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How Jewish is the Biden Cabinet?

By Daniel Barge | 20 January 2021

AFFIRMATIVE RIGHT — This is just a fact piece, and I have no wish to propose any theory on why things are the way they are.

Ever since the defeat of Donald Trump, there has been a lot of speculation about who the incoming “Not my President” Joe Biden will pick for his cabinet.

Biden, of course, is of Irish Catholic background and identity, and represents a party that places a lot of emphasis on “diversity” and “inclusion.” His VP pick, a untalented woman of Black and Indian ancestry seems to tick that box quite well, but what of his other choices?

According to Wikipedia the [21-member] cabinet includes the following positions

Secretary of State (Foreign Minister)
Secretary of the Treasury (Finance Minister) …

Next here are Biden’s existing appointments and nominees for these 21 positions and their ethnicities:

Secretary of State (Antony Blinken – WHITE-JEWISH)
Secretary of the Treasury (Janet Yellin – WHITE-JEWISH) […]

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