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EXCLUSIVE — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Pfizer, Moderna Covid Vaccine Nanoparticals Coated with Toxic Chemical That Could Prove Deadly

16 December 2020

TRUE PUNDIT — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed to Thomas Paine that he personally warned Dr. Anthony Fauci and the FDA commissioner about potentially deadly problems with the COVID vaccine but those warnings fell on deaf government ears. In fact, shockingly — they were ignored.

Mr. Kennedy, a vaccine expert and top lawyer, joined the Thomas Paine Podcast to drop repeated bombshell warnings to all Americans contemplating the vaccine. The same warnings that the government essentially covered up.

You may want to reconsider lining up after you digest what vaccine expert and top lawyer Mr. Kennedy shares with Paine about the vaccines. The revelations are truly alarming.

10 Comments on EXCLUSIVE — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Pfizer, Moderna Covid Vaccine Nanoparticals Coated with Toxic Chemical That Could Prove Deadly

  1. I was very disappointed when Robert Kennedy, Jr. (along with his mother Ethel) got their relative paroled who had murdered a young girl. Worse, in their plea letters, the self-regarding Kennedys showed no care for the murdered girl Martha Moxley.

    • Mr. Antonio,

      In all fairness and with great respect, I do get your perspective and disappointment. Ms. Moxley and her family deserve justice; however, with all things Kennedy, I would ask on this topic and River Keepers that you consider the good with the bad. These vaccines are pure poison and completely unnecessary. Our own immune systems are some of the finest natural protections anyone could wish for.

      Do they need maintenance and support? Sure. Does that maintenance vary in the seasons of our lives (spring through winter / young through old)? Yes, my own research would indicate and my own aging process would indicate that minor changes and tweaks in life may be worth consideration, just as our diets / food intake tends to change in about 7 year clips. Yet, it is a very fine immune system that can help us deal with many of life’s natural challenges.

      Now back to your post. If we take a step back and look at the most famous Kennedy of all,

      (I am just choosing one member in order to not make this a monstrous response, which I have been known to write from time-to-time; I could basically write a analysis about many members of that family — the good and the bad),

      President John F. Kennedy, he began an extremely enthusiastic globalist who was ready to hand us over to the U.N. ASAP and even took some actions along these lines; however, over time, his focus on domestic issues and even attempting to indicate the power behind the myth of America in the latter part of the 20th century was a 180 degree change that was helpful to our understanding of what was occurring in the nation.

      Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr. (again, I am not a fan of Ms. Ethel Kennedy, but I will keep this simple) has had a very mixed past of great actions / ideas, and moments of very questionable choices. Yet, I do think we are in very dangerous times and need a recognizable voice, who can attract a wider audience in asking questions, as well as challenging what is attempting to be accomplished in this brave new world.

      Again, I do appreciate what you have written and think you are quite right; I would just offer (humble) ideas on a balance given where we all find ourselves now.

      Happy New Year.

      Simple Citizen

      • Hi

        I am an iconoclast by nature. I have an instinctive skeptical reaction to the canonisation of anyone. (Blame the ex-Catholic in me.) I think it’s important for people to know that not even Saint Robert Kennedy, Jr. is above criticism. And, in the case of Martha Moxley, I think he should be horsewhipped with Ethel after him.

        I am not an anti-vaxxer but I think Kennedy is far from the best “voice” for that movement. He suffers from an unfortunate speech impediment (not his fault) which makes him difficult to understand and which markedly reduces his effectiveness as a communicator. This is a cruel fact of public speaking.

        The subject of the Kennedys good/bad/indifferent is a complex and fascinating one best left to another time.

        I am supposedly “vulnerable” but I wont be taking this unnecessary, untested Covid concoction.

        Happy New Year!
        Jack Antonio

        • Mr. Antonio,

          Thanks for the reply; I understand and respect you completely. Although we differ in perspective, I appreciate what you are saying and the thoughtful response.

          As for the vaccination and vulnerability, I think you have a sound plan. Certainly I have no intention of taking this vaccination either and (to my knowledge) I do not fit a “vulnerable” profile. Personally, I like good old fashioned healthy living to the best of my abilities.

          Hoping you have peace and prosperity in the new year!


    • Robert Kennedy is not a vaccine expert any more than I am an NBA all-star (me at 70+ years old and 5 foot 8). It is unfortunate that some people embrace stupid ideas far outside their expertise. I am a Ph.D. Biochemist with over 40 years of research experience. My wife and I (both career scientists) are gladly getting vaccinated tomorrow. RNA vaccines have been given to tens of millions of people and have a proven track record. However, even if the vaccine also lowered your cholesterol, prevented heart disease and cancer and prevented erectile distinction, anti-vaxxers would think up some fictitious rumors about it, because it’s their “religion.” The efforts of RFK Jr will cause people to avoid the vaccine and cause more people will die. That is tragic. He will by his actions kill far more people than the Unibomber, if not the 9-11 terrorists, but his victims will suffer more and have more prolonged deaths. The most recent study of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel, Not funded by Pfizer, including almost 600,000 people, showed a 94 % reduction in Covid risk. Lies by RFK cannot refute that.

