Discordian Nihilists Torch Pacific Northwest

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Brush and forest fires are raging all over the Pacific Northwest. To date, the Department of Natural Resources for the state of Washington has attributed arson to 30 of the fires. The fires along the Interstate 5 highway corridor and around towns are not wilderness fires or wildfires.

As we have reported before on these pages, large numbers of mentally ill criminals were released from prisons and jails under the pretense of the Covid-1984 scamdemic. These fires are an extension of Winter’s Razor, meaning that normal people don’t burn buildings or set fires to dry brush.

Accordingly, we are characterizing this as a zombie apocalypse, with fires set by mentally disturbed, brainwashed, or even MK (Mind Kontrol) discordians of various stripes, including antifa and meth heads. As you read through the incidents, ask yourself this: Is this organic or because of “climate change.” No, it’s organized by discordians and satanists/Nihilists.

Read “Zeroing in on the Antifa/BLM Zombie Apocalypse Farm System” and “Are Australia’s Devastating Fires Being Set by Discordian Eco-Arsonists?”

Here, 5th Columnist errand boy and California Gov. Gavin Newsom drips with glee and duping delight as he promotes the climate change sophistry.

Ninety percent of the fires erupting are in close proximity to residential areas. Law enforcement is scoring some success apprehending the culprits.

According to IQAir, an air quality monitoring website that ranks air pollution internationally, Portland had the worst air quality in the region on Friday, with an air quality index of 204 as of noon Pacific Time. Seattle had the second worst with an air quality index of 193 as of noon Pacific Time. Northern California on Saturday morning was 238.

@PuyallupPD arrested Jeffrey Acord in relation to the Arson along Highway 167. He was caught in the median on SR-167@ Meridian setting a fire! In 2014 during an ANTI-POLICE protest. Acord was charged with possession of a concealed weapon without permit, carrying a knife, and illegal possession of fireworks.

EUGENE, OR — Elias Newton Pendergrass is accused of first-degree arson in the Sweet Creek Milepost 2 fire, which covers 382 acres near the community of Mapleton. Pendergrass, a Mapleton resident, is being held in the Lane County Jail.

September 10, 2020 Parkland, WA Unnamed man arrested for arson

September 11, 2020 Phoenix, OR: Michael Jarrod Bakkela charged with arson

September 11, 2020 Springfield, OR: Jonathan Maas charged with arson

SPOKANE, WA — Arson suspect in custody after setting multiple fires on Monday.

.@GovInslee is blaming climate change for the fires even after multiple reports of arson. I would expect nothing less from the man who “was not aware” of anarchists taking over Seattle.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Lugenpresse does what the FBI and Lugenpresse do: assume we have stupid written all over our faces.

Trojan Horse Barr and Homeland Security Pull an Eddie Haskell About Who’s Backing Riots

A top Facebook official tweeted Saturday it would delete posts alleging leftist organizations started wildfires in Oregon and other Western states after the FBI said arson reports are “conspiracy theories,” reported RT News.

“We are removing false claims that certain groups started the wildfires in Oregon. This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public,” Andy Stone, policy communications manager at Facebook, tweeted on Saturday evening.

Winter Watch Takeaway

All of this is part of the chaos operation that’s well underway. This also creates ISIS like boogeymen and is likely tied into future calls for nationalization of police and pre-crime measures. The Crime Syndicate desires to clear human habitation out of rural areas being torched and cram the population into dystopian zombie apocolyspe infested high density zones under the auspice of Agenda 2030 and climate change control dictates.

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  1. Global warming my ass. We are witnessing a combination of Amerika’s Bolshevik Revolution and the implementation of Agenda 21/2030

  2. A State Governor, a Premier, or any politician who stands there smiling, like the Joker, as he lies about forest fires needs to be impeached A.S.A.P. and then sent to a mental institution.

    • Absolutely right you are. As Amanda also noted above, the burn patterns are very strange, just as in the Australian wildfires: houses completely incinerated, with molten metal flowing from the burnt-out shells of vehicles, while the surrounding vegetation, even right next to the houses & cars, is still green and unharmed. What could cause this except a narrowly-focused laser beam?

