University of Michigan Student Government Calls to Divest From Companies in Israel

PHOTO: Twitter

By Martin Slagter | 15 November 2017

THE ANN ARBOR NEWS — The University of Michigan’s Central Student Government is calling on university leaders to investigate divestment from companies that do business with Israel.

UM’s student government passed the motion with 23 members voting in favor and 17 against the motion stating that three companies “violate Palestinian human rights,” while five members abstained.

The meeting stretched nearly eight hours — the longest in student government history — before a vote was conducted under secret ballot, which was done after much debate to protect pro-Palestinian and divestment members from being subject to damaging online blacklists.

The resolution was passed to investigate divesting in Israel after 10 previous attempts since 2002. The vote tally was dramatically different than last year’s resolution, which was voted down 34-13. […]

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