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Property Records Reveal That Self-Described ‘Marxist’ BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Recently Went on a Real Estate Binge, Bought 4 Houses for a Total of $3.2 Million

IMAGE: New York Post

11 April 2021

BREAKING 911 — According to property records obtained by the New York Post, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors recently went on a multi-million-dollar real estate binge, buying four houses in the U.S. for $3.2 million.

The Post also reports that Khan-Cullors recently eyed million-dollar property in the Bahamas.

Just last month, she purchased a $1.5 million dollar house in a predominately white LA neighborhood.

In 2016, Khan-Cullors bought a home in Inglewood for $510,000. It is now worth nearly $800,000.

In 2018, Khan-Cullors purchased a property in South LA. Khan-Cullors paid $590,000 for the house; it is now worth $720,000, according to public records.

In January 2020, she bought a house in Atlanta, Georgia for $415,000. …

This isn’t the first time Khan-Cullors has been accused of grifting off black tragedies for financial gain.

She received criticism in 2018 when she published a book titled “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir,” and in 2020 when she signed a deal with Warner Bros. TV to create programming to amplify black voices on TV streaming services. […]

2 Comments on Property Records Reveal That Self-Described ‘Marxist’ BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Recently Went on a Real Estate Binge, Bought 4 Houses for a Total of $3.2 Million

  1. >black tragedies

    Fuck off — Blacks are a tragedy alright: a demographic tragedy/burden for white America.

    Like I said before: there is no reason whatsoever to believe Blacks in the US are any better than the ones who ruined Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), and are now in the process of ruining South Africa — in the years after the beginning of black rule (i.e. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe), the population of Zimbabwe doubled while GDP fell by 50% — ‘do the math’ to see what that means for living standards as measured by per capita GDP.

    And if you’re wondering why a governing board would tolerate (what appears to be) this obvious corruption, the answer is simple: there is no governing board (link) — stupid white people just threw money at BLM with no idea who was running it or how it was run, or what would be done with the money.

  2. OT

    Looks like another underclass black “family” (statistically, i.e. with > 70% of black kids born out of wedlock, there are few responsible black families in America) has hit the ghetto lottery.

    Nearly 50 y/o white female beat cop mistakenly shoots a young black male to death, thinking she was using her taser:

    Officer Kimberly Potter, who fatally shot Daunte Wright, was training rookie at the time

    The Minnesota police veteran who fatally shot Daunte Wright was training another officer at the time of her fatal mistake, according to her association rep. … Kimberly Potter, 48, was formally identified Monday night as the officer caught on bodycam footage Sunday thinking she was firing a Taser at the 20-year-old black man … Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that the officer’s role blows open an often-used argument that police-custody deaths result from a lack of experience or training. … “She was a training officer — so it’s not about training,” he insisted. … “It’s about implicit bias. It’s about giving the same respect and consideration to people of color that we give to white American citizens,” he said.

    Now why would a beat cop, male or female, ever have any ‘bias’ when encountering a young black male on the street? — it’s a mystery — and ABC is right there to give Crump a platform to exploit this.

    In a tweet by GMA, it looks like Wright had a brutish-looking black father and a fat low class white mother (America 2.0, hell yeah):

    linkEXCLUSIVE: Daunte Wright’s father says he “can’t accept” that a police officer fatally shot his 20-year-old son by accident: “I lost my son. He is never coming back. I can’t accept that. A mistake? That doesn’t even sound right.”

    Their fine son was wanted for armed robbery:

    Daunte Wright was facing attempted-robbery case when killed by cop

    Tried to rob a woman at gunpoint — released on $100k bail — bail was revoked for not keeping in touch with the court and allegedly possessing a weapon — he was wanted on an active warrant when he was stopped for a car tag violation — identified as wanted, he resisted arrest which is why he was going to be tased.

    In another words, an all too typical black male in the US.

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