California’s Criminal Cops: Who they are, what they did, why some are still working

IMAGE: The Mercury News

A six-month investigation found more than 80 law enforcement officers with rap sheets still employed today

By Robert Lewis, David Debolt, Jason Paladino, Katey Rusch, Laurance Du Sault and Ali DeFazio | 10 November 2019

THE MERCURY NEWS — More than 80 law enforcement officers working today in California are convicted criminals, with rap sheets that include everything from animal cruelty to manslaughter.

They drove drunk, cheated on time cards, brutalized family members, even killed others with their recklessness on the road. But thanks to some of the weakest laws in the country for punishing police misconduct, the Golden State does nothing to stop these officers from enforcing the law.

Those are among the findings of an unprecedented collaboration of newsrooms, including the Bay Area News Group, which spent six months examining how California deals with cops who break the law.

Today, we’re unveiling that review, along with a unique searchable database of hundreds of current and former officers convicted of a crime in the past decade — the largest record of criminal activity among police in California ever compiled. […]

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