  3. California is over populated. How to make room for the “new” Americans? Older white residents live on the property being put to the torch. If they rebuild, the new house loses Prop 13 property tax protection. If they sell to the “new” Americans (Mexican) (Indian) (Filipino), the new owners lose Prop 13 property tax protection. (Heads CA wins/ Tails You lose).
    It’s hard to walk away, if you’re a native to CA, but….
    California is bankrupt and has turned on their loyal citizens. The generations of white people whose sweat and hard work turned California into the Golden State, they want you G-O-N-E!!
    The are “new” Americans’ LUV, LUV, L-O-V-E, Socialism paid for by over taxing whitey. And they will move whitey out of the comfort zone.

  4. I was a volunteer fireman and the majority of the actual fire-related calls I went on were wildland. Natural fires are lighting related, everything else is casual stupidity from people.

    Recently in my state, we had some extremely bad wildfires up near Glenwood Springs. The only thing that abated these horrendous fires was the snow storm that happened after a 90 degree day. It is too odd to gloss over that alone. A 90 degree day on September 8th and then a snow storm and 60 degree temperature differential.

    These aren’t natural weather events, these aren’t organic riots. This is the big move. This is the capstone of Projects: Mockingbird, MK-ULTRA, Monarch, Artichoke, The Phoenix Program.

    Anyone who calls it conspiracy theory at this point is being willfully ignorant. Not that it was difficult to recognize before, but now it’s as obvious as a forest fire.

    • It isn’t that unusual for summer to turn into winter overnight in CO. Year round, the pattern is several days of warming followed by a cold snap after which warming resumes. This conclusion is from 42 years of observation & experience. If weather modification is involved, it has been consistent.

  5. Anita Esqiuvel arrested for arson Tuesday in Salinas, California for setting multiple fires beside the freeway.
    Stephanie Register arrested for arson Tuesday in Spokane WA for setting multiple fires beside the road.
    Six Antifa members were “not arrested” Tuesday for setting multiple fires in Douglas County, Oregon.

    Protesters attempted to block firefighters from access to the fires in Douglas County on Tuesday morning.

  6. I suspect that weather modification has been used to enhance the effect of the fires. There was a ‘weather warning’ issued last Monday morning for Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where the majority of the population lives. This unprecedented warning stated that early Tuesday morning there was going to be a radical rise in temperature simultaneous with a sustained 40 mph wind. This was like ringing the dinner bell for any and all arsonists, and they certainly responded.
    Was this catalyst for the fires a natural event, or cooked up by the Ziodevil crew that rules over us?
    The corrupt governor of Oregon, one Kate Brown, is small change in pockets of Bill Gates, who is the BSD of the Pacific Northwest. Her response to the fires? Do nothing for three days. Finally, on the forth day of the worst fires in Oregon’s history, she sent 24 members of the National Guard to fight the fires. Yes, you read that right. 24. Not 2400, or 24,000.

    A pall of smoke has hung over Eugene like a funeral shroud for a week now, this in spite of the fact that the nearest large fire, the Holiday Farm fire, is downwind. How exactly does smoke travel upwind, and just hang motionless for a week? The same situation pertains in the San Fransisco peninsula. It’s been shrouded with smoke since Tuesday, despite being upwind of all the major fires. Local freak conditions could cause this to happen briefly, but IMO only weather modification could bring this about for so long, and over such a large area.

    • I’m amazed how these fires are being ignored even within the so-called ‘truth community.’ The scale of destruction that is taking place in Washington, Oregon, and California right now is immense! And the masses continue to go on with their day as if these were just your run-of-the-mill arson fires that are no different from any other previous fire seasons. Blind to what is really taking place!

      These ‘Tesla-based’ weapons that are being utilized now just show the tremendous hurdle that we are up against. The time is coming when the veil of deception will be completely dropped and the blood-thirsty Kabbalistic aims that are being pushed will be all out in the open for all to see. But then it will be too late! Its probably too late now!

  7. Look at how they are pushing the gas lighting now! Look closely at this video and tell me if this looks like a shooter who put two cops into the ICU. One, you can’t even see anything coming out of the gun nor anything being hit, and two, the shooter in no way spends enough time shooting to peel off 4 or 5 rounds into these cops. It’s a quick setting of stance, then running away in barely a second or two! This tweet is from the LA Sheriff’s office! Please!


