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Latest Diversity Scheme Pulls Poor into Affluent Suburbs

Barrack Obama started it, and Donald Trump halted it. “Dementia Joe” Biden pledged to bring it back on steroids. The bomb is planned with 8%+ of housing loans in forbearance, 32% of rental residents either making late or no payments

Biden would vastly expand Section 8 housing vouchers. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, there are more than 17 million American households that qualify for the rental assistance program but don’t receive help simply because Congress doesn’t allocate enough money to it.

This resettlement scheme would make Joseph Stalin proud. His idea is to stimulate “diversity” by forcing suburbs to be less white and less wealthy though hefty funding increases in Section 8 housing vouchers for middle-class neighborhoods. This leveling scheme is designed to wreck functioning communities. This taxpayer theft program, coupled with the Department of Justice’s new mandatory diversity and bias training program for law enforcement allows criminal elements at all levels to run amok.

As a harbinger of what’s in store, and in addition to vouchers being expanded to subsidize urban poor in higher-rent areas, the Section 8ers will be assigned their own government real estate agent, called a “mobility counselor,” to help them secure housing in the burbs. Suburban landlords will be sued for discrimination, if they refuse unemployable Section 8 tenants.

In the past, landlords could institute a income requirement, typically three times rent. If the rent is $1,000 per month, then $3,000 in verifiable income is required. Other than for the cheapest properties, this is more than unemployed Section 8 tenants and SSI disability incomes receive.

After Biden moves in tenants who lack the means to pay the rent, he creates a Homeowner Bill of Rights (aka a tyrannical device) to prevent tenants from eviction by providing them legal assistance. This effectively makes behavioral enforcement problematic as well. If behavioral enforcement is nixed, then slumlords fill the gap. Accordingly, the Section 8ers bring their culture to the suburbs, resulting in a downward spiral of civility, peace and quiet.

Certainly, many low-income people can follow rules and live civilized lives. But typically, there are basic standards being applied like curfews to get youth off the streets at night. But that’s not the social direction of this population — in fact, quite the opposite. And without basic standards, the targeted towns and cities will fail fast. The same is true of dealing with homeless populations.

The documentary “Seattle is Dying” shows the salami attack of preaching hyper “tolerance and compassion.” Comply or be called a “Nazi.” This is the tactic used by the subvert-and-destroy Red Vanguard Alinskyites responsible for Seattle’s decent into hell.

For further reading on Failed States

A similar program tested a few years ago in Dallas has been blamed for shifting violent crime to more-affluent and quiet neighborhoods.

Dubuque, Iowa, already received an influx of voucher holders coming from the projects of Chicago — and it has had a problem with crime ever since. A 2010 study linked Dubuque’s crime wave directly to Section 8 housing.

Of course, even when reality mugs this social-engineering and societal sabotage, the government just doubles down. The problem, it rationalizes, was that the relocation wasn’t aggressive enough. So conclusions are made that desired results can be acheived by placing even more urban poor in even more affluent areas.

Biden’s most basic tenet is getting rid of zoning regulations on the supply of housing. Simply put, this signals the death spiral of the single family house, and a move toward higher density.

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  1. Here in Connecticut there is a state law that mandates that every town must have a threshold level of “Affordable Housing.” The latest victim is the upscale community of Fairfield that has one new affordable housing unit newly installed and another on its way after it clears court challenges, which will, of course fail. I did a brief investigation and found a very bland sounding “Housing Association” whose job it is to oversee housing in the town. Officers are elected and it all looks very kosher. Then a startling admission. A Planning & Zoning officer buckled under an affordable housing attack, claiming there was no point in fighting it, since they will win in court. I think the real disabling condition appears long before it gets to court, it is the condition known that it is impolite to name your enemy, as in you cannot separate yourself from, Jews, Blacks and Hispanics. The blacks and Hispanics are just the grapeshot, it is the Jews who concoct these innocuous sounding committees and work like a disease from within. Section 8 Housing is the other end of the same game. The Massachusetts Bay colony used to have the same problem with Quakers and so they hung them, and that took care of the problem. I’m not advocating hanging people, but I am advocating that you take enough pride in your culture to preserve it and use Massachusetts Bay as an example of a people dedicated to the preservation of their home culture.

    • Maybe these tactics could be used to “diversify” the ultra-orthodox jewish communities in upstate NY, which have higher per capita usage of welfare than Detroit.

      • @skeptic16- You have made a very important point. I was shocked to read about wealthy Jewish families in Scandinavia, lecturing the world about overpopulation, while quietly having 11-12 children themselves, and grabbing every welfare benefit going. We tend to think of them as wealthy and self-sufficient communities, but they seem to have invented mass welfare payments in order to scam them themselves. There have been many reports of welfare & tax fraud among their communities in the West, but they are all downplayed by the media (of course). It does fit in with the Talmud, but I was still surprised by the scale of it.

  2. Section 8 helped demographically devastate Ferguson, MO, culminating in the riots that literally destroyed large sections of the town following the media perpetrated Michael Brown phony ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative.


    The ethnic composition of Ferguson has shifted, however. In 1970, 99% of the population of Ferguson was white and 1% black. In 1980, the proportion of white residents went down to 85%, whereas the proportion of black residents rose to 14%. … As of the 2010 U.S. Census, … The racial makeup of the city was 67.4% black, 29.3% white, …

    So unrecoverable demographic damage was done to Ferguson long before Obama became President — and no one will be surprised if the 2020 census shows Ferguson is now 90% black.

    Zero Hedge/War on the Suburbs: How HUD’s Housing Policies Became a Weapon for Social Change/The Sad Tale of Ferguson

    Do a simple internet search for “section 8 ferguson missouri” — a large number of apartments are available.

    In America today, if you are white government is your enemy.

