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Tax-Cheating Jewish Oligarch Keeps Lying About His Dead Auditor to Make Everyone Hate Russia

2 December 2019

RUSSIA INSIDER (RT) — British [Jewish -ed.] investor Bill Browder has made a name for himself in the West through blaming Moscow for the death of his auditor, Sergey Magnitsky. Der Spiegel has picked apart his story and uncovers it has major credibility problems.

For years Browder – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s self-proclaimed “enemy number one” and head of the Hermitage Capital Management fund – has been waging what can only be described as his personal anti-Russia campaign.

The passionate Kremlin critic relentlessly lobbied for sanctions against Russian officials everywhere from the US to Europe – all under the premise of seeking justice for his deceased employee, who died in Russia, while in pre-trial detention, where he’d been placed while accused of complicity in a major tax evasion scheme. […]

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  1. See, also, censored film: “The Magnitsky Act”, by Andrei Nekrasov:

    And censored book: “Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax”, by Alex Krainer:


    “A major war would help the [U.S.] government paper over all these problems while preserving the established order of society. Your pension is gone? We’re at war, we must share sacrifices. Your health care is unaffordable? Blame the Russians. There are no jobs? No worries, the military has plenty of opportunities if you aspire to become cannon fodder somewhere overseas. War would be the perfect smokescreen for the ruling establishment to usurp the mantle of patriotism, take the whole nation hostage, silence dissent, oppress all genuine political opposition and even do away with the Bill of Rights. It is therefore understandable why they have so much invested in fixating Russia as America’s greatest enemy in the people’s collective consciousness. If one day a nuclear bomb exploded over one of the U.S. cities, a frightened and misinformed population might be easily convinced that it was a Russian attack and rallied to support a major military escalation. This is why President Eisenhower underscored the importance of an alert and knowledgeable citizenry in preserving security and liberty.”

    From Neon Revolt, “Revolution Q: The Story of QAnon and the 2nd American Revolution”, pp. 211-212, re. Q drop 1345:

    “See, the original plan had been to fund, supply, and build the nukes in Iran, launch them on American soil, and then turn around and blame Russia for the “unprovoked” attack. The uranium, due to its half-life, could be tracked via satellite, and our intelligenvce agencies such as the CIA would “confirm” that yes, it had been in Russia. Hillary, in the face of such an unprovoked attack, would be able to launch a counterattack that would usher in World War lll, and the utter nuclear destruction of, really, the last two remaining world powers that had enough resources at their disposal to counteract the effects of the Cabal, globally–if only they were made aware of their predicament.

    Oh, you didn’t think the ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion narrative was crafted on a whim now, did you? If the whole narrative was fake–as I’ve [sic] believed I reasonably demonstrated in Chapter Two–why not say…’Trump-China’ collusion? They’re still literal Communists, after all. Or ‘Trump-Brazilian’ collusion? Or ‘Trump-Azerbaijani’ collusion? While we’re at it, heck, why not ‘Trump-Micronesian’ collusion?

    I think you get my point.

    The entire reason the Cabal ran with the Russian collusion narrative was to keep Trump and Putin apart, and thus, prevent any semblance of an alliance from forming between them, and against the Cabal. The absolute nightmare scenario for the Cabal would be not only the leaders of these nations awakening to the threat embodied by the Cabal, but the entire civilian population of those nations awakening to that same threat.”

  2. Add to my previous comment:

    Bill Browder: Crooked Hillary’s bagman and ex-American oligarch wanted by Russia for stolen $400 million that went to her campaign

    July 23, 2018

    He’s also the CIA asset and neocon Zionist who was used to restart the Cold War with Russia

    “Deep State agent Bill Browder operated at the very nexus of the
    U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Communities that conspired to produce
    both the fake Russiagate and very real Spygate.”
    — Intelligence Analyst & Former Military Officer

    Anyone looking to really understand the back story of Russiagate need look no further than the workings of American-born British attorney and financier Bill Browder.

    Browder was also the bagman which funded the many illicit activities that have come to define Spygate.

    In other words, Bill Browder is the man. Study his actions, analyze his transactions, comprehend his true motivations and you will understand the entire false narrative known as the bogus “Russian collusion” story—Russiagate.

  3. Bill Browder Piggybacks on Nunes Lawsuit:

    Published September 5

    After Nunes’ $9.9M lawsuit against Fusion GPS, businessman says oppo firm also smeared him
    By Gregg Re, Catherine Herridge | Fox News

    Following California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes’ $9.9M lawsuit against Fusion GPS over alleged “smear” tactics, businessman and Magnitsky Act advocate Bill Browder told Fox News that the opposition research firm behind the anti-Trump Steele dossier also targeted him with an organized misinformation campaign.

    Browder is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital, which was once the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia. He told Fox News that Fusion GPS and founder Glenn Simpson were working with Russians who wanted the Magnitsky Act repealed — and that they “played dirty.”

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