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Russia Takes a Righteous Path on Several Fronts, and the Western Media Ignores the Stories

On The New Nationalist’s (TNN) About page, we state that part of our mission is to call out bad elements. There’s also a sentence about praising righteous behavior. “Righteous” is defined as “morally right or justifiable.” Synonyms: virtuous, upright, decent and worthy. TNN isn’t afforded many opportunities to heap praise. Frankly, we feel starved for positive news.

Regular readers know that TNN doesn’t often weigh in on Russia — except to feel sorry for them in terms of facing Western neocon Luciferians and dealing with Lugenpresse fabrications and lies, such as the Magnitsky/Browder Affair and the arrest of Maria Butina. We admit the last two mentioned have red-pilled us about the scams being perpetrated against Russia.

In the recent past, we’ve noticed some righteous acts coming from Russia. These are rubber-meets-the-road in nature, not cheap propaganda. One was to grant refugee status for 15,000 South African Boers. This has gone largely unreported in the West.

With Syria now more secured and stabilized comes word that units of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces have mine swept more than 6,500 hectares in Syria, including 17,000 buildings, and neutralized 105,000 explosive devices. Russian experts have trained 1,245 Syrian sappers that have cleared 2,000 hectares and neutralized 3,850 explosive devices. Before neighborhoods can be made safe, unexploded shells and loose ordinace must be disposed of. The clip below shows Russian sappers preforming this task. This is hard, unsung, dangerous work with tremendous potential to restore Syria to peaceful, prosperous status. This story too is ignored in the West.

To secure these gains, Assad is in negotiation with Putin for an S-400 air defense system to counter U.S., NATO and Israeli war planes over Syrian sovereign air space. Assad is also negotiating on Iskandar missiles with Putin to increase the deterrence and defense power of the Syrian nation.

Syrians are returning home. Last week, hundreds of Syrian refugees left northeast Lebanon in pick-up trucks jam-packed with their belongings: mattresses, gas stoves, crockery, children’s toys, as well as the occasional bird cage. They were headed for the Qalamoun region of Syria, just a few hours drive from the camps they had lived in for the past few years in Arsal, a Lebanese border town, having fled the intense fighting back in 2013.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 101,976 refugees returned to Syria since January, many from Europe. “It is estimated that more than 1.7 million Syrians have expressed a desire to return home from eight countries,” the ministry stated.

Ongoing infrastructure repairs, as well as medical assistance and food supplies, are provided with the aid of Turkey, Iran and the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides.

Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the establishment of the Centre for Refugee Reception, Distribution and Settlement through collaborative efforts between Russia and Syria. Its tasks include monitoring the return of refugees and temporarily displaced persons back to their places of permanent residence, organizing and transporting humanitarian assistance to Syria, such as building materials and food, and assisting Syrian authorities with the reconstruction of the healthcare system.

Our open search of this issue shows no coverage in the shameful western Lugenpresse. Ironically, in the end, Russia will mitigate the Syrian migration pressure on Europe. Barring intervention from the twisted usual suspects and criminal regimes, the future for the hard-pressed Syrians is looking more promising, thanks to the virtuous efforts of Russia.

9 Comments on Russia Takes a Righteous Path on Several Fronts, and the Western Media Ignores the Stories

  1. Good themes above, but a few items of counterpoint –

    An ongoing debate on Putin is in the Unz Review columns of the Russian – American – partly Jewish Anatoly Karlin. Karlin also praises the South African farmer welcome, but he & others say that, Putin seems to take certain actions for good optics particularly targeting foreign dissident consumption

    Whereas internally in Russia, Putin often savagely represses local ethno-nationalists much more than pro-Nato types, plus has introduced new holocaust denial laws etc

    Persistent ‘Putin is long-game NWO’ critic Brandon Martinez, now running, points out that many ISIS etc goons were Russian Federation citizens from Chechnya, Dagestan etc … So how did they get over the ultra-patrolled Russian border? Martinez thinks Putin is playing the old ‘Supply the problem, then supply the solution’ game in Syria, in cahoots with the West

    Gordon Duff of Veterans Today adds:

    We have the years-long history of Putin kissing Netanyahu’s ass and letting him bomb Syria at will, when Russia could put a stop to it in seconds. Like nobody notices.

    Some evidence points to Putin being Jewish himself. Russian Jews like billionaire Roman Abramovitch have said so; Putin’s biography editions have changed Putin’s mother’s name from Shalomovitch to the less-Jewish-sounding Shelomova; Putin’s weird sponsorship and enriching of the Mossad-tied Chabad cult etc

    It’s funny but Putin mirrors Trump in some ways – both do good stuff, then there is the dodgy stuff, both are Chabad-linked … And both are under savage attack by Western mainstream media! So … both good guys? Or is this an NWO long game where the cabal is a step ahead of us on both fronts? … And one day we will have Putin side-by-side with Pope Frankie to declare how ‘saved’ we are by a ‘new order’ in the world?

    • Setting Syria up with a serious S-400 system is an important tell. It is a bit difficult to qualify and quantify but indeed the missiles are already in Syria mostly around Russian military bases.

      Why no classic dogfights over Syria? The optics of losing would be very costly.
      Dogfight F-22 Raptor VS Sukhoi Su-57

      As far as Chechnya ISIS mercenaries, I think there are pipelines that Russia has little control over- a little like the pourous borders in the SW US. Also perhaps Putin calculated they can justifably kill them in Syria- and not have to deal with them in the motherland.

    • The Space Race exemplifies how factions within two enemy blocs can respect each other’s subterfuges, pragmatically, to preserve status and power. Especially in the case of imperial powers like the US and USSR, where the citizen is often feared – with justification – more that the foreigner.

      • Austria is a prosperous conservative Catholic country and never suffered from virulent Communism.

        Russia was badly hurt by seven decades of the most virulent system imaginable. Further few understand just how devastating the collapse and loot of Russia was in the 90s. In recent years Russia is subjected to sanctions and economic attacks by the western bankster cabal.

        Just in seven years since the 2010 data you cite, HIV has dropped to 0.7. Murders have dropped to 6. Life expectacy is up to 73. Abortion rate is now 18, Putin is outspoken against what he calls the “abortion culture” which is a carryover from communist mentality.. The country is making a recovery from the depths.

        • Thanks for updating those figures, which are indeed encouraging. It’s hard not to see the communist experience as almost a socio-genetic sieve that separated the wheat from the chaff to eliminate the former.

          Putin, however, isn’t his own man (even if one assumes he hasn’t got dirty hands). Russian banks might well own him less than Trump is owned by his cartel, but the system is essentially the same.

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