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Red/Russian (aka Jewish) Mafiya

GRAPHIC: FBI News Review

The “Red/Russian Mafiya” is the politically correct slide or shadow language for what is more accurately the Jewish/Israeli Mafiya that came out of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. At least the Mafiya kingpins —Semion Mogilevich, Monya Elson, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Ginsberg and Ludwig Fainberg—are Jewish – as are a large portion of their soldiers.

The seminal book on this topic was part of my awakening and is called Red Mafiya, by Robert Friedman (1950-2002) . The courageous author, who was Jewish, paid for his work with his life, RIP. It is curious he died the same year another courageous Jew, Senator Paul Wellstone was purged post-911. The online text is here.- put high on your reading list.

Read: The Assassination of US Sen. Paul Wellstone, One of the Last Anti-War Populist Progressives

Starting in the 1970s and accelerating after the fall of the Soviet Union, thousands of these “Russian” thugs somehow were let into America with the greatest of ease. They typically used religious exemptions as cover. This influx and ultimately infiltration was spearheaded by Zionist hack and military-industrial kingpin, Senator Henry Jackson of Washington State. The “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) ran cover for them, quickly throwing out the worn “anti-semite” accusation on anyone sniffing around their activities.

Friedman wrote, “Thousands of hard-core criminals, many of them released from Soviet Gulags by the KGB, took advantage of their nominal Jewish status to swarm into the United States. The majority settled in Brighton Beach, where they quickly resumed their cruel criminal vocation.”

“The understaffed and ill-equipped Immigration Service,” Robert Friedman reveals, “seemed helpless to stop them.”

Hundreds of former Soviet athletes and Special Forces veterans of the Afghanistan wars, including many retired KGB agents, swarmed into America. It is estimated that 500,000 to 750,000 Russian Jews came in. The FBI at the time called them far more lethal and dangerous than Italian Mafia ever were.

“The ‘Russians’ didn’t come here to enjoy the American dream,” New York state tax agent Roger Berger said glumly.” They came here to steal it.”

Many “Russian” criminals ended up at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. They were at once put on retainers of $20,000 a month. No jobs as janitors or road sweepers for them! Like ducks to water, they took to sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, drug running, loan sharking, stock market scams, arson, burglary, bank and jewelry frauds, counterfeiting, vote rigging, arms sales, extortion and murder.

This video will give you the particulars.

At this stage, the Red Mafiya is second and third generation and, as such, are more Americanized. Many are dual Israeli citizens. It has morphed into an element what we call the larger Crime Syndicate. Red Mafiya was folded into this. They have formed powerful associations with other non-Jewish crime and intelligence connected families, such as the Bushes, Clintons and Trump. They are bipartisan. They can lurk under slimy rocks, because the ZOG media is either involved or looks the other way as well. This is the real- not Lugenpresse version of “Russian collusion”.

Besides the standard criminality, I believe they are now also involved in more legitimate military-industrial complex and surveillance “neocon” contracts. They play a key role in various hoaxes and fundraising scams off of these hoaxes.

Dr E Michael Jones on Trump and the “Russian” Mafiya.


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  1. Isn’t it curious how persecuted jews in the USSR, often at low or at best mid-level positions in the bureaucracy came to possess large, “privatized” state enterprises to become the billionaire oligarchs they are today?

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