    • HOLY CRAP Ed !! What did I just watch ??!!! Real or possibly ‘not real’, some
      very interesting questions come to mind. Damn. No ‘political’ fix to this shit.
      That’s for sure.

      • Rommel 41,

        It can all be a bit overwhelming at times trying to keep up with the constant gas lighting, propaganda, and deceptions that we are flooded with now. When one goes and spends a week in the mountains by oneself, one comes to a deep realization of just how mad the world has become. And the most difficult part is recognizing that there’s not much I can do about it. I wake each day now and just sigh in resignation;…expecting more and more agenda-driven global machinations that seem to draw all things now into its tyrannical orbit.

        I’m with you on Gavin Newsome as well Rommel 41! The contempt and disgust I have towards that scumbag is boundless. There are a few other governmental shills that I would line up right next to him as well: Dan Andrews, Jacinda Ardern, Nancy Pelosi(his aunty), Chuck Schumer, Angela Merkel, Gretchen Whitmer, and ‘bringing up the rear,’ Justine Trudeau. Governments are, of course, replete with sell-outs, but this list I find particularly reprehensible!

        • I could take them all Ed !! One right after the other inside the octagon.
          Believe it. Just give me 5 – 10 mins between bouts. Gretchen Whitmer
          could pose some resistance seeing as how she could be a male. No,
          not kidding. Look at enough photos of “her” esp. at certain angles &
          you’ll be reminded ‘Melinda’ Gates. I have no doubt about him. All
          proceeds go to relief. Thank you.

  8. There’s no way residents of Estacada and Sandy, Oregon, would trash and loot their own little towns. Everyone there knows everyone. They’re semi-rural communities of good-natured normies.

  9. I know that this is about a LOT more than Gavin Newsom here, but let me focus in on
    him (being in Cali) and vent my rage. I can think of few if any politician types in my
    memory that evoke the sort of loathing, disgust, and rage that he does for me. He is
    such a despicable, creepy, sleazy, slickster lizard phony I don’t know how anybody
    cannot see through him. He makes me sick and I really just hate his guts. Hold on,
    almost done … I think it would be great satisfaction – I believe it would, in feeling my
    fists repeatedly smash into his face and body in the hopes of wiping that smirk off
    his face, then maybe take him down to the ground and shove grass and dirt in his
    face and mouth, try and make him eat some. Y’know like when we were kids. Ah,
    fun times. Maybe some gravel too if any was available. Hard not to remember a
    kid once pinching the nostrils of another when he was holding his mouth tightly
    closed, then at that opportune moment when the mouth came open, getting a
    nice bit of gravel in, only to have the saliva wet pebbles come out as fast as
    they went in. Ah, but the moment lives on in the memory archives of little kid
    universe. Can you just imagine the ratings if that was televised happening to
    Newsom. I think I could do it too – think I still got it in me. I just checked his
    stats, and surprise, at 6’3″ he’s a bit more than an inch taller. We have similar
    builds, so it could possibly be a bit of work. I’m a smidge more lanky, and I did
    a bit of wrestling, plus a competitive swimmer for 6 years. Don’t worry, I got
    this ! I’ll be first to volunteer. Only issue I see is there may be a lot of others
    wanting a slice of THAT pie. Hope the director / referee picks me 🙂 Another
    stupid rant in the books !

    • Rommel-Gavin Newsom has severe dyslexia that makes it difficult for him to write, spell, read and work with numbers. This joke of a man prefers to interpret reports and documents through audio to this day. Hilarious. Every one of his businesses, all successful, were bankrolled by Gordon Getty, heir to the JP Getty oil trust. (Gavin’s daddy William Newsom III was Getty’s tax lawyer, and while working as an appellate judge, changed CA trust laws to benefit Gordon, whom he went to work for after retiring from the bench.) Like so many of our “leaders”, Gavin is really just a well connected simpleton with no conscience, which makes for a wonderful puppet. Hopefully you enjoy this link:

      • I just had to repeat the way Sparrow perfectly summed up most of our politicians, everywhere on the whole blinking planet:

        “Like so many of our “leaders”, Gavin is really just a well-connected simpleton with no conscience, which makes for a wonderful puppet.”

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