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Shit Storms Brewing Across the United States


The signs are mounting that the U.S. is rapidly falling into the collapse phase.

In Michigan on Saturday, news media reported that Proud Boys and Antifa battled it out World Wide Wrestling style. Some of the “far-right neo-fascists” on their way to their rally point were blocked by a church group, according to one report, then attacked by what looked like a mix of Antfa and BLM demonstrators.

Police arrested several people, in addition to a local news reporter covering the event, for impeding traffic.

In Texas on Friday, people waited in long lines for a free bag of food. For some Texas perspective, however, one must consider the fact that they’re also willing to wait in a 2-mile-long line for an In and Out burger.

We are starting to see signs that evictions are happening in New York City.

According to Gothamist, between Thursday and Saturday, 49 people were shot in the largest city in the United States. Putting the surge in context, the number of people shot over the three days is five times more than the eight who were shot during the same days last year according to the Washington Examiner.

‘Escape From New York’ Version 2020

U.S. House members went on summer recess early last week after criticizing Trump’s executive orders for cronyvirus relief, following weeks of Congressional deadlock. Trump visited his younger brother for the last time in the hospital on Friday before heading to his Golf Club for the weekend, again. The Senate departed for recess on Friday, and turned off the lights behind them. Both the House and the Senate are not scheduled to return until Sept. 8.

It doesn’t seem to matter much to elected officials that the people they represent are in food bank lines, have no income and are facing eviction. The US Postal Service is reportedly also in turmoil, with mail, checks and medication arriving up to a week late.

All the year-over-year inflation that matters from a very noisy CPI report: Medical costs are up by 5 percent; energy prices up by 11 percent; and food prices are up 4.6 percent. However, a survey of spot prices on the ground in California seem to indicate medical prices are flat, medication prices have dropped about 25 percent, energy prices are down about 20 percent and food prices are up about 20 percent.

New York’s 5th Avenue is boarded up, and it’s not being reported by the Lugenpresse.

In other widely ignored news, the U.S. State Department confirmed last week the largest-ever U.S. seizure of Iranian fuel from four tankers.

U.S. Justice Department in a Friday press statement said it had seized the fuel cargo aboard tankers sent by Iran to crisis-wracked Venezuela, tying the shipments to Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards and stepping up the pressure on its foe.

“With the assistance of foreign partners, this seized property is now in US custody,” the Justice Department said, putting the total at more than one million barrels of petroleum and calling it the largest-ever seizure of fuel shipments from Iran, according to AFP.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing U.S. officials, that the ships had been seized at sea and were en route to Houston.

Inquiring minds would like to know: How does Iran ignore a major retaliation?

Meanwhile, the goon who viciously beat a Macy’s employee got a “A Get Out of Jail Free” card for his dindu reign of terror. The white man who was assaulted asked for leniency for these rabid dogs. This moral relativism, guilt trip from the white victim encourages more dinduism and is a huge mistake.

Another day in the life of dindus. Two black teens pull a gun on two white boys with a lemonade stand and rob them of their cash box containing $30. Classy. Is this another example of forced reparations?

At the Mafia extortion level, here’s a BLM shakedown of LaStella Restaurant in Newtown, PA.

In Seattle, dindus accompanied by a scattering of white Fifth Columnists showed up in white neighborhood and demanded that white people surrender their homes.

Criminally compliant big tech social media platforms.

Elsewhere in the world, Melbourne goons choked a woman for not wearing mask.

And in Europe, 640 doctors came forward to state that Covid-19 is a scam.

Back on U.S. soil, Chicago vagabundos trashed a Ronald McDonald house with sick children inside.

During the fiscal crisis, Luciferian Virginia Gov. and Charlotteville hoaxster Ralph Northam set aside $1 million for the safe removal of a towering statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Read “In the Wake of the Series of Hate Hoaxes: Time to Reexamine the Charlottesville ‘Car Assault’. Was it a Staged Deception?”

The Cannon Hinnant murder story was completely ignored by the Lugenpresse, with the exception of Tucker Carlson. The 5-year-old boy was shot in head and killed by a black neighbor for riding his bike across his lawn.

Look for them to do an inverted, evil, “white supremacist” spin about whites waking up to black criminality.

