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Zuckerberg Changed Facebook Algorithm to Highlight CNN, The New York Times Post-Election

By Sean Burch | 4 November 2020

YAHOO! NEWS (THE WRAP) — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed the platform’s algorithm following the 2020 election to highlight outlets like CNN, the New York Times and NPR, according to a report from the Times on Tuesday morning. At the same time, Facebook moved to make “hyperpartisan pages,” as the Times put it, like Breitbart and Occupy Democrats less visible in users’ News Feeds, three people familiar with Zuckerberg’s decision told the NYT.

The temporary tweak aimed to reduce the spread of inaccurate election information on the site, according to the Times. Zuckerberg’s decision came after Facebook employees, seeing President Trump claim the election was rigged against him, “proposed an emergency change” to make “authoritative news” more prominent.

It’s unclear how long the changes were in place for, but they appear to have ended. Facebook vice president Guy Rosen told the Times “there has never been a plan to make these permanent.”

Facebook did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the matter. […]

2 Comments on Zuckerberg Changed Facebook Algorithm to Highlight CNN, The New York Times Post-Election

  1. Okay, we should take a step back and realize that Mr. Zuckerberg does not change anything. His handlers and then some drones do all the changes (one instructs and the other executes).

    We could then rewind to Mr. Gates and ask why the guy in charge could not “change” Longhorn and make it viable for release? The answer. Mr. Gates does not change anything on his own.

    Hey, remember that time when Mr. Soros said that Mr. Rogers was a good “technician”? Yeah, he was indicating that studying Popper does not make you a good trader, but the guy in the other seat does the work,while you study Method Acting.

    None of these figureheads does the real work, or has any say over the outcome. You have the directors (think the Rothschild or the Rockefeller Family — one was a ghetto gold / gold plated sales business and the other was a ghetto snake oil sales business) and the minions who do the actual work (think Mr. Paul Allen, who looked 35 yrs. old when Bill was 16 yrs.old, or read a Niederhoffer book about his time with old Georgie).

    Cut outs serve a purpose, but are powerless in the end. This helps if a government actually asks them to say something. When they cannot, or say, “I will have to get back to you”, then the plan is actually working.

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