‘They Want to Break Our Spirits’: Israel’s New Tax Targets African Migrants

Ethiopian Jews protesting against police brutality in Israel. PHOTO: Getty

African migrants will be blackmailed by Israel’s new tax into leaving the country, as Tel Aviv ramps up its offensive against people of colour.

By Diana Alghoul | 5 July 2017

THE NEW ARAB — The Israeli government has amplified its offensive against people of colour with a new law that financially blackmails African migrants into leaving the country.

Employers of Jews of Sudanese and Eritrean origins are now obliged to deduct 20 percent of their wages if they have temporary visas. The deductions are to be put into a fund, which can only be accessible after they leave the country.

While the Israeli interior ministry claims the new tax would “benefit” migrants and asylum seekers — referred to by politicians and media alike as “illegal infiltrators” — the migrants believe they are yet again being targeted as a result of systematic anti-blackness within the Israeli socio-political machine.

“They want to break our spirits,” Eritrean community organiser Teklit Michael told Reuters. He believes this is a calculated plan to force black Jews out of Israel.[…]

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