Samuel Little: The Most Deadly Serial Killer Known in American History

1980s Lone Southside LA Slayer Theory Now Shown to be at Least 7 Black Serial Killers

Were the Atlanta Child Murders Actually Committed by a Predatory Ring of Pedophiles and Pederasts?

Nature of the Threat to Whites: Black Gangsta Hip Hop and Rap


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  1. The Cannon Hinnant murder story was completely ignored by the Lugenpresse, with the exception of Tucker Carlson.

    CNN tweeted about it; not sure if there was an on-air report — they included a foto of the boy, but not of his murderer — also the tweet did not mention the race of the murderer, which angered many people.


    Replying to @CNN Correction: a black man. And of course CNN reports this at 3:00 in the morning. If it makes it in air it will be for 10 seconds.


    You’re telling me that a piece of rope hanging in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage was more worthy of national coverage for WEEKS than 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant being executed in cold blood in front of his sisters?

    “Enemy of the people.”

      • It’s a thing, now. Many news organizations no longer show the photos of perpetrators of colored on white crime. They say doing so contributes to “stereotyping” of minority populations. Blacks commit nine times the violent crimes on whites that whites commit on blacks. It would be a public service to educate the public about this ratio, but don’t hold your breath waiting for them to do it. And it’s not just blacks. Illegals commit crimes all the time, and yet the corrupt national media protects them. These are just some cases from North Carolina.

        • It’s a thing, now.

          William McGowan wrote his book Coloring the News back in 2002 () — even at that time it had been happening for many years.

          In 2003/4 (back when I used to email reporters, something I rarely do today) I had an interesting exchange with a reporter for the SF Chronicle — she had written about the brutal beating/robbery of an older woman, which was also an appeal for help, as the police were looking for help finding the culprits, who were clearly seen: the article included a fairly detailed description of their clothing, as well as the color/make of their pickup, but nothing about the suspects themselves — I emailed to ask about that, and unlike most reporters who ignore such emails, she immediately replied: ‘The suspects were described by witnesses as Hispanic. I included this information in my original story, but it was removed by an editor. If you want to ask him why, here’s his email address.’ I did not pursue it.

    • Twitter/CNN

      Black newborn babies in the US are more likely to survive childbirth if they are cared for by Black doctors, but three times more likely to die when looked after by White doctors, a study finds.

      Here’s the kind of reaction this elicits (from a black woman):


      My cousin was choking when she was born and without the Black nurse she would’ve died. The doctor just sat there. We live terrible lives here in America, leaving is truly the only option now

  2. blm = antifa = marxist commie = bolshevick joo know who

    here’s a comment i posted on bitchute with the video about the German doctors and i was censored.
    Its a muzzle not a mask • a few seconds agoHold on, this is waiting to be approved by
    wow – the Tribe of Judah rocks. As in the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel, which of course the self proclaimed jooz are not. Their father did not descend from Abraham, but of cain/essau/edom/askanazi. They distort and accuse others of what they are doing and cry out in pain as they stab you in the back. They are not capable of creating, only destroying. Kicked out of 109 countries over 300 times because of their behavior (usuary, porn, child molestation and sacrifice, etc.) Look around and you will see. They are out to destroy Christianity and the European white race created in the image of God/Yahweh. We must repent and pray to our Father Yahweh.

  3. These city shit storms are obviously a problem, and one that is being allowed to happen. The reaction is also happening now in the larger populace, as not all people drink the kool-aid. My question is what is the solution? Total financial collapse followed by abject chaos and suffering seems a bit extreme, as good folks will band together and protect themselves and their communities. Perhaps their planned solution is a new type of gentrification, where the cities are cleansed of the undesirables that they’ve attracted forever, and made safe again for the bankers and their assorted flying monkeys. The cities will be broke at some point in the near future, and will be available to be bought up for pennies on the dollar by the crime syndicate. They can then be easily re-made into safe, clean, impregnable fortresses for the robber barons, their families, and any properly screened wannabe city dwelling serfs. That’s what they were designed for, right?

    • My question is what is the solution?

      I guess this is a rhetorical question — just in case it isn’t, implied is:

      White men, rule or be ruled — which will it be?

      What has been the answer throughout history when a people decided they did not want to be ruled by hostile ethnic/racial aliens?

      And re the aftermath of the inevitable conflict: I now understand better why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine.

