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Change to death certificates boosted COVID-19 counts


By Brian Bakst | 3 April 2020

MPR NEWS — With rare exceptions, Minnesota officials have decided against postmortem testing to determine if undiagnosed people who died from severe respiratory problems were infected with COVID-19.

That has raised doubt about the accuracy of the fatality count, which officially stands at 22 in Minnesota. Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann at the Minnesota Department of Health freely acknowledges it’s probably not a true reflection of the coronavirus toll.

“When we’re reporting deaths from COVID, we know there may be illnesses that aren’t diagnosed,” Ehresmann said in an interview Thursday. Of deaths where a test hadn’t been done, she said, “We wouldn’t necessarily count it in our data points because it is not confirmed.” […]

An example of an official death certificate
An example of a death certificate. SAMPLE: MPR News/Courtesy of Minnesota Department of Health

4 Comments on Change to death certificates boosted COVID-19 counts

  1. Breaking down the fake numbers is interesting, but a fundamentally useless exercise. What will eventually happen (if fake numbers gain traction in the mainstream) is a virus will be released that does kill lots of people (like the Bubonic Plague). What’s happening now is humanity is being groomed for bigger and more severe virus outbreaks. Our rulers have a genuine desire to de-populate the world and they will achieve this, unchallenged – whether this is done by virus, war or sterilising vaccines is anyone’s guess.

    Pointing to the fake numbers is similar to pointing to the Building 7 collapse on 9/11. How effective was that really in awakening humanity? The System itself is based on mind control. Instead of chasing our tails and entering the dialectic of the System itself (9/11 building 3, Covid fake numbers) we have to point to the heart of the issue, which is this:

    Our entire system is a Talmudic gaslight.

    If we aren’t brave enough to call this out in every single article, as the big picture issue, then we will continue failing to address the heart of humanity’s plight.

  2. What lies do we believe and what lies do we call out as lies? So many lies, half truths, omitted lies, what’s even real? I don’t see how to believe bits and pieces anymore. For their work is done when everything Americans have been told are lies and they believe them. Seems the bigger the lie, the more that accept it as truth.

  3. An associate’s 93 Year old mother died in April. In long term care. “Pulmonary Arrest due to Covid 19” appeared on death certificate. She was NOT tested for Covid 19. Her daughter seemed to think there was some contention between the facility managers and the State. The former wished to minimize Covid 19 deaths (at the facility) but the State wanted to boost them – hence the bit of a fudge on the certificate.

    I think she (and 7 other deaths on the 24 patient ward) were tortured to death. Cut off all contact with family; prohibit all social contact except with roommate; terrify them with these Covid 19 tales; and finally, withdraw care – she was not ambulatory and need to be moved to protect lung function; she was left in a prone position for as many as 10 days and the lungs failed.


    The Woodstock Festival took place during a Pandemic.
    In the previous millenium a Pandemic took place, the influenza Pandemic of 1968-69.
    This now forgotten Pandemic killed a 100.000 in the USA, one million globally, corresponding to over two million today.
    In comparison, the present Corona Pandemic has so far taken 250.000 live globally.
    “In 1968 the H3N2 flu Pandemic, took more lives than US soldiers died during the Korean and Vietnam war”
    For some reason they didnt opt for global lockdown as they do now.

    Immediately after posting this in danish on facebook, I cant do shit there!


    This ones important too:


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