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Sweden Hires (More) Clowns to Better Integration


21 July 2017

SPEISA — A total of SEK 25 million is now being invested in so-called improved migration processes in Sweden. The money goes to four different actors, including Clowns Without Borders, writes the Swedish Migration Board in a press release. The organization will “play” for a better integration.

The four new projects have been co-financed with a total of SEK 25 million for their different project ideas in the immigration process.

One of the organizations to receive money is Clowns without Borders, which, according to its website, works with initiatives such as “Welcome to Sweden,” where where they perform at asylum accommodations. The asylum seekers can even try the circus life.

“Other organizations make people survive. We get people to start living again,” writes Clowns without Borders Sweden on its website. […]

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