Black Lives Matter Protesters in Pittsburgh Charged after Harassing, Cursing out Diners

By Tyler Durden | 17 September 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Three Black Lives Matter protesters in Pittsburgh are now facing charges from police after they were identified as people involved in viral videos that showed them cursing out diners at an outdoor restaurant. One protester even chugged a person’s beer, according to Fox News.

Pittsburgh police brought the charges on Monday against Shawn Green, Kenneth McDowell and Monique Craft for the incident that took place at a restaurant called Sienna Mercato.

BLM bullies
‘Activist’ Monique Craft shown chugging someone’s beer

In video of the incident, Craft can be seen wearing a shirt that says “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter”, walking up to an older white couple, grabbing their beer off the table, and chugging itThat should help move along race relations in the country! Great thinking, Monique. […]

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