King County, Washington, Declares War on Ice

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By Timothy Benton | 21 May 2019

0 CENSOR — In a move that is both troublesome and could set up a confrontation with the federal government had declared war on ICE, threatening any fuel company that agrees to fuel ICE planes, they are used to pick up and deport illegals, they will lose all contracts with the county. This has now gone from ignoring the law to outright rejection of it, thus sliding into the area of obstruction.

After a political hit piece was done by the University of Washington’s Center for Human rights, called for action against the federal government to take a step from passive resistance to active resistance, County Executive Dow Constantine issued an order that any company in King County caught fueling ICE flights will lose all contracts with the county. This directly affects the ability of ICE to perform their duties in this airport, one used in the last decade to deport 34,000 illegal immigrants.

“This is taking it to a new level,” said FAIR’s spokesman Ira Mehlman. “Sanctuary policies say that the local jurisdiction won’t cooperate with ICE. Here (Constantine) is taking it a step further and blacklisting companies that do business with ICE. This crosses the line probably into obstruction of Justice.” […]

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  1. Funny how the concept of “states rights” which the South was fighting for way back when would be a much better fit for America today. It would take the federal government out of such arguments as the one above. People could then chose to live in a state which governed along their belief system.

    We could have conservative and liberal states, and people could live in the land of their liking. If you chose to live in a socialist sh*t hole, you could pay for all the programs you wanted, while leaving the rest of us more traditional thinking Americans alone in our own more conservative leaning states.

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