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And Now for the Rest of the George Floyd Psyop


As we suspected and asked from Day 1 of the George Floyd incident, where’s the police body-cam footage? Meanwhile, as major racial strife swept the land, the corrupto star chamber Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, sat on the evidence, controlled the narrative and failed to provide proper transparency to the public.

Even two months later, the body-cam footage was still being withheld by this skulduggery corrupto. However, attorneys for one of the defendants — officer Thomas Lane, 37, who is charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder — secured written transcripts of the videos from three of the officers. The videos are still being memory holed by Ellison.

George Floyd transcript: Read it in full here

According to the transcript from his body camera video, officer Lane asked to see Floyd’s hands at least 10 times. The transcript shows Floyd repeatedly asked the officers not to shoot him, saying he had been shot before (not true).

Obviously, Floyd is highly agitated and paranoid from his drug cocktail. It’s also evident that he’s having heart and respiratory difficulties. Even so, he fails to comply with the officer.

Here’s surveillance video showing officers trying to insert Floyd into the cruiser. It turned up about three weeks after the riots and looting commenced. The officers appear quite patient and deliberate in handling this very large and highly drugged individual. The transcript described some version of this when Floyd got out on the other side of the vehicle. The video of that is still missing.

Floyd says, “I’m sorry, I‘m so sorry. God dang man. Man, l got, I got shot the same way, Mr. Officer, before.”

Lane asks Floyd to step out of the vehicle. As he is doing so, Floyd says to him, “Okay, Mr. Officer, please don‘t shoot me. Please, man.”

Lane: “I’m not going to shoot you. Step out and face away.”

Floyd: “I’ll look at you eye-to-eye man. Please don‘t shoot me, man.”

Lane: “I’m not shooting you, man.”

Floyd: “l just lost my mom, man.”

Lane asks a witness, one Shawanda Renee Hill, why Floyd is acting erratic.

Lane: “Why’s he getting all squirrelly and not showing us his hands, and just being all weird like that?”

Hill: “I have no clue, because he’s been shot before.”

Lane: “Well, get that, but still, when officers say, ‘Get out of the car.’ ls he drunk, is he on something?”

Hill: “No, he got things going on, I‘m telling you about the police.”

Lane: “What does that mean?”

Hill: “He have problems all the time when they come, especially when that man put that gun like that. It’s been one.”

As the officers are trying to get Floyd into their squad car, he repeatedly tells them he is claustrophobic and asks them to crack a window.

“Y‘all I’m going to die in here! I’m going to die, man!…and I just had COVID-19 man, I don’t want to go back to that,” Floyd says.

Lane tells Floyd he will roll the windows down and turn the air conditioning on.

Floyd tells the officers several times that he cannot breathe and says he wants to lay on the ground. Prior to finally getting Floyd to the ground, he says he cannot breathe multiple times.

At some point, Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao arrive on the scene.

The officers bring Floyd to the ground, where he continues to say he cannot breathe. He repeatedly cries out for his mother and says, “Tell my kids I love them. I’m dead.”

“You’re doing a lot of talking man,” Chauvin tells him.

At one point, Lane asks, “Should we roll him on his side?”

Chauvin replies, “No, he’s staying put where we got him.”

Lane: “Okay. Just worry about the excited delirium or whatever.”

Chauvin: “Well that’s why we got the ambulance coming.”

Lane:Okay, I suppose.”

Lane asks again a short time later, “Should we roll him on his side?”

EMS arrives to check on Floyd. Lane asks the paramedics, “You want one of us to ride with?” and he goes into the ambulance to help with CPR.

One of the paramedics asks Lane what was going on. Lane replies that they responded to a forgery report and that Floyd was “just not compliant with getting out of the car.”

“We were trying to get him in the back of the squad, and he was just basically resisting … He wasn’t showing us his hands at first. Then, we were trying to get him into the squad, he kicked his way out, he was kicking on there. And we came out the other side, and he was fighting us, and we were just basically restrained him until you guys got here,” Lane says.

So we have established the 6’5″ Floyd was in some sort of drug induced delirious panic and was fighting with officers. Yet, visual evidence has been withheld from the public.

The county coroner determined that Floyd did not die of asphyxiation and also that there was no damage to neck or trachea. In the report it literally says “no life threatening injuries.” He died of heart failure enhanced by high doses of fentanyl and meth.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Who is Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison?

So why is Ellison engaging in Star Chamber justice?

Ellison’s politics are radically Leftist. He is another prime example of a 5th Columnist and of negative selection (kakistocracy) running amok in New America positions of power.

One issue Ellison’s campaign opponents raised was the repeated suspension of his driver’s license for his failure to pay tickets and fines.

Ellison had also failed to pay all or part of his income taxes in five separate years between 1992 and 2000, forcing the state and Internal Revenue Service to put liens on his home. He later paid in excess of $18,000 in fines.

In early 2006, the Minnesota State Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board reprimanded Ellison for events alleged in 2002 and 2004, namely

  • unreported campaign contributions
  • discrepancies in cash balances, and
  • misclassified disbursements during his campaigns for the Minnesota House of Representatives

In 2005, the board opened an investigation, and Ellison was subpoenaed and fined. Ellison was repeatedly fined for late filings, was sued twice by the former A.G. of Minnesota and was warned about absent or incomplete disclosures.

