Brooks Backlash in Hot’lanta Leaves City Without Police Force


We find it quite the cowinkydink that the most egregious cases of excessive force are taking place in big blue cities. The latest surreal incident involves a black man, one Rayshard Brooks, being gunned down in Atlanta. Curiously, the Atlanta police department that’s involved is 58% black. The Chief of Police is black. The Democrat mayor is a black. The County Prosecutor is black. Thus, this police force, logically, should rank low for rogue white racist cops.

In another odd cowinkydink, we learned that Brooks, a 27-year-old carpenter, conducted an interview four months prior to his death. What are the odds? Seriously. In the interview, he states that the justice system treats people like animals.

How did this interview come about? According to the company that conducted the interview, Brooks responded to a Craigslist ad asking for people to share their stories about parole or probation. The ad was placed by a company called Reconnect (“a public benefit corporation”) that is creating what it believes are better solutions for parole and probation monitoring, such as app-based drug testing and lightweight ankle monitors. With its branding, it’s easy to mistake it for a social justice foundation.

So, from the interview — and this interview alone (not the Lugenpresse) — we learn that Brooks at the time of his death was probably on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. Brooks complains about how hard it is to overcome the setback of incarceration and how horrible prison system is. Apparently, it wasn’t bad enough to scare him straight.

Parole helps to explain why Brooks tried to fight off two cops in order to avoid arrest for a DUI. Though we don’t know for what crime he was on parole, a violation of that parole with a DUI would surely send him back to prison to serve out the rest of his sentence and then some.

Here’s another important detail that the lying U.S. broadcasters and politicos didn’t tell you or show you. Brooks wasn’t just “sleeping in his car in a parking lot.” A longer video (below) shows police responding to a 911 call at Wendy’s restaurant. An unresponsive man in idling in the drive through. That’s right. Brooks wasn’t just “sleeping in the parking lot,” which is the narrative we’ve all been sold. The video shows him passed out behind the wheel of his car, engine running, and a long line of cars behind him waiting to order food.

A policeman taps on his window and tries to wake Brooks. It takes Brooks a while to come around and respond. After Brooks cracks open his door, the officer asks him to pull his car out of the line and motions for him to park in a space in the parking lot.

Brooks admits to having some drinks because it’s his dead mother’s birthday, and then it’s his girlfriend’s birthday, and then his daughter’s birthday. When a second officer arrives for backup, Brooks is given a field sobriety test and the breathalyzer. The cop holds up the device and you can see it reads 0.108. In most states, the legal limit is 0.08. Everything up to this point is uneventful, cordial.

Then the officer states that he believes Brooks has had too much to drink and can’t drive, and turns to cuff him. What happens next is asinine. Brooks panics, tries to twist away from officers and ends up wrestling with them on the ground. Brooks then somehow gets a hold of of one of the officer’s Taser guns and runs.

Much of the footage from this point onward is typical Crime Syndicate “Blair Witch Project” imagery.

Brooks, holding a Taser gun, tries to flee the scene on foot. The cops chase him on foot, one cop with a Taser. Then Brooks, as he’s running toward a car waiting in the Wendy’s drive through line, turns and fires the Taser gun at the cop behind him. You hear a few gunshots and Brooks goes down. Then, edited into the footage for true “Blair Witch” effect, we hear officers continue to scuffle with Brooks while we’re shown strange video of an empty parking lot and the sky.

Of course, if the incident is taken at face value, the officers, who had access to their vehicles, could have easily followed the slow-running and intoxicated Brooks and apprehended him using non-lethal means. But as you can see, this incident was designed to provide fuel for both sides of the dialectic. To top it off, the Wendy’s restaurant was burned to ground by protesters the next day.

For illustration, let’s take a look at another police shooting of a black suspect in 2016. This was Baton Rogue, La., and involved a 37-year-old black man, one Alton Sterling.

The images were sketchy, but a “second video” was released. It shows Sterling pinned to the ground and the officer unholstering his gun. Watch starting at minute 00:00:35. It’s Blair Witch style blurred right at the crucial moment (00:00:45), when the video records the report of a shot. There are several more shots that follow, yet the video doesn’t capture any useful imaginary. Per usual, this is very suspicious timing as far as what the viewer is allowed to see. But then again, there should be CCTV footage, no? Alas, none was ever made public.

If Sterling was shot at this range, there is zero sign of impact or trauma from the video. Even presuming Sterling was shot, we have no reference as to why police took this action. Did Sterling have a hold of a weapon? We hear a narrative but again no clues from this so-called video “evidence.” Sterling had a lengthy criminal rap sheet. There is lots of divide-and-conquer Hegelian dialectic and strangeness on all sides with this one.