      • It took around 155 years to alter the minds of the noncolored people to internalize the ultimate psychological twist: ‘the solution itself is the trigger mechanism to reject the solution’.

      • It wasn’t rhetorical. To be more specific, I meant what is (((their))) Hegelian dialectic solution. Not the historically prevalent one. Perhaps the answer is one in the same and I tried to envision a different one. Maybe I tried to do this as wishful thinking. But I don’t think their system is in place enough to impose total global war. This is only my sentiments… But I mean logistically, propagandisticly, culturally, any way you slice it, people in ANY country won’t follow their obviously corrupt leaders right now. They’re on to the bullshit. They know who owns, or at least the agenda of, their media companies. That’s a big problem if the crime syndicate decides to tank their global Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme goes as long as it can. It’s only logical they’ll try to drag it out as long as possible- after all, they’re cowardly, thieving liars who avoid direct conflict

      • Because most if not all of these publicized “events” are projects to instill fear in the populace so everyone remains apathetic and compliant.


        Australia: You’re not gonna wear a mask? The police will throw you to the ground and strangle you so keep complying, sheep.
        Minnesota: You’re black? The cops are gonna come and simply kill you. So keep on hating cops (and white people, too).
        Texas: You’re gonna try and keep your beauty salon open during the lock down? The police will come and arrest you and take your livelihood away. So if you want to stay in business and keep food on the table, keep complying, sheep.

        • We are aware of all that, and really have written the book on it on these pages. We don’t necessarily completely discount your point either, but what is about these (in the post) that support a staged deception? They have received no lugenpresse exposure or attention. They lay instead in obscurity.

          • Russ, here is what I have come to believe about BLM.
            1.) BLM was created in order to agitate White people who just want live in peace into a racial conflict in which it will give the Globalists the excuse to come in under the banner of the UN per the Kagali protocol that Obama signed (but congress never ratified hence it is not a binding treaty, still the UN will act upon it as if it is) in order to subjugate the US. There is no withdrawal provision in this.

            2.) The Leadership of BLM full well understand this and are willing agents of the Globalists, but are doing so to line their own pockets and use the media recognition so that they one day can use it as a platform to spring into politics, as much in the same fashion as all the previous Black “Civil Rights Leaders” in the past such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. They care not one iota about the plight of Americans of African Descent.

            3.) The Foot Soldiers of BLM are nothing more than just useful idiots, they might know that they are being used but don’t care “As long as they get some free shit”. That unfortunately is the mindset of most of the younger black lemming types. It’s all about abject materialism is their culture and not working hard or at all to get it.

            4.) Groups such as the Proud Boys I think are not an organic counter movement, but a controlled opposition to throw gas on the fire during leftist protests. Why else did Alex Jones promote them?

            5.) Eventually conflict with BLM will come to a head, and they will get swatted hard (I expect to see something like an armed firefight with a militia protecting their homes or with a group like oath keepers) as innocent white people are being backed into a position to where they must open fire or risk being harmed or killed. This will be short lasting though as either Martial law will have to be declared and it will all culminate with the UN invading under the banner of peace keeping.

            I pray that I’m wrong on #5, and instead BLM and Antifa will implode under their own greed and stupidity.

  4. I am so disappointed to see this kind of racist article on winter watch . It worries me deeply that people who claim to see past the government’s lies , cannot see anti black propaganda because they themselves are white . Of course there are black criminals just like white ones , but blacks people don’t have or use websites to highlight and focus on the crimes of white men like you can do here . Look inside yourself and root out the hate in your heart , the devil controls you with it .

    • I know many whites are awakening to a sinister organized existential threat and an undeterred criminal class. If you are determined to call that as racist or dismiss the criminality then you are part of the problem. Your overused labels run off of me at this stage. Don’t thread on me.

      Incidentally any decent self respecting black person is welcome on here to stand with us in solidarity against the threat.
      pins and needles

      • I know many whites are awakening to a sinister organized existential threat and an undeterred criminal class.


        Sentence of probation plus anger management for knockout game homicide.

        One of them spit on him after he hit the ground — re the need for help with “anger management”, what was he angry about? — the fact the guy refused to give him a dollar?

        Both the judge who oversaw this travesty as well as the defense lawyer are female; this is what too often happen when you give women decision-making authority in matters where a certain Härte is called for.