Ellison’s son, Jeremiah Ellison, is a member of Minneapolis City Council.

It was alleged that in 2006 Ellison “pushed, shoved and verbally abused” former girlfriend Amy Alexander. Ellison denied the accusation and alleged that Alexander had harassed him and threatened to “destroy” him. A judge granted Ellison’s request for a restraining order against Alexander and refused a similar request by Alexander against Ellison.

In August 2018, Ellison was accused again by an ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, and her son of attempting to drag her off a bed while shouting obscenities.

Ellison’s wife was on the Minneapolis school board.

Ellison’s son, Jeremiah Ellison, is a member of Minneapolis City Council. He has openly declared his support for Antifa.

In other words, if your business is in Jerehiah’s ward and it was destroyed by Antifa anarchists, Jeremiah doesn’t give a damn. You don’t matter in his world unless you are black or fresh off the boat, so to speak. Nice. And as long as his daddy is A.G., there will never be any prosecutorial proof of Antifa’s criminality in Minnesota that will be allowed to see the light of day. Aren’t there any normies left in Minnesota?

Winter Watch Takeaway

Ellison is a bum and should be recused of any involvement in this highly sketchy George Floyd case (hoax?). He has no business serving as Minnesota’s attorney general or as an officer of the court. Given his corrupt conduct, the stage is being set for charges to be dropped or greatly reduced on the police officers involved and for another emotional public reaction — riots, looting 2.0. We also have a criminally compliant press that fails to bird-dog the truth of this incident.

17 Comments on And Now for the Rest of the George Floyd Psyop

  1. Here’s surveillance video showing officers trying to insert Floyd into the cruiser. It turned up about three weeks after the riots and looting commenced.

    Yes, I mentioned this before, i.e. it came from earlier reports — the real trouble started when they tried to get him into a cop car — the cops had already been interacting with him for some time before that, with no such trouble.

    As the officers are trying to get Floyd into their squad car, he repeatedly tells them he is claustrophobic and asks them to crack a window.

    Right, this was also in earlier reports — he was sitting in a vehicle when the cops approached him, when apparently his claustrophobia wasn’t a problem — when asked to get into a cop car, suddenly he has claustrophobia.

    The bodycam footage will be released eventually — excuses for not doing so were never legitimate, and are wearing thin.

    • He is consistently giving the police trouble in a feigned passive-aggressive non-compliant manner. Seems like learned dindu behavior. He is also higher than a kite and unstable.

      • It looks to me like Floyds debts to his masonic overlords finally caught up with him. He knew his time was up and that he was going down. Whether he took his drug cocktail voluntarily or was forcibly shot up before the staged event does not change the nature of this masonic sacrifice.

        The transcripts remind my of the Khashoggi Execution:

        “Khashoggi: There is a towel here. Will you have me drugged?

        Al-Tubaigy: We will put you to sleep.

        Khashoggi was then drugged, telling his captors ‘do not keep my mouth closed’ as they placed a plastic bag over his head.

        ‘I have asthma. Do not do it, you will suffocate me,’ are Khashoggi’s final words.

        Sounds of struggling and suffocation are then heard, with brief moments of discussion between the hit-squad, who question whether he is still moving.

        At one point someone says to ‘keep pushing’.

        At 1.39pm the sound of an autopsy saw is heard as the team begins dismembering Khashoggi’s body. The procedure continues for 30 minutes.

        It is thought the pieces of Khashoggi’s body were then packed into suitcases and carried out of the embassy. His remains have never been found. “

  2. Shocking that such corruption and incompetence exists in a state that was once as peaceful and stable as Minnesota. I personally believe that once all the facts come out Derek Chauvin, and the rest, will be found “not guilty” and the the proverbial sh*t will hit the fan. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress. It is a disgrace that people like Ellison can get a foothold in our government. NO HOPE!

    • Shocking that such corruption and incompetence exists in a state that was once as peaceful and stable as Minnesota.

      It’s not just MN, it’s the entire country — when foreign friends asked me why the US, which landed men on the moon (assuming you believe that happened, “LOL”), no longer has much of a space program, I tell them it’s simple: that country no longer exists.

      Of course I understand the ‘shock’ about MN (which was targeted for Somali and Hmong resettlement) — but remember that part of the country was the destination for a large number of Scandinavian immigrants — look at Sweden.

  3. The ‘law’ has been dying for years in the USA … Now nearly every prosecutor and judge there, thinks his job role allows him to twist and bend everything with utter deviousness ‘for the side I want to win’

    Fully embodying the communist principle enunciated in turn by Lenin in 1921, Trotsky in 1925, and Stalin in 1929 –

    ‘Who? Whom?’ – Who do we want to win? Whom shall we destroy?

    • It’s a great slogan for every tyrant – coined by Lenin circa 1922,23 at the time of the New Economic Policy (NEP) – which re-introduced in Russia market policies and practices after straight-forward communism (we own everything/we tell you what to do and produce) had failed utterly (in all fairness during time of war and civil war).