In Atlanta last week, Brooks died at the scene. Within hours, the two police officers were fired and one was charged with 11 felony counts, including murder. The following day, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigned. In protest, Atlanta police officers since Wednesday have stopped responding to calls in three of the department’s six zones, multiple sources within the Atlanta Police Department told CNN.

All officers in Zones 1, 3, 5, and 6 of APD have pretty much walked out, most likely due to the charges brought against the officers involved in the Brooks shooting

The walk out, or Blue Flu as it’s sometimes called, is entering its fourth day. The department was already understaffed. Meanwhile, in other big blue cities, the fiasco of defunding the police continues as police turn in their badges.

To our eyes, this operation seems planned and organized as a subversive effort to destabilize these cities. The end goal is police state and national control along the Cheka model.

Atlanta is trying to downplay the walkout, despite the report from the police union. They did not explain why their radio traffic is silent in multiple zones. Politically driven national broadcasters hardly mention it, if at all.

Black Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms requested mutual assistance from Cobb and Gwinnett counties, which had initially withdrawn their mutual aid after the D.A.’s choice to arrest the college Taser Incident officers. They refused.

I bet we’re going to learn how much fireproofing has been incorporated into Atlanta’s infrastructure since Sherman.

The other element of this police-neutering operation is the failure to incarcerate dangerous criminals. We now learn that the dindu who knocked down that 92-year-old woman has been arrested 103 times and for many serious offenses.

This is not just a big blue city issues either. Trump and the GOP are infested with Trojan Horse fifth columnists as well. They have failed to defend the law, property and heritage.

The Atlanta D.A. Paul Howard is under investigation, by the way — not just for how he’s handled the Brooks incident. He’s under criminal investigation himself by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for allegedly funneling $140,000 in taxpayer money, using a fake non-profit and city of Atlanta funds, in order “to supplement his salary.”

Note how in this press conference, during which he announces the charges against the officers, he never mentions any wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Brooks. We go from “Mr. Brooks was almost jovial” and “Mr. Brooks was cooperative” to “Mr. Brooks was murdered.”

UP NEXT: Hyper-Norm’ing of Police

30 Comments on Brooks Backlash in Hot’lanta Leaves City Without Police Force

  1. A few weeks ago I sent a long email to my siblings discussing the CV19 psyop and the then new BLM looting spree. I ended it with “Welcome to Weimar”.

    I think think we have to conclude that things are far worse than in Weimar in 1932, because there is no NSDAP and the inner cities are infested with feral dindu youfs AND antifa zombies.

    I now think a better analogy is Ukraine in 1932, with the tribal communists busy gathering up all the food supplies and locking people in the cities.

    Welcome to the Holodomor! Make yourself comfortable, the show is about to begin, Kulak.

  2. “To better understand what’s happening, though, we should reexamine Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Lasting a full decade, it destroyed much of China’s cultural heritage and tore that society apart, all in the name of getting rid of the “Four Olds”: old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas.” – Linh Dinh
    Was Obama telling us that’s what he had in store for America when he hung a Chairman Mao bulb on the White House Christmas tree? In my opinion, him and his cronies are running this op while Trump fiddles.

    • “Mao’s shock troops were high school and university students, woke idiots, in short, with their little Red Book. They denounced professors, intellectuals and artists, torched temples and monasteries, burnt books and paintings, smashed art objects, tore bits from the Great Wall and vandalized the 2,400-year-old cemetery of the Kong Clan, where Confucius himself was buried. Digging up one of his descendants, they hung the naked corpse from a tree.”

    • When Obama “won” the election, I told everyone that would listen that he would never leave office. In effect, Obama just moved down the road from the white house and set up his shadow government there. Valerie Jarrett is still head of the politburo, busy sharpening the blades on all the gillotines. I wonder if Trump’s will be the first to roll. Trump looks pretty drugged out these days like, almost as much as those hostages beheaded by ISIS.

  3. Rayshard Brooks is a pathological liar. His rap sheet is a mile long. He endlessly agonizes about his “kids and family” and yet he was arrested at least four times for family violence and felony cruelty. Brooks was a scum bag and his karma finally caught up with him. You reap what you sow, what goes around comes around. Good riddance. Our forefathers would’ve eliminated him from society permanently a long time ago.

    • His rap sheet is a mile long.

      He’s closer to being an average black male (30% felons) than the media is comfortable with; they are probably also not comfortable with people generally realizing this — so maybe that’s partly why they are trying so hard to turn him/his death into something extraordinary.

