Background on the Criminal XXXTentacion, the Now-Deceased Black Rapper Who Performed Mock Hanging of White Child

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UPDATE:  In 2018, Florida police reported gangsta rapper XXXTentacion was shot in the head from the front seat of his vehicle during a “possible robbery.” XXX’s rambling strange last words- “if I am going to die, or be a sacrifice.”

The following is a rerun of our Sept. 19, 2017, article in which we predicted XXX wouldn’t be long for this world and would be shot by a bro.  Will this be a lesson for aspiring reprobates? Somehow we doubt it, as a cult of death seems to be developing around this character.

The tandem to this is yesterday’s post:  Billie Eilish: Just a New Goth-Pop Genre or a Serious Cause for Concern?

Eilish was marketed as a “friend” of XXX, and the two posed together giving devil horns and tongue gestures. The late XXX’s satanic interests are revealed in second photo.

Eilish and the late XXX in better days

XXXTentacion (also known as X) is a 19-year-old untermensch gangsta rapper who doesn’t look long for this world. He is a small, multi-racial with black-and-yellow hair and face tattoos. Winter Watch sees him as a product of the hyper-tolerant, degenerate, violent and pervasive untermensch low culture destroying America.

What brought X to our attention was the following music video released Sept. 12. 2017. It shows the murderous execution by hanging of a white child combined with a litany of alleged white racial offenses — including several staged deception hoaxes. (see: The Bizarre Case of the Philandro Castile Police Shooting). The hanging itself looks almost too real. A small black child and passive audience observes the on-stage hanging.

Despite protests from some quarters, Youtube — the same thought police that will shut down and demonetize far less controversial videos at the drop of a hat — left this one online. The video, called “Look at Me,” presently has 11.4 million views from X’s untermensch fans. These reprobates have up-voted the video by 546,000 to 91,000 down-votes. The general tone of many of the comments suggests hanging white children is quite alright, even cool. Earlier in the video, X is shown disrupting a classroom using a dildo as a weapon, which prompted one untermensch to chortle:

19 Comments on Background on the Criminal XXXTentacion, the Now-Deceased Black Rapper Who Performed Mock Hanging of White Child

  1. Last August X shook his fans by posting a “fake” suicide video on instagram where it shows him hanging himself. Many fans thought this was real but it was all a hoax.

  2. Thomas, you have to be the most ignorant person to call this man degenerate. the amount of people he has helped and is still helping even today is far beyond what you can imagine. my guess you’re an old fuck wit who can’t see the message x was portraying, even in the look at me video, the message is so deep and for you to not acknowledge it is fucking ignorant. X has done far too many good deeds to die and has done far more than you will ever contribute.

    • LoL- A gangsta fan girl apparently- and a sign of the times. Message? The guy was completely incoherent. You must be pulling our legs.

    • For instance? What is an example of what this guy did to contribute to society?

    • What is the message in the Look at Me Video?

      I’m having trouble discerning it as anything of substance, no different than any other garbage produced rap song.

      I’m like bitch, who is your mans?, aye
      Can’t keep my dick in my pants, aye
      My bitch don’t love me no more, aye
      She kick me out I’m like vro, aye
      That bitch don’t wanna be friends, aye
      I gave her dick, she got mad, aye
      She put her tongue on my dick, aye
      Look at my wrist, about 10, aye
      Just got a pound of that boof, aye
      Brought that shit straight to the booth, aye
      Tommy my Hilfiger boots, aye
      She said want fuck bitch, I do, aye
      You put a gun on my mans, aye
      I put a hole in your parents, aye
      I just got lean on my ksubis, aye
      I got an uzi no uzi, aye

      • Every genre has “garbage produced” filler songs with little to no value in terms of lyricism or lyrical context. If you want a prime example, listen to any number of large popular music, or music that focuses around a central theme and nothing more (christian rock and synthpop are good examples).

    • Contributions? You mean the staged lynching of a white child? Beating his pregnant girlfriend so severely that she couldn’t open her eyes? His 15 felonies for witness tampering? His sexually explicit, misogynistic, race-baiting, thug-glamorizing lyrics? They’re played out. So what exactly are these contributions of which you speak? Do you mean the tax-deductible financial contributions to his target sales demographic — adolescents? Or did he deliver meals on wheels in his $200k BMW i8? Or were you being sarcastic?

  3. A change of pace and respite from the demonic untermensch black rapper X- the truly talented black celloist Cremaine Booker out of Dallas gives a superb rendtion of the great European composer Hans Zimmer’s Time

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it funny I couldn’t spot one drop of blood on XXX. I searched a few sources and not one mention was made of the caliber of the pistol used. From what I saw, the one gun shown appeared to be a 9mm or .45 caliber. There would be a massive amount of blood if XXX was shot in the head. To me, another hood rat made his money, faked his death, and is now living the dream on his own private Island. I believe the following video tells us exactly that.

  5. The take down of XXTentacion was on video! Now that’s the kind of gentrification I can get behind.
    oops. I assumed too much.
    So Easy to do, as only the color of masks worn by the killers was reported, and no information on the killers themselves…. God Bless “merica!!

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