Is There Anything Trump Won’t Do to Woo the Jews?

A man walks past a Likud election campaign billboard depicting U.S. President Trump shaking hands with Israeli PM Netanyahu, in Jerusalem. PHOTO: Reuters/Ammar Awad/File

On the eve of Israeli’s parliamentary election, U.S. President Donald Trump gave incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard-line conservative Likud brethren a “win” by classifying the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a branch of Iran’s armed forces, as a terrorist organization.

AP: Israel’s prime minister is thanking President Donald Trump for recognizing Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a “foreign terrorist organization.” Benjamin Netanyahu says the designation “serves the interests of our countries and of countries in the region.”

Netanyahu, who seeks reelection on Tuesday in Israel’s parliamentary elections, wrote on Twitter in Hebrew on Monday following the announcement that Trump was “answering another of my important requests.”

The U.S.’ designation is an unprecedented step that could have widespread implications for U.S. personnel and policy in the Middle East and elsewhere, the Associated Press reports. It’s the first such designation by any American administration of an entire foreign government entity and comes with sanctions, including freezes on some assets.

Within hours Monday, Tehran responded by designating U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and all its forces as terrorist and labeled the U.S. as a “supporter of terrorism,” AP reports.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he wants to add to the country’s “terrorist groups” list all Middle East-based U.S. military forces, and he speculated on Twitter that Trump’s move was aimed at securing the re-election of Netanyahu on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

Indeed, there was no other apparent catalyst for this unprecedented move that further escalates tension between Washington, D.C. and Tehran.

Israeli Election Day

Netanyahu is in a tight race today for his fifth term in office as he faces possible indictments in three corruption cases, including one charge of bribery. His right-wing contender, retired Israeli Gen. Benny Gantz, has been successfully selling himself and his party all over Israel as centrist-right and the “only hope for democracy.”

JTA: A poll by Hadashot 13 found Netanyahu and Gantz tied, at 42 percent each, for most preferred prime minister and that his newly formed Israel Resilience party would pick up 24 seats, more than double recent estimates and just six seats behind Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Gantz drew praise from large parts of the Israeli media. Political commentators including Reshet’s Barak Raviv and Hadashot’s Amnon Abramovitch compared him to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Haaretz editor-in-chief Aluf Benn wrote that “for the first time in a decade, the opposition has someone with authority and military experience, and Gantz’s speech showed he can lead the anti-Netanyahu camp.”

To help Netanyahu edge out his competition, Trump on March 25 formally recognized Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights from Syria. Netanyahu attended the signing ceremony at the White House.

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Benjamin Netanyahu standing next to a person in a suit and tie: U.S. President Trump welcomes Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House in Washington
President Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a ceremony to sign a proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, on Monday, March 25. PHOTO: Reuters

The move prompted sharp criticism from Syrian leaders, as well as Middle Eastern countries and organizations, including Britain, Germany, France, the European Union, Turkey, Egypt, the Arab League and Russia, all of which have long classified the territory as “Israeli occupied.”

NPR: “Israel has never had a better friend than you,” Netanyahu said, enumerating several instances in which the administration has delivered on campaign promises favoring the Israeli leader, including U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, restoration of sanctions on that country and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital leading to the relocation of American embassy there.

Netanyahu’s final election coup de grâce demonstration of his aggression and Israeli supremacy occurred upon his return to Tel Aviv from Washington, D.C. On Saturday, he visited Israeli television stations for interviews, during which he offered Israeli voters something new: the annexation of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Will Trump back this move, too? Probably. Another important question: What’s the line between influencing and election and interfering with an election? Could Trump’s foreign policy actions during the last couple of weeks to influence the Israeli election be considered election interference? We think so.

Quid Pro Quo

The timing of Trump’s recent foreign policy decisions in concert with the Israeli election shows his willingness to sacrifice America’s security and stability to help facilitate the reelection of a “potentially corrupt” prime minister. Undoubtedly, he will want his favors returned, because this isn’t just about Bibi.

Since taking office two years ago, Trump has done more than any other American president in modern history to woo Jews, even while those within his own administration and social circle betrayed him.

Nonetheless, Jewish voters continue to lean left — and are arguably pressuring centrist-liberal Democrats toward the Marxist-leftist fringe.

TIME: In the November 2018 midterms, for example, 79% of Jewish voters backed Democratic candidates for Congress, according to Pew Research Center. This was slightly below 2006 levels but an increase from the 2014 midterms.

On the presidential front, Jewish voters have overwhelmingly supported Democrats for decades: Al Gore won 79% of Jewish voters in 2000, John Kerry won 74% in 2004, Barack Obama won 78% in 2008 and 69% in 2012, and Hillary Clinton won 71% in 2016.