  4. They are not trying to abolish the police…they want to replace our public police with private security and Mosque-connected Muslim Sharia patrols. Thus, they will be finally able to have an all black/brown “police” force that will happily do the bidding of their communist Jewish masters.

  5. Brooks’ interview is telling, he talks out of both sides of his mouth, paying lip service to his sense of personal responsibility for his actions while simultaneously not taking any, and then he whines about how it’s so hard to get a job with a record (no shit), and that it’d be easier if he was getting a check after jail to get back on his feet (dream on), etc. Then he laments about having a family and wanting to spend time with them, and how a job gets in the way of this… Just a bunch of vacuous balderdash, the guy even pronounces the silent “b” in debt. Imagine being a business owner and giving Rayshard a shot- he’d be late habitually and always armed with an excuse (if he even shows up), he’d have to be repeatedly told every single thing that you expect him to do every single day (absolutely zero personal initiative), and he’d have no aversion at all to swiping your property if he thought he could get away with it. He’s the type of employee who needs constant supervision, and then wonders why he’s being micromanaged. Uh, because you don’t do shit dude, and stuff goes missing when you’re around… Basically the same mindset as these media types wondering why he was arrested at all, who are apparently pushing for legalizing dindu DUIs. The reason why most big cities suck.

  6. Albert Pike bites the dust in DC. IIRC he was the only confederate with a statue there. I don’t see any dindu’s participating, so it wasn’t about his being a slave owner. Have the Mason’s lost control? Somehow I doubt it. George Washington was also 33 degree.

  7. Thanks for the great quote from Solzhenitsyn!

    As for all the cries of “racism” and “slavery”, Antifa are trying to ban England rugby fans from singing their “anthem” at rugby matches: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. But Antifa’s shrieks have exposed an awkward, unexpected fact:

    “African slaves were owned by Native Americans from the colonial period until the United States’ Civil War.”

    “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” was composed by Wallace Willis, an African slave owned by a Choctaw Indian freedman in the old Indian Territory in what is now Choctaw County, near the county seat of Hugo, Oklahoma sometime after 1865. He may have been inspired by the sight of the Red River, by which he was toiling, which reminded him of the Jordan River and of the Prophet Elijah’s being taken to heaven in a chariot. Before the Civil War, Willis and his wife Minerva, were sent by their Native American enslaver to work at the Spencer Academy where the superintendent, Reverend Alexander Reid, heard them singing. In 1871 Reid was at a performance of the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University, and thought the songs he had heard the Willises singing were better than those of the Jubilee Singers. He transcribed the words and melodies, and furnished them to the group, who performed them in the United States and Europe. Many are now famous, including “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Steal Away To Jesus”.”

    “Sometimes Native Americans resented the presence of African Americans.” The “Catawaba tribe in 1752 showed great anger and bitter resentment when an African American came among them as a trader.”
    The Cherokee exhibited the strongest color-prejudice of all Native Americans.”

    • Just as negroes are the ones most responsible for negro violence and murder across America today, so was the negro most responsible for negro enslavement back in the ante-bellum south. It was negroes themselves who sold their brethren into jewish slavery. The first slave in the US was the property of another negro. It is negroes today who spit on marriage and traditional values, and gleefully provide millions of their babies and fetuses for sacrifice to molloch.

      What we are seeing now is an ongoing negro chimp-out dating back as far as, well, since the negro evolved past the chimpanzee. The only difference is that today’s chimp-out is lead by clever child eating jews instead of the strongest chimp warlord.

      Whether negroes at one time could sing a beautiful harmony is now as irrelevant as whether a negro could once make great pancakes or barbeque sauce. Negroes have progressed past making beautiful music or creating great cuisine to become one massive tribe of brutal, feral, white hating chimpanzee tools for the zionists. That is their sole purpose on this planet today.

      Negroes trying to shame native americans for once being slave owners is completely irrelevant in today’s perpetual chimp-out. The only question now is if the rest of the planet allows itself to become planet of the apes. Asia and Arabia appear to be up to the challenge. America appears to be ready to accept afro-marxism. Europe is still up for grabs. Africa is the heart of the cess-pool. Israel seems to think that they can remain above the fray and stay in control of their pet negroes. Time will tell.

      • The point is that “Negroes” are NOT “trying to shame Native Americans” at all, but both are keeping very quiet about all this, while Native Americans are loudly trying to shame the white man in every possible way, including whining about more statues to topple.

        The point is that they can’t get away with just blaming the white man for everything anymore, and the Native American Slaveowners of African slaves need to be exposed for all the world to see.

