Dem Candidate for California Governor Wants State Taxpayers to Provide Free Universal Health Care to Millions of Illegal Immigrants

Gov. Gavin Ricardo Montalbán Newsom welcomes illegal immigrants to the fantasy island of California, a sanctuary state. PHOTO: Meera Fox/Getty

By Christopher Smith | 28 August 2018

THE DAILY CALLER — California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom bragged about implementing a plan to provide universal health care to illegal immigrants in San Francisco and suggested the program be expanded during an interview on “Pod Save America.”

Newsom began the interview by broadly advocating for the implementation of a single-payer system, which he said has had very poor leadership efforts.

“The only way in a state whose population’s larger than 163 nations — California’s economy is larger than all but four nations, the fifth largest economy — to approximate a strategy for universal health care is with the support and concurrence of the governor, and that’s frankly — it’s not an indictment — it’s just what’s been missing in the past,” Newsom said. […]

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