Trump’s 2020 election strategy is already committed to spending heavily on courting Jewish-American voters. Although Jews represent only around 4 percent of the electorate, Jewish donors contribute 25 percent of Republican Party funds and 50 percent of Democrat Party funds. Yes indeed, follow the Benjamins.

POLITICO: Spearheading the push is the Republican Jewish Coalition, which receives substantial funding from casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson. On Friday morning, the group’s board members — many of them prominent Republican Party donors — gathered in a conference room at Adelson’s Venetian resort, where they were briefed on plans for a $10 million-plus blitz geared toward attracting Jewish support for President Donald Trump. The investment, people familiar with the early discussions said, will far surpass what the group spent in past presidential elections. …

The administration is all-in on the strategy. On Saturday, Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and three White House officials — Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, and Avi Berkowitz — all made pilgrimages to the Venetian, where RJC members were gathered for the third day of their annual spring conference. Before a sea of supporters waving “We are Jews for Trump” signs, the president accused Democrats of opposing Israel and “advancing by far the most extreme, anti-Semitic agenda in history.”

A Jewish supporter of Donald Trump
A Jewish supporter of President Donald Trump listens as the president addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 6, 2019. PHOTO: Politico/ Erik Kabik/Media Punch/IPX

21 Comments on Is There Anything Trump Won’t Do to Woo the Jews?

  1. As far as I’m concerned, Trump and family should get it over with and move to Israhell, since there is no doubt that is where their loyalties lie.

  2. Conservatives in the Republican party welcoming a “Jexedous” will be in for a shock. The Jews will bring their leftwing baggage with them.

  3. If the Jexodus drains support from the Dems, what will prop them up? Will local, municipal zionists in power in local townships have to flip right? What will happen to the heavily propagandist leftist version of history and the mindbending money spent on socialist indoctrination? Can’t wait for that show!

    • Democrat leaders appear to be predominantly black, Hispanic, female or Jewish. If you spot a non-Jewish “white” male, look a little closer and you’ll probably discover he’s gay. There are very few (if any) Christian/moderate/sovereign-nationalist white males.

      Republican leaders, on the other hand, appear to be predominantly white Christian males. Yet, the Republican establishment acts like Jewish sycophants and parades Israel fan-boy allegiance flags.

      Meanwhile, Dems play to a white base by acting coy about their loyalties to Israel. Dems do Israel’s bidding and dirty work secretly/behind the scenes/at the periphery, while non-Jewish apologist Republicans flaunt it.

      So what we have is total capture with the illusion of choice.

  4. Trump seems to not be the same person as even last year. He seems to have visibly cracked / been taken over, about the time he aborted the government shutdown that he said would be upheld until he got his wall money … the media backing off of their previous attack-level on him at the same time

    Trump has been suddenly showing signs of mental impairment or senility, his goofy tweets about the ‘wall being built’ – arguably puffing up those 4km of 9-metre-high steel slats put up at Calexico-Mexicali with a Trump ‘starting the wall’ plaque – and then Trump mixing up his own father and grand-father

    Someone said early on in Trump’s term, that he feared Trump being drugged up or slowly poisoned by his entourage (i.e., the Kushner gang) … given how this was being done 2000 years ago in the Roman Empire, one can imagine how easy it would be now to put suggestion-submissive chemicals into Trump’s cola drinks

    Trump may also have been blackmailed – terrorised half out of his wits … I understand the argument DJT was a shill and hoax all along, but to me this doesn’t fit with the obvious anguish Trump showed earlier as he went along with various neo-con cabal initiatives … now Trump seems just tired and beaten and not who he was before

    • I don’t see a different person. His image makers are gone now, some for being too anti-Jewish/anti-Israel, so The Real Donald Trump is shining through more than before. What did Nixon once say … “You think I’m a new Nixon? Well, maybe you didn’t know the old Nixon” …. or something like that. And the presidency is a hard role, one that’s both mentally and physically demanding. Trump is 72, so even in a non-taxing environment, some decline would be expected.

      Donald appears to be the only choice for 2020. Republicans aren’t going to run any other candidates, and there are no independents stepping up to grab the reigns. The stable of Democrat Marxists taking center ring are a terrifying lot. Nothing good will come of it.