      • There is little reason to make this solely about RFK’s credentials. There are a number of physicians and scientists who support his views in what is obviously an open controversy – if not conspiracy.

      • >Robert Kennedy is not a vaccine expert …

        Neither is Bill Gates then.

        >RNA vaccines … and have a proven track record.

        A “proven track record” of what? — re COVID vaccines, when the makers and the media say they have been tested and “proven” safe and effective, they are simply lying to you; there has not been nearly enough time for that, nor have the trials been extensive enough.

        >He will by his actions kill far more people than the Unibomber, if not the 9-11 terrorists …

        LOL — Kaczynski allegedly killed (only) 3 — how many people have been killed or irreparably harmed by vaccines over the years (decades)? — what was the reason big pharma lobbied for the ‘National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act’, signed in 1986? — the number of people killed and seriously harmed by vaccines FAR exceeds the things you (dumbly) mention.

        You can get the COVID vaccine if you want — but I find your comment clownish, especially since you claim to be “a Ph.D. Biochemist”.

        • As I have for decades in my career, I go by data, not by innuendo. I don’t just claim to be a biochemist. I have published studies on metabolism of toxins (alkaloids), techniques for measuring pesticides (Diuron) in ground water, and the molecular basis of heart disease and cancer for over 40 years. I have never taken a dime of money from industry; I worked at a university as a public servant. But you don’t need to trust my word, look at published studies from around the world. Today it’s easy. The National Library of Medicine’s “PubMed” has a database of over 30 million published research studies. Rather than trusting some cousin’s Facebook page, you can look it up, make up your own mind using data from scientists all around the world. You might find an occasional crack pot article, but look at the whole story. If one plumber told you you need to replace all the plumbing in your house, but 250 other plumbers said you just have a leaky toilet, who would you trust?
          The New England Journal of Medicine published all three USA clinical trials (Pfizer, Moderna and JNJ). A totally independent study of the real-world effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel can be read free online, published this week, and not funded by Pfizer. An effective measure of the credibility of a researcher is their number of citations, the number of times other researchers cited that person’s studies in another person’s new study. The head of the federal agency in charge of infectious diseases, Dr. Tony Fauci has over 200,000 citations (source Google Scholar). A highly productive full professor at a major university has around 5 to 10,000. During the 1980s Fauci was the 14th most cited scientist in the world.
          In regards to the database of side effects of vaccines, anyone can submit side effects. After taking my vaccine today, I joked to my wife about submitting a “side effect” that some of the stocks in my retirement fund went up. That side effect database was never meant to be more than a general guide for the FDA to know where to give an additional look. There is no validation, no diagnosis. I could submit a side effect that stubbed my toe, or that I won the lottery shortly after getting the shot. In regards to the legal shielding of vaccine makers by the federal government, that was largely put in place because of lawsuit lawyers out for a buck. If that legal protection wasn’t in place, no company would bother researching and selling vaccines in the very litigious USA. And we would be left with protecting our children’s lives by resorting to quack remedies like homeopathy and “immune boosters.” We’d be back towards the era when I was a child, with hundreds of children in “iron lungs” because of polio, and children being born blind because of measles. It’s quite an education to read Wikipedia’s history of vaccine denial, going back centuries ago. The alternative to rumor is to look at data. In just four weeks from now, my chance of catching and possibly dying form Covid will be reduced by around 95%, and my chances of infecting other people will also go way down. That isn’t my opinion; it’s the rational conclusion of what we know from millions of people around the world getting vaccinated and the accumulated knowledge from decades of research. Research on mRNA and lipid nanoparticles spans two decades and almost certainly will result in a Nobel Prize. Of course, I guess I could trust RFK or some soccer mom’s FB page. Not!

      • I hadn’t heard of “Chris Crutch” until yesterday but I have heard of many of the virologists and microbiologists that he refers to. He does not have a PhD in this field either – but then neither does Neil Ferguson (UK), head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom (‘Community Health’) or the head of Pfizer (a vet). And according to Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR Process (NOT a diagnostic tool), “Fauci doesn’t know shit [sic] about anything”

        • “Fauci Doesn’t Know Anything About Anything” Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner & Creator of PCR Test

        But Chris Crutch can read – and think – and is very articulate.


        Neither does Yolande Norris-Clark – but she too can think for herself.

        • “I’m Done with this” – Yolande Norris-Clark

        Given that there is NO pandemic (maybe there is a virus in a bioweapons lab somewhere but I doubt it), what on earth are you getting ‘vaccinated’ against, let alone promoting it without any research or critical thinking whatsoever?

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