EU’s Coronavirus Christmas Rules: No Communal Singing, Televised Church Only

PHOTO: Oliver Darcy/Business Insider

By Chris Tomlinson | 3 December 2020

BREITBART — The European Commission has released a set of Christmas Wuhan coronavirus guidelines including a proposal to ban communal singing.

The Commission guidelines were released on Wednesday and included lists of “recommended actions for member states” which instruct countries to look after vulnerable people such as the disabled, the mentally ill, or homeless, as well as set criteria for small social gatherings.

The guidelines also state that EU nations should “consider not allowing any mass gatherings” and said that anyone engaged in social events during the Christmas season should be forced to self-quarantine before and after the event for a recommended seven days.

For Christmas ceremonies and services, the Commission recommends that they be done online or through radio or television broadcast and that communal singing should be banned. […]

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