The Mass Dumbing Down of Humanity is Now Confirmed by Scientists

By Ethan Huff | 24 May 2019

NATURAL NEWS — Some mainstream media pundits are finally beginning to notice a disturbing trend that we’ve been warning about here at Natural News for quite some time now: the trend towards dumbness and idiocracy throughout the West.

In one recent op-ed published by NBC News, author Evan Horowitz pegs this trend as a widespread IQ decline, indicating that intelligence levels are now trending downwards after many decades of moving upwards.

He surmises that the reasons for this decline remain largely unknown, even though there are actually many elephants in the room that remain untouchable within the context of political correctness.

Take artificial water fluoridation, for instance. As we reported, scientific research out of Harvard University found that fluoride chemicals in drinking water lower IQ levels in children. […]

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  1. The Genetic exp0eriments are exploring manufacturing the personality and phycology of people. These agendas are not hidden if you look very closely of what is happening with the World Economic forum and the Great reset Agenda. I do not know what it is possible for them to do or not. I just see this as trying to make our day more like the days of Noah. We may be nuked back to the stone age when the mark of the beast happens and it may be something as simple as being branded like cattle. Nano technology does not need to inject chips. They can use minute components of your biology to store and execute instructions with introduction of certain minerals or compounds to help facilitate this. (or at least they think the will be able to)

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