    • It would be easier (and easier to justify) getting rid of the Department of Education — it functions as little more than the arm of the DOJ in education, as well as administering NCLB, which since its inception has accomplished nothing (and will never accomplish anything since the ultimate source of the achievement gap is genetic differences); it’s a make work agency — it also functions as a jobs program for Blacks: 40% of employees are black (look it up).

      The truth is that Trump is not a reformer or anti-Establishment at all; more than anything, he craves approval from the Establishment, hence his childish rhetoric regarding, and enthusiasm for, using any and every federal agency for any- and every-thing, but in the best way ever (e.g. the military for the corona vaccine) — he’s too stupid and vain to have anyone else’s interest in mind (e.g. the taxpayer).

  3. Federal school vouchers are another kike scheme to destroy white majority schools. The government says that vouchers will be good for blacks. Well, yes because formerly private schools will be required to accept black, trouble making diversity “students”. It’s a war on white people. If people aren’t getting it by now then I can’t feel sorry for them at this point. Voting is a waste of time. Voting is like having a gun pointing at you and being asked “Where do you want it….your head or your chest?”

  4. Joe Stalin actually might not have liked this. Unlike Trotsky, Stalin was one of the old school of ‘organic’ communists, who thought ethnicity was real, and was not reducible to a class struggle phenomenon.

    In younger days Stalin wrote about how genetics, language, and a history of certain kinds of economic, social and cultural practices, would remain intact regardless of economic and political revolution, and that communism needed to respect that.

    Stalin as well re-established a soft patriarchy, ending the easy divorce etc that was introduced under Lenin with catastrophic consequences. He also outlawed homosexuality – No LGBT for Uncle Joe (Stalin, not Biden).

    And then Stalin purged many of the Jews in top positions in the late 1930s, somewhat simultaneous with the purges in Germany at that time.

    So after the war the Jewish intellectual class talked of the joint ‘totalitarians’ Hitler and Stalin, with some expanding the idea of putting up cultural Marxism, as the alleged best path to avoid these ‘great evils’.

    • Brabantian- Please stop with the Stalin slurping. Nobody buys that tripe here. Organic communist? Whatever that means… The fact is that communism is based on identity politics, period.
      “In younger days Stalin wrote about how genetics, language, and a history of certain kinds of economic, social and cultural practices, would remain intact regardless of economic and political revolution, and that communism needed to respect that.“
      Were those younger days spent studying at yeshiva? Read that sentence you wrote again and think about who he’s referring to when he writes about “genetics, language, and a history of certain kinds of economic, social and cultural practices”, because he certainly wasn’t referencing Russian Christians.
      “And then Stalin purged many of the Jews in top positions in the late 1930s”
      Whatever you say chief. He didn’t purge Beria, probably only purged Yezhov before him because the death toll was so grotesque (even by communist standards) under the latter. Here’s a site that could give you a clue, though you’re obviously a Stalin fanboy and not exactly looking for one.

  5. OT


    The Government Rag/Jack Mullen — The Coming Internet Purge of Vaccine Related Truth

    Also Twitter/RooshVA nightmare even Orwell couldn’t imagine is fast becoming reality. When they’re finished, you will need permission to go anywhere and buy anything. — watch the embedded short video clip.

    • Roosh podcast is a good listen btw, just stumbled upon it lately, always good to hear we still got some sane people in this insane world.

      And yes that covidpass is pretty creepy, we got something close to that(already 16 million times downloaded at 83 million inhabitants) already just without links to other services like the mentioned blockchain, with digital currency(Lithuania started official digital currency already last month) we sure get quickly to a point where deniers gets shut down their money.

      Often thought if i should get a smartphone maybe, it sure makes some things more convinient.
      But last week i replaced my 8 year old dumbphone with…. a new dumbphone, i decided to never get a smartphone, they cant force me to use this stupid app.

  6. OT

    I mentioned this before:

    Fox News — DAs backed by Soros, other liberal activists join fray in clash with police — Under-the-radar political investments made by progressive groups in recent years may be paying off

    District attorneys and current candidates whose campaigns benefited from the work of left-wing organizations – including ones backed by liberal billionaire George Soros – are now pushing for new practices that could see sharp reductions in prosecutions and incarcerations. … Soros, through the Justice & Public Safety PAC and other groups, has been spending millions of dollars on prosecutorial races in recent years, with a number of beneficiaries making headlines since their elections.

    These ‘under-the-radar’ elections are very low turnout, typically 30% or less, usually getting little/only perfunctory local attention, and no national attention — so a concentrated ‘get out the vote’ effort by one side can easily dictate the result — despite the lack of voter interest, these offices are of some importance.

    Kim Foxx in Chicago:

    Foxx is seeking reelection this year and already won her Democratic primary. Regarding ongoing protests in her jurisdiction, she has said that her office will lean toward dismissing cases coming from protests or curfew violations

    If people know they won’t be charged where is the incentive to obey the law?

    The DA of Contra Costa County in California who decided to charge the white couple who painted over a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner on the street is another black woman backed by Soros money — also Kim Gardner in St Louis.

  7. Everyone needs to understand that the welfare fraud and overpopulators are the Orthodox Jews, those that wear the yarmulkes everywhere and sport the side curls and prayer shawls. These are the Hasidim and they do not work because their purpose, as God defines it, is to study the Talmud most of the day and make babies the rest. A very bizarre crowd, dirty, loud and extremely difficult, they have been the bane of Netanyahu’s existence in Israel and they are like a plague in Marmaroneck, NY and Lakewood, NJ. I’m sure there are pockets of them elsewhere. Liberal Jews have very bad habits and a mafia like network, but most of them work. They’re still out the drain the public coffers, they just have a different approach, and THEY like their nice neighborhoods.

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