    • But Antifa’s shrieks have exposed an awkward, unexpected fact: …

      OK, I get it, but honestly: who cares at this point? — do you really want to engage in this way with these freaks and losers? — how far back in history are you willing to go in order to do that? — do you think they’re interested in such facts?

      Smart white guy online keyboard warrior types (including me, mea culpa) have been doing this for years and years — yet there we are.

      • By suggesting we should keep quiet about the Native American Enslavement of Africans, you are just enabling both Native American and African Statue-Topplers to deflect all blame for slavery away from themselves, and heaping it upon the white man.
        Just like Antifa.

        • Right, and “the Democrats are the real racists”.

          I didn’t suggest anything specifically about “Native American Enslavement of Africans” — but I’m sure you’re right: if we just mention that often enough, there will be no more talk of “white privilege”, “institutional racism”, etc etc.

          In fact, if we all just stop ‘keeping quiet’ about this or that or the other thing, all of these problems will likely just go away — they’ll practically solve themselves.

          What about this (rhetorical) part did you not understand? — … — do you think they’re interested in such facts?

          Another useless idiot.

          • Tsk, tsk— you’re just annoyed by my name, like many in the alt-right movement, who despise Christianity but revere Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism & all the other Kali-Allah Moon Demon Worshippers, including the Jewish Kab-Allah, based on Moon Demon Worship & sorcery.

  8. Many people do not recognize the vast impact that the media has in ‘setting the narrative’ for the rest of the country. Once the narratives of ‘blacks under attack from white cops’ and ‘defund the police’ are hammered home, you get these reactionary and scripted responses from other major cities that had nothing to do with the event itself. All of the Marxists occupying key positions across city governments were just waiting to act!

    Here in Salt Lake City, the mayor and the City Council had their budgetary meeting where, along with the police chiefs approval, the City Council approved putting $3 million in a ‘holding account’ if not slashing the money altogether. There will be a third party that will see if more cuts can be made before the fiscal year begins on July 1st. Police Chief Mike Brown, not understanding the nature of Marxism and its objectives, has put up no resistance, and has been quite cooperative with the mayor and the City Council.

    Recognize how the narrative has implanted itself into the language itself when Council Chair Chris Wharton said, “The proposal fell far short of the community’s cries for deeper cuts.” Who is it that might be saying, ‘the communities cries for deeper cuts?’ We know who!

    Having any money slashed from a police department budget is a victory for these Marxists. Because, next time it will be a mayor who steps up and says, ‘I’ve decided to close such-n-such city’s police department until a thorough review into the police brutality and racism can be ascertained and a further analysis into blah, blah, blah…’

    The larger aim and goal of destroying local policing is already in place, it’s just a matter of how many more of these false-flags and manufactured events of ‘terrorism’ and ‘racism’ are going to be presented to the public as the final raison d’etre for bringing in there own Committee for Public Safety.

  9. Yesterday in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, black-clad antifa nihilists toppled statues of Father Junipero Serra, who founded the missions of California; poet Francis Scott Key, who wrote the National Anthem; and President Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.

    Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of history knows these were not figures of oppression. One was a slave owner, yes. One wasn’t. One inherited a slave but set him free and went on to champion the freedom of all slaves. But he didn’t stop there. He worked to rebuild their communities after the war.

    So what do all three of these figures have in common then? They’re all white conservative Americans.

    What the lamestream isn’t reporting about the toppling is that while this was going on, there was a Socialist Party rally in the park. Cowinkydink. Nope. Again, these aren’t your warm, fuzzy, sensitive western European socialists. These are actually more like Bolsheviks.

    • Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of history …

      Oh come on — read my earlier comment about this sort of thing: ‘smart white guy/gal online keyboard warrior’ type stuff, pointing out the logical and historical errors of these wayward children, who will surely soon ‘educate themselves’.

      While not a ‘stormfront’ type, I’ve been a White Nationalist (WN) for 20 years — now maybe people can see why.

      Living as a white person/man in a ‘majority minority’ America is going to be great, as long as you submit to complete subjugation, including the violent destruction of any/all physical reminders of your heritage, plus the brainwashing of your kids until they hate themselves for the modern secular version of the ‘original sin’: being white — oh and they’re going to do asset confiscation too, since it’s all ill-gotten due to an unearned “privilege”.

      The problem is this: there is no more (healthy) fear of the white man — it’s easy to see why, I understand the reason — but we all know there is only one way to restore it — and it has nothing to do with ‘supremacy’, except in the areas where we historically were and must remain ‘supreme’: our own countries.

