Why America’s Opioid Epidemic was Maliciously Manufactured by the Criminal Cabal

PHOTO: via Renegade Tribune

By Kyle Hunt | 24 July 2017

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — So much has already been said about this issue, so I will keep this as simple as possible. If you want to dig up the details, please do so, but it should already be more than apparent that the opioid epidemic, which has been wreaking havoc across the United States and other countries in the Western world, has not been accidental.

Obviously this is a scheme that makes lots of money for the pharmaceutical industry, with doctors prescribing painkillers in abundance. Then once the prescriptions run out and the patient is hooked, he or she turns to street drugs, which provides lots of money for the illicit drug traffickers. However, there is more than just the profit motive behind this all.

America is depressed, especially White people who have been victimized by anti-White psychological warfare and disenfranchised from diversity quotas. Instead of getting angry and turning toward meaningful resistance, the social engineers would prefer that we get hooked on opium and go to the grave without a fight. This is exactly what has been happening, with White men dying at an alarming rate due to suicide, alcohol, and especially heroin overdose. I have a suspicion that laced batches are also flooding into the market on purpose, murdering many addicts.

The mainstream press will report on the symptoms, but they refuse to make the connection between the anti-White agenda at play here and the resulting deaths. They would have us believe we are witnessing suicide, rather than genocide. This is because Jewish media is playing a large part in the demographic decimation of Whites worldwide. […]

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