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It’s Obvious Who Will Replace Trump after the Controlled Demolition of the Economy

By Brandon Smith | 24 July 2019

ALT-MARKET — In the months leading up to the 2016 election I had been predicting a Trump win based on a particular theory which I believe still holds true today – namely the theory that the global banking elites in power were allowing so-called “populist” movements in the US and Europe to gain political traction near the very end of the decade long “Everything Bubble”. Once populist groups were entrenched and feeling overconfident, the cabal would then tighten liquidity into existing economic weakness and crash the system on their heads. Populists would get the blame for an economic disaster that the central banks had engineered many years in advance.

Once enough suffering had been dealt to the populace, globalists and extreme leftists would arrive on the scene to offer anti-populism as a solution; meaning the centralization and socialization of everything on a scale never before witnessed except perhaps in the darkest days of the Bolshevik Revolution.

This theory allowed me to predict the success of the Brexit vote in the UK, Trump’s entry into the White House, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and balance sheet cuts into economic weakness, and now it is looking more and more like my March prediction of a “No Deal” Brexit will turn out to be correct with Boris Johnson rising to the position of Prime Minister. So, I continue to stand by it.

By extension, for a couple of years I have been examining the strange correlations between the background and policies of Donald Trump and the background and policies of Herbert Hoover; the Republican president that oversaw the great crash of 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression. […]

2 Comments on It’s Obvious Who Will Replace Trump after the Controlled Demolition of the Economy

  1. Thanks for putting this one up. Saw a story yesterday that the Fed is considering taking into account the whole Climate change “science” in it’s future financial projections. I haven’t seen a redder flag than this for a communist future.

  2. “In the middle of societal catastrophe, that which we once thought impossible becomes probable. I predict that the “four horsewomen of the Apocalypse” and their ilk are chosen by the globalists to take control of the US in the next decade after Trump and the populists are fully discredited in the eyes of more than half the country and the world. To be certain, there are many of us who will not accept open socialist/communist governance and all the tidings that come with it (including carbon controls and disarmament of the population), and I have no doubt civil war would erupt.”

    “The point is, we should expect this outcome as one the globalists will force. The signs are visible now. The policies of these women, which are utterly insane and bankrupt of logic, are going to become the prevailing ideals of the next political revolution. Count on it.”

    Amen Brandon!

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