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House Democrats Pass Measure to Identify ‘Neo-Nazis’ in Military, Law Enforcement

By Joseph Lord | 14 July 2022

THE EPOCH TIMES — House Democrats on July 13 voted to add an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual military spending bill, to identify “neo-Nazis” in the military and law enforcement.

The NDAA amendment was sponsored by Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) and instructs the FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Defense (DOD) to publish a report analyzing “white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity” within military and law enforcement.

The amendment passed in a 218–208 vote where it faced unilateral opposition from Republicans.

“Such behavior, such extremism is a threat to us in all segments of society. There is no reason to believe that our military is any different,” Schneider said on the House floor late on the evening on July 13 in defense of the amendment.

“These are exceptions,” Schneider insisted. “They are rare, but we must do everything we can to identify them and to thwart them before risks become a reality.”

If the amendment is passed by the Senate, the FBI, DHS, and DOD would be required within 180 days to send Congress a report on the number of people discharged from either military service or law enforcement for “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi” ideology. […]

2 Comments on House Democrats Pass Measure to Identify ‘Neo-Nazis’ in Military, Law Enforcement

  1. “neo-Nazi” / “white supremacists”….read any white person, particularly white Males, who might be worried about white survival and perhaps tweeted as such. That’s who this amendment is targeting.

  2. The post ww2 deprecation of all things aryan carries on to this day. It began with allied annihilation of German infrastructure & citizenry -including rampant rape, torture & lethal mass deprivation – then the world wide drug/media/trauma mind control initiative by the ‘victors’ onto the world populace to down grade & contain & short change the ‘people of non-color’.

    ‘Peace’ ,since ww2, is the absence of resistance to the liars that be, brutally imposed upon us physically and/or psychologically out of hatred for divine order that peeks through the cracks.

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