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An Examination of the London Bridge Fake Terror Attack

The alleged London Bridge terror attack occurred during Ramadan. Last told, seven are dead, 48 were hospitalized. All of this mayhem was carried out over an area of about 500 meters by three suspects, using “large blades,” who were then shot dead by police. Twelve others have been arrested.

An eyewitness told LBC Radio: “A van came from London Bridge itself, went between the traffic light system and rammed it towards the steps. It knocked loads of people down. “Then three men got out with long blades, 12 inches long and went along Borough High Street stabbing people at random.”

Incredibly all these casualties were inflicted over a large area in a mere eight minutes. That would be one casualty every 9 seconds. How is that even possible when dealing also with police?

    • At 10:07 p.m., ambulance services were called to reports of a vehicle plowing through pedestrians on London Bridge. Emergency serves responded arrived within 6 minutes.
    • At 10:08 p.m., police are called to the scene. Officers then attended a second incident at nearby Borough Market after reports of stabbings.
    • At 10.16 p.m. (within 8 minutes), three male suspects were shot dead in Borough Market by police marksman. The men were wearing what looked like explosive vests. Upon examination, the canisters appeared to be empty and the threat a hoax.

No video or CCTV has emerged of the perpetrators running amok — but expect that whatever is released from official sources will be dark and grainy (showing little). Meanwhile this little item of two of the “terrorists” taken with a primitive camera model has been offered up.

First photo ever taken of a person:

This photo is of the end of the line for the “jihadists”. According to the DM, they were mowed down in a hail of fifty bullets. Yet not one drop of blood is visible. The next graphic video shows the results of fatal bullet wounds in the real world.

Here is footage described by The Daily Mail as “shocking.” It was taken by a taxi driver (perhaps a real eyewitness) of young people jogging across London Bridge. Eh? As George W. Bush liked to joke after killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, “No weapons of mass destruction here.” Note that ambulances are already showing up.

BBC reported live that “walking wounded have been taken by bus to Liverpool Street where they are being treated in a local hotel.” This has shades of the Oslo hoax in 2011. Note the lady in video with stick stuck into her skull. A number of ambulances are on the scene and standing by. But the actor is loaded onto a city bus and driven off.

As with many of these events, large numbers of ambulances show up and just park, doing nothing. After all there are “buses” and “hotels” for the “injured”.

And if you are seriously injured and can’t locate a bus, well just walk away in front of the camera like the man with “serious neck injury” below. Got to get that blood pumping and circulating.

‘Crowd Control’ and Everybody Running Away

Although there is no footage of actual stabbings, there’s plenty of imagery of “police” stampeding people and telling them to “run” and “get out.” Curious indeed given three ninja warriors with blades are running amok on the streets, injuring or killing someone every 9 seconds. In the next video, we get an idea of how this is done. At minute 1:02, an eyewitness (possibly real) described how a taxi driver got into the act. The last “eyewitness” at minute 1:30 is disjointed and is likely a C-team script reader. Many if not most of the people in the running scenes are not actors. See very last video on how easy it is to stampede a crowd nowadays.

‘Jihadi mobile’

“Armed police” running patrons out of a beer hall and out into the streets where the ninja jihadis are operating. Inquiring minds would like to know: Why don’t the “police” just guard and secure the entrance?

This force-to-flee program apparently included local community police. Did the operatives clear them out too? Meanwhile, police said they were attending a third incident in the Vauxhall area, but later said it was not connected. Was this a decoy and wild goose chase for the real police?

Source: The Guardian

And what is this little scene all about? Curious to say the least.

Here is how the operatives get people running around in the open on city streets like chickens with their heads cut off: “There’s IEDs!!” Par for the course the scene is filmed vertically.

Although most of the population is traumatized, in an event like this you naturally would expect (but rarely see) a few curious, real eyewitnesses who linger around trying to film something. If I were there, I would be like this photographer. But he, too, is quickly run off.

The photojournalists and the curious aren’t able to get money shots of anything supporting an actual attack but have no problem with getting shots of the stampeded crowd being run out of the area restaurants. Incredibly, the caption on The Daily Mail’s photo below says some of these folks were evacuated out of hotels in their pajamas for this photo opportunity.

And here are some non-acting members of the public as they arrive for a photo op with a cadre of “journalists” who were not permitted anywhere near any real action. The people shown here are clueless about what happened — other than that they were stampeded out of hotel beds, bars or restaurants to create an effect.

This last video shows how easily a crowd can be panicked nowadays. This happened on June 4 in Italy and the cause was a firecracker. Disregard lame explanation by the “expert” at the end.

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  1. Can you imagine the clarity and abundance of photographic evidence were a white, Christian man, not an agent provocateur, to attempt to paint anti-Semitic or Islamophobic graffiti in downtown London, with all that CCTV coverage?

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