        The assault — Prosecutors say that just after 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 20, Weed was approached by the two teens and a couple of their friends while out with his family at the fair. The 15-year-old and another youth asked Weed for a dollar, and Weed told them no. That’s when a verbal altercation ensued. … Weed started to walk away, the teens followed him, and the 16-year-old punched him in the back of the head, according to a release from the state’s attorney’s office. As Weed “squared up” with the older brother, the 15-year-old came running and punched Weed with such force that he appeared to lose consciousness almost immediately, according to the release. While Weed was on the ground, the 16-year-old spat on him, the release reads.

        So a white guy is minding his own business, is asked for money by some foul/feral “teens” obviously looking for trouble, says no, tries to walk away, is sucker punched from behind, then hit again, falls down fatally striking his head, and while he’s lying there dying they spit on him.

        The sentences? — probation, “behavior modification”, “anger management”: A 16-year-old charged with assault after a Mount Airy man died as a result of an incident at the Great Frederick Fair was sentenced to probation and anger management in court Wednesday.The younger teen pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter April 29 and was sentenced to a long-term behavior modification program.

        • eah, did you notice how those S**t skins are bouncing around like a bunch of feral bush tribesmen after doing that? Using the same tactics as well. Ambush, no honor. I guess you can take a sp**k from Africa, but not the African out of the sp**k. I would have given him the needle, not anger management classes on our dime.

          • Yes, I’m familiar with the case — it was reported/discussed on ‘alternative’ media sites back when it happened, e.g. I think “Paul Kersey”/SBPDL (now on wrote about it; when articles re the judicial disposition appeared, I instantly remembered it — given the gravity of the outcome (the death of the victim), all the evidence of their trouble-making and assault, as well as the disregard for the victim (spitting on him), they should have been tried as adults, and in many jurisdictions they would have been — I see no mitigating factors here.

      • Teen charged with killing Wake County 17-year-old girl. Three others charged in death.

        On Wednesday morning, police arrested Devin Cordell Jones and charged him with murder, according to an arrest warrant. … Keyshara Michelle Deans, 19, Nezyiha Zamir Collins, 19, and Tyreek Qumay Rogers, 18, were arrested and charged with felony accessory after the fact to murder, The News & Observer reported Tuesday night.

        The victim is a 17 y/o white girl — the suspects are all black.

        She’s already on Twitter/ExposingWhitePrivilege

    • Watchingthewatchers- pretty poor hasbara attempt. Please allow me to dissect your elementary bullshit, what follows is your own statements followed by my analysis:
      1.”I am so disappointed to see this kind of racist article on winter watch.”
      You comment like you’re a regular reader. You’re obviously not, because this is a pretty mundane article in terms of racial talk, if one is a snowflake about such topics. Winter Watch doesn’t paint with a broad brush racially, it simply highlights the mainstream narrative as bullshit (that whites are the main problem) with compelling open source data.
      2. “It worries me deeply that people who claim to see past the government’s lies, cannot see anti black propaganda because they themselves are white.”
      I highly doubt that this worries you deeply. This website doesn’t claim to see past the government’s lies. It gives sources and provides information that proves their lies. And anti black propaganda? Black people are lionized in this current environment, you fucking dunce. Remember black lives matter? Obviously you do, as your whole comment is a transparent deflection/deception.
      3.”Of course there are black criminals just like white ones, but blacks people don’t have or use websites to highlight and focus on the crimes of white men like you can do here.”
      Congratulations, your first truth. Yes, there’s black and white criminals. But you follow it with more lies. Nearly everyone at this point including homeless people have cellphones and thus can use any website they choose. Nobody is responsible for what websites other people use, you lying shit. And you also lie and denigrate black people whole sale CNN style, like they’re all stupid, by spewing forth the fallacy that they don’t have websites like this. What about the Nation of Islam site or Dontell Jackson’s site “we thought they were white“? You’re either epically wrong, or most likely simply lying.
      4.”Look inside yourself and root out the hate in your heart, the devil controls you with it.”
      Ahh, finish off your bullshit comment by invoking moral authority. A classic gaslighting tactic, thank you for that. We don’t hate anyone as readers here, we simply acknowledge that the (careless) universal compassion narrative doesn’t work, and thus is a lie. You don’t show compassion or empathy to the people actively trying to kill you, unless you want to die. Us Winter Watch readers want to live and let live. Go look inside your own heart.

