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‘Immigrants Needed For Labor’ Lie Exposed As 85,000 Italians Apply For Just 30 Vacancies

Italy's unemployment rate relative to the Euro zone

4 July 2017

THE NEW OBSERVER — The liberal lie that “immigration is needed to bolster Europe’s labor force” has been dramatically exposed as a lie once again with the news that a record 80,000 Italians applied for just 30 vacancies—nearly 3,000 candidates for each post.

Liberals constantly claim that immigration—and Third World immigration in particular—is needed to “boost the labor force” in Europe so as to “save the pension system” and “help economic growth.”

However, Italy—which, thanks to its own far left government and prevailing liberal ideology, is bearing the brunt of the current African invasion—serves as a case in point in just how dramatically wrong this liberal lie is.

According to reports, youth unemployment in Italy is close to 40 per cent and the overall level at 11 per cent—but when managers at the Bank of Italy advertised 30 vacancies, they were “astounded by the huge number of people who contacted them.” […]

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