digress a little bit here.

      The chubby-bubby in the second image, the one with the fun haircut, looks as though he is wearing a leather diaper on his face. Now I have to question not only the effectiveness of the diaper, but also what CNN is going for here?

      Sure, I know CNN hired the Vanderbilt heir and gave him a platform for all sorts of silly ideas; however, he is simply promoting the homosexual aspects regarding the 1% of the 1% (a representation if you will of a large subsection of the ruling class that did not wish to breed with their female cousins like FDR did). The silly soul in the second image seems to be pushing the bondage vibe very hard (sorry, poor choice of words — only on my second cup of coffee at the moment).

      Well, I guess this is the future. The modern world. The modern man like thing in a leather face diaper that is a crack reporter on the scene, and I am just an old timer who does not understand it all.

      As for the CNN language, good to point out. Many thanks! My (humble) guess is that when the CIA and FBI sponsor the revolution, they are peaceful protesters. Anyone not getting sponsorship is a terrorist.


    • Did you catch the part in the broadcast where they were praising South Africa as the shining example of “multi-racial” state that America should look up to?

      If my memory serves me, people were advised to not stop at stoplights at night in Johannesburg. And there is the small matter of the brutal farm murders in both South Africa and Zimbabwe being actively encouraged against Whites, if not perpetrated by the black government.

      • Yikes! South Africa? Really?

        So I knew this SA citizen who was very well educated and owned real estate in the nation, but was over here working on some development projects (again, real estate) in the United States. When I explained to him that I wanted to visit the nation, because I met many citizens over the years and they always seemed like nice folks. He warned me not to go (this was 2014).

        His reasoning was that the situation was becoming increasingly bleak and very dangerous. He was literally attempting to liquidate his entire portfolio in the nation, which he had built since age 17 (my guess was that he was about 60 years young). His real issue was the infrastructure of the nation (especially the sewer systems) was collapsing since they fired one group of engineers with experience and hired another group who had none (some education, but nothing “hands on”). He explained that this change basically happened overnight.

        Now honestly, I am a former New Yorker who absolutely agreed with Little Stevie and Arthur Baker when they got all the artists together to say they “Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City”, yet I found the reverse racism that is destroying the nation’s infrastructure to be deplorable.

    • @torchy your first ‘peaceful protest’ image was in my mind a lot yesterday.

      Did you go to Sacramento? I looked at the Bee yesterday and just saw innocuous video of people with Trump flags standing around listening to Trump speak over a PA.

      Regarding DC, the protest appears to have been infiltrated by the camera crazed. If I was going to appear all over the boob tube and the international press breaking all kinds of serious norms and laws to protest a rigged election I might wear clothing which writing illustrated my grievances.

      We had a combination of fancy dress, lampoon versions of Trump supporters perfect for ridicule by TV bobble heads, and other agent provocateurs who looked rather anarchist ‘antifa’ like.

      Assuming the San Diego military lady was actually shot and killed, why so little discussion of why, how, who …or was that theater too? The video of Trump supporters en route to DC in a plane on the dead woman’s Twitter account all looked like polite normies to me…

      My feeling is this was all orchestrated for and by the cia wurlitzer, with the immediate tightening of censorship today suspiciously well coordinated and organized. Even the disgraced president of the United States has been muzzled by #bigTech before being shown the door! This tells us who is in charge, and greatly helps memory wipe minds about Biden and his ‘bright new future’ BS roll out. We are about to see a very authoritarian cackling Harris take center stage shortly after that I suspect…

      • No, I didn’t go to Sac Town. After listening to Russ and Dino’s Color Revolutions warnings, and after taking a look at my backlog of paperwork accumulated during the holiday, I chose buckle down at home. I have no idea what transpired locally.

        The DC event looked organic initially, but then it appeared to be taken over on the front lines by some sort of the staged false-flag psyop — the BIG DISTRACTION to keep the focus off the real issues of the day.

  11. Part 4:

    So now what?

    Well, I would not have the hubris to even think that I remotely have an answer.

    My guess would be that relocation to states with ZERO / or low income taxes, more conservative leadership and reasonable protection laws would be a decent idea if one is going to remain in the United States. The tsunami that is coming our way (call it a “dark winter” if you wish) will be devastating to our souls and economy, no matter how the road ahead is faced. Further, without some consensus on a methodology for dealing with the road ahead, there will simply be more inaction from all but the Executive Branch, which will probably simply issue edicts starting at the end of this month.

    We are, by all measures, the largest debtor in the history of the world and either the bill will come due or the Empire will collapse. Although the Bank of North Dakota is an interesting model and could be adopted widely as a potential save for the states under a full economic collapse situation, the practices / methodology have not been adopted by any other state in the nation. Further, you would also want to have some form of minting / printing technology (as private issuers in Nevada do) if the dollar is down for the count. The only thing keeping it alive is the Reserve Currency status, which the WEF is set to crush in Davos this year.

