The woke revolution in American journalism has begun


By Damon Linker | 11 June 2020

THE WEEK — When we think about revolutions, we envision acts of violence: the storming and overrunning of barricades, the sharpening of guillotine blades, regicide. But what’s most essential to revolution isn’t the bloodletting. It’s the change in regime — the shift in the orienting principles or ideals of the community or organization. Whether individuals in power hang on to their positions or are deposed matters less than whether the prevailing standards the community or organization looks up to, admires, and reveres fundamentally shift. When such a shift occurs, a revolution has been accomplished.

We’ve living through a revolutionary moment in American journalism right now.

It’s been building slowly over the past few years. A conservative or centrist pundit pens a controversial column — or a news story treats with empathy a person or group expressing views at odds with progressive convictions — and a firestorm ignites on Twitter, with staffers at the news organization that published the offending piece joining with peers at other outlets and ideologically allied readers in expressing fury at the decision to run the article or op-ed.

These storms have become more frequent and more severe as the insults and provocations of the Trump administration have piled up. But only in the past two weeks, as protests against the killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer have spread across the country and the president has spoken and acted precipitously in response, have they exploded into outright newsroom rebellions. […]

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  1. thats a lot of talk. but when you know all these papers are owned and run by jews it makes no difference, this guy is on and on about something that isnt happening

  2. I posted something similar to what I will post here on an article at UnzReview about the “woke-ness” of the NY Times and their 1619 project, and that this is roughly what I posted there:

    How many Americans read the NYT (as well as Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, etc)? Maybe 5 percent. So that 95 percent could care less what is in the NYT. Most Americans know the NYT is garbage and is just read by white elite academics, “influencers” (who have how much “influence”?) and their elite owners, hard core leftists/socialists etc….Further, how many Americans still have satellite or cable? since that number drops continuously, or watch MSNBC, CNN, etc (not that FOX is okay, but more watch FOX than likely CNN and MSNBC combined). So, does what the NYT says is actually considered important to most Americans anymore…oh, and as for Ebonics, can speakers of Ebonics actually read and comprehend what’s in the NYT? (Look at rap lyrics in Ebonics….it does not look English! So can these folks read English? Because the NYT does not write in Ebonics! Imma tell ya dat! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I’m being facetious here, okay?)

    There is a reason most if not all MSM and ALT-media continue to try to convince most Americans that what the NYT and that ilk is still influential….not because it serves them necessarily, but because most media folks do not live in the real world.

    Especially not MY real world–far west Texas, full of desert and mountains and wildlife including mountain lions and bears and deer and burros and foxes and…. as well as large cattle ranches that produce organic free-range meat for sale locally and veggies of course….cantaloupe from a town 2 hours away, Coyanosa, can be bought at food stands locally…two large tomato hydroponics places produce all the tomatoes anyone could eat; folks out here grow gardens or raise chickens/ducks or both.

    They think this is a “constitution-free” zone….actually, this is a BILL OF RIGHTS ZONE!

    Yes the commies will try to institute communism-socialism. But unless they hire every drug gang MS-13 type from Latin America along with UN invasions, they’ll have one helluva time even trying to take our guns away. And if you thugs come out here….watch out for mountain lions, and bears. And humans who know Bushcraft, camo or not. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    • It should be noted that the reach of the major metro/national dailies goes far beyond online/print subscriber numbers. As a general rule of thumb, at least 90% of the news you see on the major networks comes directly from these newspapers. Your average nightly Don Lemon show, for example, will practically read from newspapers verbatim on the air, and then the anchor will “discuss”/expand using contributors from the network’s stable of pre-approved lobbyists/politicos. The national networks effectively brainwash the public with political propaganda.

      And then there’s the online echo chamber of social media. Most of these folks are not subscribers and never read the stories. Discussion here is driven by headlines only. Headlines are written by editors who’ve been instructed by publishers to set a “certain tone.” Sometimes the story the reporter delivers doesn’t have that certain tone. But, hey, that’s okay. The editor will save the day with some disconnected, contrary headline crafted to push a social/political agenda and drive clicks (clicks = $).

      So imagine being good, sound-minded reporter trying to do traditional, balanced, honest journalism in this environment. Even if you deliver an amazing story, it can be co-opted and manipulated by the proletariat and massaged into something you don’t even recognize — or buried altogether (not published).

      Before long, all you’ll have left in the newsroom are agenda-setting “moral” relativists and soldiers of the party’s agenda.

    • Somethinghappening- I totally agree with your sentiments regarding your situation in west Texas. I feel the same here in east Arizona. Imported jackbooted thugs won’t fare well out here. Vast, extremely rough, mountainous country. If big city dwellers are ignorant and disarmed enough to allow their cities to burn, that’s on them. I’ve been saying that folks should move out of them for years. Now I’m seeing this ‘move out of the cities’ messaging, even in msm narratives. City living offers people a less safe, less private, and less free lifestyle, period. One also is blessed with higher taxes. All for some convenience. Generations of people have been psyopped via the lying media into thinking city life is so great. It ain’t. They’ve been tricked into living on the 21st century’s plantation.

  3. You cannot be saying anything close to the truth about “journalism” without naming the jew. It is impossible. The same thing applies to freemasonry. The “Media” has been under a masonic spell since long before Brother Franklin of the 9 sisters lodge in Paris was working with Lafayette and Brother George to foment revolution with his masonic printing press.

    The NYT is just one of the many major tributaries of the massive zionist cesspool. The vast majority the ZOG narrative that Americans accept as “truth” emanates from this cesspool. The fact that many of these Americans believe that Trump (who moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, gave Bibi “Trump Heights”, and is trying to transfer the west bank to the moneychangers) is going to drain the heeb swamp is enough to tell you that Americans are mired up to their necks in the quagmire.

  4. We’ve living through a revolutionary moment in American journalism right now. … It’s been building slowly over the past few years.


    William McGowan wrote Coloring the News almost 20 years ago.– what’s going on today is nothing new, just a continuation/intensification of a longstanding phenomenon: the corruption/subversion of objective journalism in the service of ‘diversity’ and the morally imperative struggle against ‘racism’.

    I recommend reading his groundbreaking well as his blog (at the link above).

    • In particular his latest published entry is illustrative:

      Annals Of Orwell: NBC News & Google Team Up To Deplatform ‘The Federalist’ For Honesty On Looting, Rioting & White Racial Delerium

      NBC News attempted this week to use the power of Google to cancel our publication, the Federalist. … On Monday we received a request for comment through our general media email account from NBC reporter Adele-Momoko Fraser. The message asserted that Google had demonetized our site—preventing us from earning money through Google ads—for violating its rules. On Tuesday, NBC published an article claiming that Google had made a formal decision to demonetize the Federalist, that we had been formally warned that we were in violation, and that our content—specifically, articles criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement and media coverage of recent riots—was a violation of Google’s rules. Google subsequently sent a statement to NBC saying all these claims were false. The network updated but hasn’t retracted the story. Ms. Fraser, who works for an NBC division with the Orwellian name “Verification Center,” tweeted her story and expressing thanks for the “hard work and collaboration” of a London-based advocacy group, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which promptly issued a fundraising appeal based on its purported deplatforming of a conservative media organization.

      Clearly “NBC News” is not really a news organization, and Adele-Momoko Fraser is not really a “journalist”.

      A foto of Adele-Momoko Fraser –> link — yet another young SJW white woman (I find no evidence she is Jewish).

      Here is a tweet of hers –> linkWell this is just yay … British journalism 94% white, 55% male. #journalism #fuckit

      For the record, I don’t think 94% of British ‘journalists’ are “white”.

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