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Mugabe Says Zimbabwe ‘Will Not Prosecute Killers Of White Farmers’

PHOTO: via ZeroHedge

By Tyler Durden | 25 August 2017

ZERO HEDGE — 93-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe made it clear in an address this week that people who murdered white farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted.

In 2000, Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program that saw squatters invade and seize hundreds of white-owned farms around the countryAs Newsweek details, the violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.

And now, speaking at a rally in Harare, Mugabe confirmed this massacre will go unpunished, according to Zimbabwean news site NewsDay[…]

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