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‘Terrified of dying’: Immigrants beg to be released from immigration detention as coronavirus spreads

The fear that the influx of newcomers would bring coronavirus with them — while ICE refuses to test detainees for the illness — sparked two violent fights on Tuesday night (April 7, 2020) at the Krome detention center. PHOTO: Miami Herald/Anonymous

By Alan Gomez, Maria Clark and Rebecca Plevin | 8 April 2020

USA TODAY — … Attorney General William Barr ordered the release of some medically vulnerable inmates from federal prisons, and sheriffs released thousands of jail inmates to minimize the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. There has been no similar effort made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which holds more than 34,000 detainees, the majority of which – 60% – have no criminal record and are detained over only a civil immigration violation.

The agency released 160 detainees in recent weeks, but that hasn’t been nearly enough for detainees, politicians, doctors and human rights groups pleading with the Trump administration to, at the very least, release detainees with poor health conditions. There has been little response from ICE, so the groups filed a wave of lawsuits around the country that resulted in judges ordering the release of dozens more detainees from California to Massachusetts to New Jersey.

When U.S. District Judge John Jones ordered ICE to release 11 chronically ill detainees from a Pennsylvania detention center last week, he wrote that he issued the order because he could not be party to the “unconscionable and barbaric” possibility of those detainees contracting coronavirus.

ICE facilities “are plainly not equipped to protect Petitioners from a potentially fatal exposure to COVID-19,” wrote Jones, who ordered an additional 22 ICE detainees freed Tuesday. “If we are to remain the civilized society we hold ourselves out to be, it would be heartless and inhumane not to recognize Petitioners’ plight. And so we will act.” […]

2 Comments on ‘Terrified of dying’: Immigrants beg to be released from immigration detention as coronavirus spreads

  1. This is just another excuse to carry out Point 4 of the
    Fabian Communist Frankfurt School 11-Point Plan to Destroy the West:

    1) Mass immigration to destroy ethnic identity
    2) Teach sex and sodomy to school children
    3) Empty the Churches (not the mosques or synagogues)
    4) Encourage crime by unjust legal systems favouring criminals
    5) Undermine the authority of parents & teachers by “child rights”
    6) Encourage addiction to drugs, alcohol & porn
    7) Attack fathers as “oppressors” to destroy the family
    8) Create “racism” offenses only for Europeans (=”whites”)
    9) Encourage dependency on state welfare benefits
    10) Control and dumbing down of the media and education
    11) Continual change to create confusion

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