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What’s This New Coronavirus Outbreak Really All About?

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Wuhan is a city of 11 million in Central China and is said to be the origin of a new strain of coronavirus that is spreading globally. The mayor of Wuhan on Tuesday told potential visitors to avoid the city as health officials warned the virus could mutate the more rapidly it spreads. Here we see people clearing out of Wuhan right before the lockdown.

Now, we learn that sixteen cities:

Wuhan: 11mln Huanggang: 7.5mln Xiangyang: 6.1mln Yichang: 4.2mln Jingmen: 3mln Xianning: 2.8mln Huangshi: 2.5mln Suizhou: 2.2mln Xiantao: 1.6mln Ezhou: 1mln Qianjiang: 962k Enshi: 780k Xiaogan: 780k Zhijiang: 550k Dangyang: 560k Chibi: 530k totaling 46 million are being quarantined and public transport shut down. There are also concerns about a winter food shortage.

Chinese officials have raised the alert level to 1 (highest possible level).

The numbers announced as shown at left are going to lag, as China, faces such a shortage of coronavirus test-kits that people say getting one is like ‘winning the lottery’.

We see the eternal truth bomb problem:

The economic impact looks to be immense. China’s 70,000 movie theaters — the most of any country in the world — are closing their doors at the busiest time of year. Cathay Pacific offers refunds on all flights to and from China until end of February. Chinese cities cancel New Year celebrations. Shanghai Disney Resort shut down. China orders all travel agencies to suspend sales of domestic and international tours. 

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  1. BE AFRAID, Citizen.

    Remember that *only* FedGov can protect you,

    …and the deadline to file your I.R.S. taxes is fast approaching.

    • “Gun confiscation, Gaynor told Trump, would be mandatory. FEMA would conduct no-knock “wellness checks” on residents and seize any and all firearms found in homes. These extreme measures, he added, are needed to prevent the citizenry from starting an insurrection on government authority.”
      They plan to check all the boxes with this one..

  2. You have hit the nail on the head: it’s just an excuse for forced mass vaccinations worldwide, and martial law to impose them. If the virus doesn’t get you, the vaccination will.

    It is biological warfare, not against an “enemy”, but against humanity. As Henry Makow said, the world is controlled by a satanic cult.

  3. Definitely worth reading the entire post at the link–he goes into the background of these virus psyops, where they really start, and how the true cause of sickness is always ignored in favor of explaining it all away with a mysterious virus, so Big Pharma can make lots of money off of vaccines to “protect us.”

    You automatically believe this Chinese coronavirus is a killer? You automatically believe the press when they ratchet up the fear? You automatically believe medical experts have found a virus and proved it’s causing human illness?

    You’re on the Gong Show on roller skates.


    The Chinese government has now shut down transportation in the huge city of Wuhan, where the supposedly deadly coronavirus first surfaced a few months ago. Where? At an open air fish and meat market. Anyone looking into contaminated flesh at the market? Dangerous lack of sanitation? They’re looking into “the virus.” Naturally. And as I keep saying in past and recent articles, we have a massive tradition of FAKE EPIDEMICS.

    You have to understand: most people don’t want to hear this. It’s rather astonishing. Most people feel compelled to believe in the virus, believe it’s dangerous, it’s a killer, it’s real, it’s a global threat. Pro-vaccine people, anti-vaccine people, it doesn’t matter. They salute THE VIRUS.

    In my last article, I detailed how former “epidemics,” SARS (coronavirus) and Swine Flu, turned out to be complete fakes. Eventually, it leaked out that medical experts couldn’t find the virus in people. You should really read that article, and read it again. And think about the implications.

    Medical research honchos and the press are still calling the 2003 SARS dud an epidemic. Official stats indicate 800 people died, worldwide. If that’s an epidemic, there are pink tigers walking around on the far side of the moon.

  4. These psyops with viruses have been going on forever.

    They did this with HIV/AIDs—countless virologists and doctors have spoken out about this and they are attacked, ridiculed, and called deniers.

    Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDs, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, has spoken about this extensively (you can listen to her here:

    She says the first group of gay men who came down with AIDs did so because they blew out their own immune systems because of their extremely unhealthy lifestyle and high risk behaviors. She says this group of patients were engaging in high risk sexual behavior, including countless sex partners, chronic antibiotic use for repeated STDs, unhealthy eating habits, partying lifestyle and taking drugs, especially highly dangerous drugs called “poppers.” She says that because of their lifestyle and behaviors, they blew out their own immune systems. But big pharma does NOT make money off of focusing on the health of people—they make money off of the germ model, by saying that all sickness is due to a mysterious pathogen, especially a virus, which they can make money off of through vaccines and dangerous drugs. Most of those people who died from being HIV positive died because they were taking the extremely toxic drug known as AZT. (So all those people in Africa who died from HIV, actually died from a depopulation agenda under the cover of medical treatment via AZT for HIV).

