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Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

In this Wednesday, May 27, 2020 photo, a looter uses a claw hammer as he tries to break in to a cash register at a Target store in Minneapolis. Rioters ignited fires and looted stores all over the city, as peaceful protests turned increasingly violent in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. PHOTO: Star Tribune/Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Star Tribune/AP

By Ashley Rae Goldenberg | 3 June 2020

MEDIUM — Hi! This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals.

Please consider using this list to guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.

To keep this list from becoming unwieldy, I’m only including one statement per company. Many of these companies have issued multiple statements in support of the insurrection across the country, some even fighting in the comments section with fans, but it’s overwhelming as it is. […]

6 Comments on Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

  1. Account was taken down. Which tells me I am NOT going to write for Medium! (Plus they never answered my question as to their censorship and political correctness when I had planned to write for them).

    • The founder of used to work at Twitter, which has to be the social media platform with the most absurd terms of service/censorship policies, i.e. you can lose your account for “misgendering” someone — so are you really surprised?


      We may change, terminate, or restrict access to any aspect of the service, at any time, without notice.

      Why bother with such a platlform?

      However the idea here is a good one — I was thinking recently that I need to find a way to track all the companies that have expressed open support for any of this in any way whatsoever, so I know where not to spend money in the future.

  2. Hi Ashely,

    Did you download the article referenced? Or at least get the list of businesses?

    Thank you,

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