    (An aside / a little venting: “Build Back Better” — what a moronic slogan, especially when Trudeau / Castro Jr. says it! Sleepy Joe could barely recite the words when he was stumping in Delaware. As I cannot not watch Boris, I have not heard his version, but I have read he has stated it as well.)

    If you can, and are inclined, I would (humbly) suggest relocation out of the United States ASAP. This is the route I have been looking at. Now I will not kid you, this is a tough decision to make, especially if you have family (both those who will go with you and those who will stay). With travel restrictions becoming even tighter and whole nations closing up their borders, the world has become a far trickier place to move around in.

    Both Mr. Winter and some of the other contributors / posters (is that a correct word?) around here do in fact live overseas, and I am sure they have sound advice on things to consider. From my own standpoint, I have had my eye on Uruguay (sorry that came out funny) for sometime now and probably just need for us to go. Please consider that the U.S. Passport office has about a 3/4 of the year back log due to their shutdown, so one may need to consider alternatives for leaving.

    Gotta run, but I think some (humble) ideas are in this one. Certainly, I am not sure how any of this will work out. Praying for all of us!


  12. Wait! Whaaaat?

    The Vatican stole the election, and now Italy is in trouble. Huh!?!

    So it is former CIA Agent Steele and two former MI5 agents. Now I have really, really mixed emotions about Mr. Steele, so caveat emptor! As for the MI5 guys, eh. They are okay I guess; I can see why they hired the one guy since he is a whisperer.

    Heck, if this entire story is BS, it would still make a heck of a movie. My thoughts on casting would be Tom Cruise as President Trump. Perhaps that guy who does those Medea movies as Mayor Bowser. Brad Pitt should again jump in and play Fauci. This is just an outline, I am sure if the studios pick this up they will have additional ideas (my guess is that they will use Ms. Streep as Pelosi).


    • Yes, I put down the pencil and used a ball point pen to rule a line through RDS after this interview with Kerry Cassidy

      Kerry Interviewed by Robert David Steele Re Secret Space Program, Fires, ETs and My Book

  13. Trump’s January 6 Gift to the Deep State

    By Michael Hoffman

    Donald Trump’s puppets acted their part in the Cryptocracy’s theatre today, January 6.

    Make no mistake: the Cryptocracy allowed his followers into the Senate deliberately, for the bad optics, so that all patriot Conservatives will be viewed as terrorists and Fascists.

    I have visited the US Senate gallery and watched the senators at work from that vantage. The security was intense. In order to enter the gallery I stood for a half hour in a line policed by officers with automatic weapons and with orders to shoot to kill at any sign of violence. More heavily armed officers were stationed in rooms adjacent to the senate, ready to burst forth and confront Islamic, domestic or any other terrorists.

    Today in Congress all we saw is a few security people with handguns. This is a charade, ladies and gentlemen.

    Many of Trump’s hardcore Right-wing fans are worshippers of the Zionist state of counterfeit “Israel.” They are followers of the light, love and peace of Jesus Christ in name only. In other words, they are workers of iniquity. They behave not like Christians, but like Israeli settlers who pattern themselves after the ancient zealots (sicarii) of Jerusalem, who sought to terrorize the Romans. Those zealots ended badly in 70 A.D., and were annihilated under the idiot leadership of Bar Kokhba, in 136 A.D. Today in our nation’s capitol MAGA zealots acted out the agenda of an equally moronic leader.

    Trump has fallen into his own trap.

    He’s a prize fool.

    His disgrace will not soon be erased.

    The media’s false narrative that patriots are terrorists and Fascists has been exponentially strengthened and propelled today, to the delight of the national security deep state that has been handed a prime pretext for disarming, imprisoning and crushing dissident Conservatives, in the name of “combatting Far-Right extremism.”

    Michael Hoffman is the editor of the periodical Revisionist History® and the author of nine books of history and literature.
    Let others know!

    • In what world is Trump not a Deep State asset?

      His carefully orchestrated blunders have done exactly what they were meant to do. Cast White Americans in a bad light in their own country while providing just enough of a hopium drip to keep them from open revolt.

      The only praise I could give him is on his impeccable skill as a thespian. Up til the bitter end the MAGA crowd is expecting a deus ex machina. Fundamentally Biden won’t be different, but the Deep State sure as hell will.

      All that an American President is anymore is a burnt offering for the mob to direct their opprobrium towards.

      • The old saying is you never are allowed near levers of power without an insurance policy. So we should never expect anything good from a president or any other clown claiming to have the change we need. The State doesn’t work like that. Nor should we expect to make changes through the State. I came up with the saying not long ago when asked what my political leanings are. “Anarchist until things improve”. No effort or dollar is spent in praise of the State until it implodes and starts over. Everything else is a voluntary action or volunteer goal to small things I think help locally or abroad, putting my faith in individual Human Action as Mises put it.

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