      • Modern Tribalist — a very good blog that documented/chronicled the tribal nature of human societies, including their political organization — it was abandoned long ago by the proprietor, Adam Lawson — gone but not forgotten, the archives are well worth reading/browsing — it is sorely missed, today more than ever.

        “We are the only country in history that ever deliberately changed its ethnic makeup, and history has few examples of ‘diversity’ creating a stable society.” — Richard Lamm, former governor of Colorado

        “changed its ethnic makeup” — We Were Never Asked

      • I have had the opportunity to apply for quite a few jobs over the years. Whenever I hear, “this is the worst economy since 1992” apply to whatever year happens to be happening, I always reply, “yes, that was when I graduated from college. Then moved back to my home town, and got my first job: waiting tables.”

        This means my white ass was always expected to accept and embrace affirmative action whether in boom or bust times. Didn’t Chief Justice Sandra Day O’Conner make some kind of statement of opinion on the affirmative action case they ruled on, suggesting it would soon no longer be necessary as the practice came to an end in a generation?

        Well, anyone else out there notice how much more affirmative afirmative action has gotten in the last 30 years??

        These days, I have to answer all the military veteran questions before we even get to me announcing I am “non-hispanic white.” Businesses that are hiring should just hang a big sign out front similar to those you’d see in Three Stooges short films:


        • Didn’t Chief Justice Sandra Day O’Conner …

          Her name is Sandra Day O’Connor.

          Yes, I commented about this recently, right here on this site — that was after the 2003 Grutter v. Bollinger case:

          Was Justice O’Connor Right? Race and Highly Selective College Admissions in 25 Years

          Of course the answer is no, she wasn’t right — informed people recognized her statement as absurd at the time — and it is still absurd today (but she will never have it thrown back in her face, as it ought to be).

          I was asked about affirmative action (I think they may have called it racial preferences back them, which is actually a more honest term) as part of a college scholarship competition back in the late 1970s.

          • Thank you for the spelling correction and links. As I began to refresh my memory on that statement of opinion, I googled the case to confirm 2003 as the date she had said that, which I thought had been made much earlier than that. Just scrolling down Wiki’s entry, I came across a voice of reason emerging from the dissenting opinion, and one notoriously silent Chief Justice Clarence Thomas.

            I had heard years ago about how since his appointment to the court, Thomas had never asked one question or made any statements during presentation of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. I thought that spilled over into opinions but I was wrong there. From that Wiki page:

            “Justice Thomas concurred that racial preferences would be unlawful in 25 years, however, he noted that in fact the Court should have found race-based affirmative action programs in higher education unlawful now:

            ‘I therefore can understand the imposition of a 25-year time limit only as a holding that the deference the Court pays to the Law School’s educational judgments and refusal to change its admissions policies will itself expire. At that point these policies will clearly have failed to “‘eliminate the [perceived] need for any racial or ethnic'” discrimination because the academic credentials gap will still be there.’

            Wow, That sounds like a Cassandra prediction of the future that no one believes when first uttered. In fact, had their roles been reversed in the case, I might have called her Chief Justice Cassandra Day O’Connor with the crickets chirping behind me.

            Justice Thomas, the voice of reason there? I would have never guessed that.

      • … as long as you submit to complete subjugation …

        Chick-Fil-A CEO Gets On Knees to Shine Rapper’s Shoes to Repent for Racism, Encourages White Christians to (ed: do) the Same

        No normal man does something like this, ever — no normal person with intact self-esteem, man or woman, does something like this.

        While I generally favor a return to Christian morality, re these kinds of secular questions Christians should have little say, for obvious reasons.

        Another fast food restaurant I will no longer patronize.

  10. Come on now. Brooks blew a .10. Above the legal limit, yes.
    But a blood alcohol level of 1.08 would simply be impossible.

    • My editing error. It’s not 1.08 (nor .18) — and, no, it’s not .10, as you stated. It’s 0.108 or, if you want to round it to two decimal places, it would be 0.11. It’s corrected now. Thanks for spotting this. I put up a screen shot of the BAC result for confirmation.

  11. The federal government has had a knee to the throats of the African American community since LBJ. On what planet would you think this is not orchestrated, allowing these fools to protest and burn. When the time is right they will pull the rug out from under these imbeciles and send them back to the now burned out hood. Waiting in the wings are MS13 and the Latin Cartels who have always had access to military grade equipment. These won’t loot Nike stores but head to middle and upper middle class neighborhoods where the loot is bountiful.
    Just not sure how fast this will play out.

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