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Long night for Nate Silver

The man in the image to the left is one (((Nate Silver))), the well-known poll analyst who had Clinton leading the popular vote by 3.6% on Tuesday morning. He and other pollsters were smugly telling Trumpites to accept a sure Clinton victory just two hours before a spiral into absolute pitch black darkness and depression. This can be viewed on The New York Times odds timeline below. It wasn’t until 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m. that the Times reacted to clear evidence from the field and to the flaws in their models. CNN’s (((Jake Tapper))) came up with a rare — at least for him — insightful quote of the day: “This is going to put the polling industry out of business”.

Even when the voting results were actually coming in, polling algos were slow to pick up on it. One could see Trump polling well in all battleground states. He ran neck and neck with Clinton in Virginia all evening, which was the first tip off. There were no surveys released at all this year from Wisconsin that showed Trump with a lead; and yet he took it by 1%. Clinton held a 6.5-point polling lead in the Badger State heading into Election Day, so that reflects a 7.5% swing. That was the crucial state in the Trump victory.

Chart: The New York Times

Pollster Zogby believes that many in the industry weighted their polls too heavily in favor of Democrats, pointing to polls that had an 8- to 9-point advantage for the party, when it should have been in the 4- to 5-point range, he said. Trump spoke to this flaw all along. So I am not surprised Trump did well. I am surprised the Cabal Crime Syndicate didn’t steal it from him given the closeness of the election.


Additionally, Clinton received only 20% support from white men without a college degree. Obama picked up 33% in this demographic. These men don’t necessarily identify as Republican. Many are populists, a group that doesn’t fit in with the partisan Hegalian dialectic. There is a class or more accurately caste element to this as reflected in the chart at the left. Many of these votes are defensive in nature and reflect group, racial self-interest and preservation. There is also a reaction against Clinton brand corrupt neo-liberalism and globalism.

This on the otherhand is real racism and supremacy, and I am simply not aware of any American or European non-Jewish whites bulldozing the neighborhoods of whole ethnic groups in 2016. Do the useful idiots in the streets even know the name of heroine Rachel Corrie (1979-2003)?


It also reflects the endless prejudices, slurs and demonization against white men documented and written about on these pages. There is a big difference between a vote in defense of one’s race and gender versus supremacist racism against others. All groups defend, but only with whites — and especially white males — is this is met with the “racist” and “sexist” (((epithets))).

Instead of recognizing the reality of identity politics, the (((media and their cognescenti))) engaged in pouring fuel on the fire, with non-stop shaming and labeling. This tired brand no longer works that well, although nationalists need to be vigilant in fighting it. Since the pollsters failed to recognize this phenomenon and confuse it with racism, they had great difficulty determining the motivation and power behind this voting bloc. There are still 70 million white males between the ages of 18 and 55 in the U.S., which is no small number.

Despite some blow back toward Trump on his crude remarks about women — and especially those he considers his enemies — an Associated Press analysis found Clinton lost to Trump by 9 points among white women. So Clinton, as a woman, got no extra gender boost. I doubt if calling half these women “deplorables” helped.

Ignoring and demonizing white males is also starting to fail at the box office, and with music. Extreme (((Amy Schumer)))-style degeneracy and preachiness doesn’t sell that well [see Bud Light Cans Schumer and Rogen] with straight white males either. [See “‘Birth of a Nation’ Flops At The Box Office – Apparently Not Enough White Moviegoers Hate Themselves” and other white demonization agitprop.]

It is driven by a Social Justice Warrior agenda and the result will continue to look like the beautiful schadenfreude photo (and my new screen saver) below that shows Clinton supporters’ “tears, shock and dismay.” Post-election, this miserable George Soros funded useful idiots #notmypresident crowd will be right back at it, and they can expect the same outcomes in this cultural war. Whites should boycott any celebrity or product associated with this!

My schadenfreude may prove short lived as Trump announces his cabinet and administration figures. There are some snakes around like Newt Gingrich who could torpedo the whole kitchen sink, leaving another severely captured administration. We all may be on the streets protesting with the cry babies and epithets slingers at that point.


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