      • Andrew Yang is very very interesting I think … Here’s a wonderful Yang meme that gives me a good laugh, Yang vs ‘orang cheeto blormf’

        And for the Republicans, there could be quite some primary fun if Ann Coulter or Tucker Carlson decides to run on the theme of Trump’s betrayal of most all of the non-Israel-related campaign promises

        Trump at his best, as I think I will always remember him, 5 minutes 28 seconds, ‘Donald Trump Names the Globalists’ … It was just too ‘real’ for me, I think he wanted to be that man … and in a sense maybe he did succeed indirectly – in Europe, Salvini has perhaps become the Trump in reality, fulfilling the campaign promises that Trump didn’t

  5. Curious now re Trump, that we have that new Macmillan book ‘Kushner Inc – Greed, Ambition, Corruption’ by Vicky Ward, with a lot of dirt on the gangster Kushner family, especially Jared’s father Charles Kushner, painted as an utterly ruthless gangster

    Various notable bits in the book … E.g., a report of investigators talking about Charlie Kushner going on gay adventures in NYC with prostitutes, and when in prison on work-release, meeting Cory Booker ‘in a stairway’, Booker got $50K from Charlie, and Booker too is rumoured to be bi-sexual or gay tho officially a ‘bachelor with girlfriend’

    Given the well-backed view that Chabadnik Kushner is in control in the White House, to the degree that foreign leaders consult him instead of going thru the US Secretary of State … why did mainstream media do a book like this, is a good question

    One thing that can be said, is that in today’s environment, a ‘book’ will bury the truth as much as ‘reveal’ it … and one can see the reviews soft-landing it, saying not much there, not much new, book has shady sources and innuendo

    Another thing is that the cabal always seeks to own blackmail material, the ‘control file’ as Catherine Austin Fitts calls it … the book by msm media, is likely a warning to Kushner … you too, Mr Chabadnik White House controller, can be taken down if you get out of line, just like your father went to prison, just like Clinton and Nixon were impeached on trumped-up charges, just like bullets were pumped into JFK and Reagan

  6. Early results in Israhell seem to indicate Bibi is going down. I’d do a happy dance, but Gantz is equally bad.

    Meanwhile, Internet comments of the streamed Capitol Hill hearing on racism and white nationalism today had to be shut down because of racist comments by white nationalists — or fake trolls pretending to be racist white nationalists in order to “prove” racist white nationalism is real threat. Oh, the humanity! LOL

  7. In that new Macmillan book ‘Kushner Inc – Greed, Ambition, Corruption’ by Vicky Ward

    It gives an interesting perspective on the Trump-Israeli White House

    Jared Kusner is portrayed as someone not intelligent, tho fiercely loyal to Israel and his convicted felon father

    In order to get Jared into Harvard, large donations were made, US Senator Ted Kennedy personally called Harvard admissions for the Kushners, etc

    As Jared’s father was banned from certain types of business activities after his criminal conviction, Jared Kushner was the front man for the Kushner family business interests, often having his father discreetly on the speakerphone listening in … that is perhaps still happening at the Trump White House

    Charlie Kushner – who turns age 65 next month in May – is thus perhaps the real power running the Donald Trump White House – Charlie Kushner himself can be seen as working for the larger Zionist interests, giving orders to his son and thru him to Trump’s daughter on how to manage Trump himself

    Trying to recover from his criminal troubles and prison sentence in the 2000 decade – Charlie Kushner even running a blackmail and extortion scheme against his own sister, in acts that Donald Trump derided as stupid – Charlie Kushner worked to regain power via a multi-faceted programme

    This included buying the New York Observer newspaper to create positive media; networking with powerful Jews who had national, not just local influence, the guarantee against FBI federal prosecution that had knocked him down; and the Kushners marrying into a power-gathering family – the Trumps

    Jared’s father Charlie Kushner was quoted as wanting to become ‘the most powerful Jew in America’ … and maybe he has achieved that via Donald Trump, with his son Jared being dominant in the Trump White House on his behalf

    It is said that Trump’s daughter Ivanka who married Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism, was emotionally vulnerable due to neglect by both of her parents, both the womanising Donald Trump and the self-absorbed Ivana Trump

    As a teenager Ivanka spoke to friends of longing to even be criticised by her parents, just to get attention … She physically changed herself through apparent plastic surgery, her face and bosom altering, as Ivanka became a photography model

    Jared and Ivanka at first broke up, due to the gentile-Jewish collision, Ivanka at first scorned by the Kushners … but then the Kushners realised she was the ‘big ticket’, and the couple got back together with help from the famous Wendi Deng, wife of Rupert Murdoch and apparent lover of several notable figures

    The Kushner family showered personal attention on Ivanka, giving her what she never had as a child of Trump and Ivana … Ivanka was totally seduced into the Kushner orbit, and converted to Judaism with total submission to ultra-strict rabbinical supervision

    Trump was apparently surprised at Ivanka’s Jewish conversion, not realising that his own neglect as a father left her to be more influenced by others

    Charlie Kushner was apparently always cynical about his Jewish Orthodoxy, rushing to put out Jewish holy books and don kippahs etc when rabbis arrived … but he now is better oriented to where real power lies, and what kind of power enables crimes not to be prosecuted

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