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Usual Suspects Reassert Warmongering Script for North Korea


Following the typically erratic pattern of Trumpian “deal making,” the White House on Thursday suddenly announced the cancellation of the June 12 summit meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un because negotiations had supposedly hit a wall. More likely, Trump –who has proven himself to be an obedient neocon lapdog — is following a script delivered to him by his Jewish masters.

And what exactly is the script? Clearly, they are recycling and invoking “Pearl Harbor” neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It’s not enough for these reptilian warmongers to decimate the Middle East. No, we would suggest Asia is also on the menu for hell-on-earth destruction.

In the policy rag The National Interest, Stephen and Shoshana Bryen co-authored a telling NLP article. Shoshana is senior director of the Jewish Policy Center and has more than 30 years of warmongering under her belt. Jewish neocon Trotskyite Irving Kristol founded The National Interest, and its honorary chairman is none other than Henry Kissinger.

‘A large reptilian-brain capacity is why I was chosen to get paid the big bucks, you Kansan plebs.’

The magazine’s advisory council are an assortment of “we aren’t in Kansas anymore” Frankist and usual suspects. They include Morton AbramowitzGraham AllisonJohn Mearsheimer and Dov Zakheim. Contributing editors include Andrew J. BacevichIan BremmerTed Galen CarpenterBruce HoffmanAndrew KohutPaul R. PillarMilton Ezrati and Kenneth M. Pollack. Its senior editors are Anatol Lieven and Nikolas Gvosdev.

Among the contorted gems in this article, there’s this:

“Because of the shortcoming of missile defense and the fact that North Korea seems unresponsive to persuasion in the form of three aircraft carrier task forces and sorties by B-1 bombers off the North Korean coast, President Trump’s options are bleak: wait for a real North Korean attack with the risk of something far worse than Pearl Harbor, or preempt if preparations look threatening. No matter how you look at it, the threat is circa 1941, while our preparations are stuck in the mid-1930s.”

Yes, for those among you who have turned off “The Kardashians” and acquainted yourself with our entry-level course in Dot Connecting 101, you know that we’ve been down to this Pearl Harbor rodeo before, haven’t we?

Soon after the Bryens laid their lizard eggs, there was yet another doozy of an article published by The National Interest. Once again, it subjects us to twisted, inverted, Luciferian/Frankist, Talmudic algebra. It’s like another Shoah! The author is basically arguing that we should definitely kill 1.4 million people now so 7.5 million – a number he essentially pulled out of his ass – won’t potentially be killed at some point in the future. Is it possible to be more malevolent and contemptuous of life, and civilization?

Of course, a big “preventive war” in Korea would turn China’s attention away from Syria and Iran, thereby killing several birds with one stone for the global Crime Syndicate.

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