Warning: Your Identity Will Be Stolen

By Mark Nestmann

INTERNATIONAL MAN –The state of online security is so dismal that it’s not a matter of if your identity will be stolen. The only uncertainty is when it will happen – and how often.

Welcome to what I call Hacker World, where malicious web-savvy thieves can steal virtually any asset, file false tax refund claims, and even steal your Social Security benefits.

Recently, I learned that I almost certainly had my identity stolen, for at least the second time. The first time that I know about was in the massive Equifax data breach in 2017.

This time around, it was stolen from Marriot International. Last December, Marriot disclosed that hackers penetrated the company’s Starwood guest reservation database and stole the personal data of as many as 500 million people. […]

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  1. Your identity was stolen the moment you accepted the agreement and license, for the particular device. To limit the theft means you have to limit your participation.

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