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The Realist Report: John Friend and Russ Winter Discuss the Impacts of the Cronyvirus and Anarchist Riots

On Sunday, Aug. 2, Russ Winter joined John Friend of “The Realist Report” for another one-hour segment on the New Underworld Order’s cronyvirus tyranny.

John Friend PHOTO: The Realist Report

The Realist Report is an independent media outlet owned and operated by John Friend. John is an avid blogger, independent journalist and contributor to American Free Press, and host of the “The Realist Report” podcast.

Topics John and Russ discussed included:

  • The economic impacts of COVID-19, and the tyrannical measures taken by local, state and federal governments in America in response to the virus.
  • The double-bind black propaganda threat to Americans of the false two-option dilemma between tolerating BLM and Antifa anarcho-riots and deploying police state black ops on citizens.
  • A look at Fauci, Rockefeller Foundation officials and other 5th Column un-American infiltrators.
  • The suppressed truth and manipulative narratives involving the George Floyd psyop.


5 Comments on The Realist Report: John Friend and Russ Winter Discuss the Impacts of the Cronyvirus and Anarchist Riots

  1. The demonstration in Berlin sure had more then those downplayed 17K, but beware Reuters used old photos from the loveparade which really had over 1 million…but on 1th august it was sure far from a million. Either Reuters is lazy using old photos or want to push some narrative to get other countries people giddy…

  2. Re: the Indian execs at the Rockefeller Foundation. The British in India found it very useful to employ the Brahman caste to bolster and administer their rule. And some will say, in turn, the British bolstered the caste system to benefit the Brahmans and left it much more rigid and domineering than it had been before the British presence.

    Same playbook here some 200 years later. Bright, ambitious Indians from the slums of Delhi don’t end up at the Rockefeller foundation.

  3. Twitter/BillFOXLA

    BREAKING: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power to any houses or businesses that are hosting any parties or unauthorized large gatherings. It will begin Friday night, and LAPD will respond, then contact DWP to cut it off

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