      Some of the party stalwarts were unhappy with the abandonment of (communist) principle; but Lenin lectured them (in effect): no, no you’re missing the point; the one and only principle of politics is : who/whom – who rules whom; ideology is frivolous, the NEP, and only the NEP will allow us to remain in power (so we gotta do it) – We – the Bolshevik Party – will remain that “who”!

      And that’s just what happened – the Bolsheviks remained in power (at a time when it could have gone either way) – lot’s of people got rich (that’s what markets do) – the so-called NEP-men. Then, 10 years later, during rural collectivization, Stalin murdered most of them.

  4. I would love to get others’ opinions…It seems to me that 8:46 that changed so much around the world was totally staged. There is a curious lack of emotion on anyone’s part–esp. on Charvin’s. No adrenaline rushes. The police are passive, and the on-lookers seem like they’re asleep going through their lines. “Hey, Bro” doesn’t cut it for me. The only one that had any emotion and brains was the white girl that showed up towards the end and asked why no one was checking his pulse. She is the only one that was charged up.
    Then there’s the police not telling the on-lookers to video them. Since there were so many of them, they could have stopped that at any time. The whole black/white thing captured on a cell phone. How convenient. They must have known this would not play well for them and be a career-ender. Were they being paid off?
    Are Charvin the policeman and Charvin the actor even the same person? I’m not convinced.
    Then there’s the coffin. Someone measured the pixels against a known height of one of the people and found that it was way too small to fit the 6.5 foot Floyd.

    • Wow, that’s crazy. I’ll have to fall into that rabbit hole later! Lol I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a staged event, honestly. No one would ever believe it though, not even if someone who looked exactly like George “Kirby” (as Pelosi misnamed him) came out and said it was all a hoax. It sounds far fetched to “normal” folks and while it is a little tin foil hat-y, it’s definitely not impossible and wouldn’t be hard to pull off. Only thing is, the coroner would have to be in on it too and if his findings had said it was the cop’s fault, it would be easier to believe, but since his findings go against the “bad cop” narrative, it seems harder to believe. Although, maybe that’s the whole point! Lol

      • I looked up Ben Bailey, the resemblance is spot on. There are 3 different mugshots on “Chauvin”, they are all different people. I looked “Chauvin” up and one of the first things to pop up was CHAUVINISM. And the definition is quite odd. It’s not what I thought it was.
        Taos uniform has a iron on badge on it, and if you screen shot Chauvins badge and look up the badge for Minneapolis police, they don’t match.
        The police car numbers switch to totally different numbers.
        And if you really want to dive into the rabbit hole, look up Basim Sabri, club El Nuevo, somali market, counterfeiting, human trafficking, Keith ellison, ilhan omar, Mark Dayton…
        Happy hunting!

  5. Many people attest that the white population in this country is under assault, eventually to become replaced entirely through immigration and miscegenation. I would agree that this seems to be the case on the surface. However I have come to believe that the main reason is probably to evoke a reaction from us. If there’s a round 2 of saint floyd rioting, I would be surprised if there wasn’t some pockets of people that push back. What I’m saying is, perhaps whites are intended to be the hammer, and not the nail. Just a thought.

    • White people are targeted, but Google suppresses that. If you find another browser, look up American Renaissance and black on white crime, you’ll be shocked!

  6. I still think the event was staged. Just the names: Chauvin? Oath out? Tou Thao? I should believe those are real names? That’s the tip off from the start. Whatever else comes out will have been manufactured in the interim to inflame the masses. Ellison is no dirtier than at least 80% of state attorney generals and nepotism abounds across the country. Sociopaths promoting sociopaths promoting sociopaths- with some psychopaths and satanists thrown in for good measure.

    • If this was a staged event do you think Floyd was in on it and told to play along and Play dead but what he didn’t know was that the drugs they pumped him with were lethal? Did he recognize Chauvin?

    • We didn’t see anyone die. We saw someone lose consciousness. Why were there Hennepin County deputies and not ems in the ambulance? Why would they drive 2 blocks away and call for fire!? Ems could handle any situation, plus would have lights and sirened their way there. Why is there a guy with a BLM hoodie right on scene!? Why is one of the body cams date and time off?! Wouldn’t happen, those can’t be off, they’re used as evidence in court. Why are there tattoos on Floyd in one video but not others?! Why does the Floyd against the wall have hair but the one on the ground has a fresh haircut?! An attorney from Texas came forward and said the real Floyd died in corpus Christie Texas 3 years prior, he knew that for certain because he was Floyd’s power of attorney. The real Floyd did rap in ward 3 in Texas. The real Floyd was also a porn “star” and went by the name Big George. Why was in 5 separate funerals, not 1 open casket!? Why did the Hennepin County medical examiner change the original autopsy to match the second one?! The second medical examiner said he never actually saw Floyd, only went off of what Hennepin County medical examiner said, and the video. In one of the videos I counted 3 others out with their phones filming, where is that footage?! Too much stuff to be believed.. This was a total coordinated, and planned false flag event!

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