    There is much more about this here:

    HIV-AIDS RACKET (AIDS INC) (many more links here)

    ”No HIV virus has ever been proven to exist…. AIDS is not a new disease, but a collection of old diseases renamed, and that the real threat to the public’s health are the worthless HIV tests and toxic HIV/AIDS drugs.”—–Curtis Cost

    Study medical history first, e.g. Cancer Inc, Smallpox virus racket, Infectious scares, Death by Allopathy, and other Allopathic Rackets first to remove the blinkers (mind control), then you will know that AIDS Inc is run by Psychopaths… The biggest clue uncovering this racket is the fact they have known for 60 years or so Vitamin C will kill all viruses without killing the patient! Yet want people to take a highly toxic failed chemotherapy drug called AZT! This from a company, Wellcome, who sold another immune destroying ‘AIDS’ causing party/sex drug called Poppers! It truly is one of the wonder of the medical world to see all the reams and reams of garbage written about a harmless or non-existent virus! By an industry that has a well-documented history of killing people for profit.

    Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

    “My book instead proved that HIV – wherever it came from – was a harmless retrovirus that was being used as a cover story to explain/conceal an emerging depopulation operation in the Third World. HIV was also a cover for other agendas outside the Third World. As long as AIDS is the target of WHO &UN “humanitarian” efforts, the actual causes – which are easily reversible – of death in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are allowed to remain and fester and expand….Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, has been a major thorn in the side of the depopulationists. He knows that HIV does not cause human disease. He knows that the front-line drugs for AIDS, especially AZT, attack the bone marrow, where certain cells of the immune system are manufactured. Thus CREATING what is called AIDS through pharmaceutical means. In particular, giving AZT to pregnant mothers is a major goal of the depopulation effort…



    House of Numbers

  5. They are able to pull off these virus psyops because modern medical theory is built on Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, which posits that sickness stems from germs, so medicine should focus on the germs/pathogens. But Antoine Bechamp had an opposing theory that sickness stemmed from “terrain” (whether the host was healthy), with the idea being that a healthy person, with a robust immune system, can fight off various germs. Those who fall victim to viruses do so because of their poor health. On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bechamp was right “the terrain is everything” (health status of the host), “the germ is nothing.” But modern medicine stuck with the germ theory because they can make money off of it.

    More on this here:

    As discussed in The Lost History of Medicine, the Terrain is more important than the Germ.

    Pasteur described germs as non-changeable. We know today, from the use of Darkfield Microscopes that microorganisms are pleomorphic, that they can change and often do. A virus can become a bacterium which can mutate into a yeast or fungus. Modern medicine has yet to acknowledge this because it would turn the pharmaceutical interests on their backs like a helpless tortoise. Again, we follow the money….”

    “…It was Bechamp who discovered the pleomorphic nature of germs, and later on Bernard described the “milieu” or environment that affected/caused those changes. Bernard is the one responsible for our theories today on pH and how the nature of the microorganisms change as the body moves from an alkaline pH to an acidic pH. (This is covered in depth in our article The Lost History of Medicine.)

    On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bernard was right; the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing.

    However, since the Germ is so profitable, the medical world has written off his final statements as the madness of a dying man. We should all be so mad.

  6. Very good article and great comments!

    A friend of mine became HIV positive around 1998, and my research led me to the same conclusions as Duesberg and Rappoport.

    Another wake up moment, was reading the book;
    “The Holes in the Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn’t Falling”
    I highly recommend the book, its “climate change” beta test version.
    I could send a short summary from memory if you like?

    Then, after looking at the “Hollow Hoax”, ive gotten a full 100% vaccination against anything the mainstream media promotes.
    It does nothing except piss me off, and irritate my liver.

    Keep up the good work!

    Greetz from the Rotten State of Denmark

  7. A “must read”: Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory – by Michael C Carroll

    You will find it hard to sleep at night after reading this book. Bioterrorism will very possibly be the weapon of choice of the 21rst century. The coronavirus could very well be another scam, or it could be more. The point is there are thousands of weaponized viruses/bacteria in labs throughout the world, and release(accidental or intentional)is not only possible but probable.
    Here are a couple of good links and a video interview by Michael C Carroll.

  8. This is nowhere near as complicated as you are pretending.

    The US federal Reserve Note is losing world reserve currency status and this means a depression for the USA while the rest of the world booms as they get out from under the FED. The jew banker media mob needs a patsy and China is it. They are blaming China and beating the war drum so they can renege on the few trillion they owe China. They are going to use the flu as an excuse for you to lose everything while they stay on top. If the USA does not deport the jews and most of their non white 5th column freedom is gone from the planet.

    If you think i’m a racist anti semite and it has any bearing at all on the TRUTH I just wrote then you are responsible for what is happening. It is emotional thinking that got us here and the time for realpoitik and truth is long past. Without so many low IQ easily led non whites in the USA this could not be happening If you think the USA is not a nation built by and for white people and jews are just like everyone else then you deserve to lose everything. If you ignore truth and pretend things are the way you wish they were you are a moron and deserve what is coming.

    The problem is that I am not a cowardly moron and don’t deserve this madness.

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