      • Home run, encapsulates it.

        Incidentally I get occasional e mails and other comments that go to trash that use this “I am so disappointed to see this kind of (fill in the blank) on winter watch” unoriginal method. Must be script from their handbook that is supposed to work with how they have profiled us. Either that or is automatic wash, rinse, repeat rote.

        • Could be a bot Russ, like those found on 4chan and 8kun. They are like street urchins, give them a buck(in this case a response) and they never leave you alone.

          I myself like that you are showing their misdeeds and then juxtapose it with other psyop templets of the past. I understand that you have to go about with some kids gloves or you will be arrested as a thought criminal (because what is hate but an emotional thought?) over there. I say go for their jugular Russ, and do it with Winter Watch’s usual pithiness and class!

          (would love to see you on Dave Hodges Common Sense Show)

      • Thank you Black Throated Sparrow for bringing up Dontrell Jackson’s site and for standing up for awakened blacks, who, IMHO, are far more awake now than white upper middle class/upper class “wokers” could ever hope to be.

        And speaking of which, I truly believe that many, not all, but many if not most, white BLM-Antifa types are (to use a mental health councilor term) “affluenza” kids growing up in mansions or whatever up-scale homes with parents who barely spend any time with them and thus have housekeepers or whatever bringing them up as children such that they are coddled to the max, grow up “entitled” and think because they are in rich families they can do whatever because they know their parents will bail them out. Criminal Eric Crouch was just the tip of the iceberg. Instead of working at jobs, they are completely supported by parents financially–or maybe their buddy George Soros–and if they do have jobs they are being minions of the criminal psycho elites they can “identify” with.

        In the end, they will get what they deserve, here or in the afterlife.

    • Watchingthewatchers: Thank you for your sarcastic humor! Funniest thing I’ve read in ages — makes me miss The Onion.

      WinterWatch: Yes, Russ, as Watchingthewatchers mournfully prescribes, would you stop spreading anti-black propaganda? It’s all coming from you, not from “out there.” Stop spreading lies, man, and check your white blogger privilege.

    • I am so disappointed to see that you clearly do not know the meaning of ‘racist’. As educating you about it would be quite a time consuming, and very probably, time wasting exercise, I won’t bother.

  5. Where are all the retired cops and military? The enemy has landed and has his way. The Christian Church is dead due to the false doctrine of Dispensationalism. Where is Charles Bronson going out at night as the Vigilante?

    • I have wondered that myself, as vigilantism will increase undoubtedly. News probably won’t cover it, obviously, unless it stokes a politically advantageous argument. Nevertheless this situation obviously invites an inevitable adverse reaction.

    • Many are naive — for the most part they have not yet lost trust in the Rechtsstaat — too many still get their news and views from the fully weaponized mainstream Lügenpresse, which constantly lies by both commission and omission.

    • Some have banded together and call their group “Oath Keepers”. Whether or not they have been co-opted, i cannot say.

  6. I’d assume that readers here believe that
    1. Op Mockingbird is real and know that the MSM press is basically a wing of Langley and
    2. False flags are occurring all the time yet

    How come most of these stories aren’t questioned in the same light????

    I have scratched below the head lines in a few and honestly they leave more questions than answers and a few I see right through as being BS. Especially the easy to fake crime ones.

    Could it be these are more of the lies meant to divide? Part of the Double Bind op meant to give us another set of false choices?

    I saw the Australia choking clip and was initially outraged. However, I saw PeeKay do a quick vid debunking the whole thing as fakery. He’s been around for 10 years doing really amazing work. Not definitive 100% of the time but waking up people to at least question what their seeing. And VOILA! I realized I had bought right into the lie because I had been prepped to believe it. In a sick sense, I want to believe it because it confirms my bias that the state and their goons are thugs getting ready to take us into 1984. Sorta like the blacks fell for the Saint George bs.

    Seems to me all this is part of operation chaos. So many manufactured responses all meant to serve the establishment. Confusion, fear, separation, anger, distrust.

