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[16 April 2020] Pentagon: $10B Cloud Contract That Snubbed Amazon Was Legal – Amazon has asserted that the bidding was improperly influenced by President Donald Trump’s dislike of Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos

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  1. Okay folks, I have not watched more than the introduction yet, but all of us over here will watch this video, and we send our thanks to Winter Watch for its posting.

    What I wish to remind everyone of is Mr. Bezos’s connection to DARPA through his grandpappy. It may seem insignificant; however, I would respectfully ask that everyone give this tiny point of data another look.

    • s/b:

      I wonder…is the movie is a fluffernutter piece?

      Let me check my ‘perception is reality’ watch.
      What time is this place?

      Will ppl not see Jeffe and Elon are peas in a ‘pod’ ?

      A Hollywood star is not an ‘individual’, but a _fabrication_… the product of a team.

      The Phonecian juggernaut rolls on.
      Generation of vipers.


      Until the truth arrives.

    • Third attempt to post.
      Not trying to spam the site, Russ.

      Jeffe and Elon are two peas from the same pod…
      …just as Hollywood stars -aren’t_individuals_, they are_the_product_of_a_team.

      In the news today, Amazon on track to crush ‘local'(?) pharmacy chains with online prescription drug sales.

      Is there *anything* Amazon can’t swallow and digest?

    • None of these Zio conglomerates did anything but step into position! Bezos Zuckerberg are generational zio-HOGS granted their positions by the cabal with the help of our Zio controlled government just like CIA Walmart. Nothing reaches the $$$$$$$$$$$$$status without being kosherly connected

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