    How do we really know that shootings are up? That a little boy was murdered for no reason? I mean apparently the fathers were good friends and all of a sudden he flips out and kills a kid in his front yard? Think of what emotions that’s supposed to generate? First of all it’s out of the norm. So could he have been mind controlled or something, sure, but it’s a lot easier to just fake it. But regardless…. what does hearing about that do to a person? Can’t even let your kid play in the front yard. How many parents are freaking out? I mean I grew up without bicycle helmets and I’m sure if I let a kid ride without one, they’d call CPS on me. This takes it to another level. Of course there is the race angle.

    All i’m saying is be careful not to play into the hands of these social engineering scumbags by buying what they’re selling.

    • We are aware of your points -it is fair to ask the question. There could be staged events going on here.

      One filter however is that these events involving the examples of Cannon and the Melbourne girl are not being exploited endlessly by the MSM Lugenpresse – in fact the opposite. Unless you read more hidden away suppressed alt sites like Winter Watch, you might not even hear about them.

      Additionally the big picture is overwhelmingly obvious, whites are under existential threat and there is a severe dindu criminality issue. That is a fact whether you believe Cannon was really murdered or not. Accordingly unless you can produce compelling proof that these are staged I am in no mood or position to make that kind of call.

  7. Latest psyop the arrest of Infowars Millennial Millie? Richie from Boston(I know, many think he is just more controlled opposition, and he could very well be)makes some very good points starting at the 3:40 mark as to why this was just another “made for TV drama”.

  8. link

    The best reframe of hate speech I’ve come across: “hated speech” … It’s succinct and catchy. When a shitlib brings up the topic of hate speech, say “it’s not hate speech, it’s hated speech”. There’s just enough conceptual ambiguity to make the sthilib pause and think on it, growing increasingly uncomfortable as he/she realizes what it means. But it’s not defensive nor is it an overt attack against the shitlib; it’s subversive, and that’s why it works.

    Similar to what Joe Sobran once said: ‘An anti-Semite used to be someone who didn’t like Jews. Now it’s someone the Jews don’t like.’

  9. Go look inside your own heart.


    Starting with behavioral genetics: all human behavioral traits are heritable, and parenting/rearing environment has no lasting effect on children’s adult outcomes. The Behavioral Genetics Page #TheFacts

    A lot of these incidents could very well be staged deceptions.

    And ‘a lot’ of people who say this kind of thing, and there is a hardcore group of public personalities who seem to claim literally everything is a “false flag”, could just be looking to preempt Whites from seeing what’s happening and realizing the danger political/societal developments pose for them.

  10. Trump really is the ultimate dumbass boomer:


    Kimberly will work with the Trump Administration and we will bring Baltimore back, and fast. Don’t blow it Baltimore, the Democrats have destroyed your city!

    His infantile use of superlatives: “and fast” — and robotic parroting of conventional idiocy: “the Democrats have destroyed your city!”.

    Baltimore is > 60% black, and after decades/generations of both white and black flight, is plagued by concentrated black genetic detritus:


    According to the mathematical blogger La Griffe du Lion, Baltimore’s black public school students have a mean IQ of 76, suggesting that their parents are even less intelligent due to the statistical phenomenon of regression towards the mean (i.e., children from the lower half of a racial IQ distribution should generally revert towards the race’s mean IQ). Even more surprising, white inner-city public school students in Baltimore have a mean IQ of only 86. Clearly, white flight followed by black middle class departure over the past few decades has left the city with a population almost entirely bereft of human capital.

    There is no “fast” cure for this — and the only real remedy is to force out this low quality human capital via “gentrification” — given today’s political climate, ‘good luck with that’.

  11. White teen shot and killed by black man, 23, at Napa Co. Safeway; media is silent

    The mother of a Safeway employee shot and killed in American Canyon said Monday that she is struggling to cope with the sudden loss of her only son. …“My son was a piece of me, a piece that has gone,” Tracy Garza of Fairfield said of 18-year-old Nathan Garza. … The Napa County Sheriff’s Office on Monday announced the arrest of a suspect in connection with Garza’s shooting death a day earlier outside of a Safeway supermarket where he worked. … Christopher “Roly” Young, 23 years old, from Martinez, was booked on suspicion of murder.

    Actually there are media reports, at least one anyway (they link to it) — but if you’re expecting any kind of outrage in the media about this, obviously you’re going to be disappointed — if they didn’t get worked up about the point blank shooting of a 5 y/o, they aren’t going to do so about this crime.

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